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Kurt Browning AOL Canada Chat - Unofficial Transcript

Transcript from the Kurt Klub

March 31, 1999

CLCDN DJ: Kurt! Welcome

BPerez: Hi Kurt!!! glad you got the know out of your skates!! :-) ... opps knot

SOI Kurt: I guess we are online now, Hello everybody

CLCDN DJ: Kurt so nice to see you here...how are you?

SOI Kurt: I am fine, looking forward to getting to Halifax. Hi Deeber xo xo

CLCDN DJ: yes...gave you give us any sneak preview what to expect on the Stars on Ice 1999 show?

SOI Kurt: Bogey get off the piano

SOI Kurt: I am going down to the States to see the show tomorrow, it is a fast show. Lots of color in the costumes and more costumes than any other Stars show ever

Question: Hi Kurt! I'm traveling from Long Island, NY to see you in both Toronto and Hamilton. Will we get to see "Ain't no Sunshine"? See you there!

SOI Kurt: Yes, Ain
SOI Kurt: oops
SOI Kurt: Yes you will, Christopher Dean helped with this number, and it will be the first timeforit
SOI Kurt: ran out of room
SOI Kurt: Thank You for coming to Ontario to see our show

CLCDN DJ: we have a comment here from Amucl

Comment: Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you signing and sending my picture back to me while you were staying at the Shutters hotel and filming Raggedy Ann and Andy! love you lots..My 4 year old adores Kurt "Brownie"..LOL

SOI Kurt: Glad to hear that , great.. best wishes for you

Question: Kurt - It was great to see you out there taking on the eligible skaters this year ... and beating them! :-) What are your competition and SOI plans for next year?

SOI Kurt: Next year I will be competing, but much less, it is amazing what the new skaters are doing and very difficult to stay up with them. Will compete , hopefully, at worlds and at Canadian Pro as well.

Question: what is your favorite program and why.... and thanks for getting me hooked on the Tragically Hip.....

SOI Kurt: I am glad you love the HIP too, I spread the word about them as much as I can. My favorite program is Singing in the Rain, it didn't seem real when we did it. Played hockey with the Tragically Hip, for fun, in Calgary when they were on tour. Yahoo

CLCDN DJ: one of my favorites...Singing in the Rain... :)

SOI Kurt: ;):):)

Question: You started skating relatively later than most-do you think that helped you or hurt you more??

SOI Kurt: I started when I was around 10 - 11, not too late, but I started doing the big jumps much later than the guys do now. Was talking to Takeshi about when he started quads ... it is so young now.

Question: Who has been a big influence in your life...

SOI Kurt: Off the ice I would say it is the people around me, my Mom and Dad, my wife and my friends. Kevin Albrecht my agent has had a great and positive role in my life and on the ice....??? Sandra Bezic, Scott, Brian Orser.. lots of people :)

Question: Hiya Kurt:) This is Laboni. You never cease to amaze me by what you can do on a slippery surface:) Are there any themes or types of music that you still wish to explore?

SOI Kurt: Want everybody to know that I am doing my own typing, ta da

SOI Kurt:I would like to explore comedy more, I really love my new character the clown, we named him Ragadin after the music .. want to do more in the future. Chris Dean put together a number for Tara's tv special, a duet for both of us, it is Spanish and we will TRY to do it for STARS

CLCDN DJ: Amcul would like to ask you how your mother is, we all are concerned.

SOI Kurt: Thank You for asking about her.... Yesterday she went home for the first time in about two months. She has been in the hospital recovering from a big operation to remove some cancer in her bowels. It was very very difficult and hard on her, but she is cheery and happy to be home I will do a special number for her in Edmonton or Calgary as a gift to make her feel special.

CLCDN DJ: We all wish her well Kurt..and a speedy recovery

Question: Out of all of your accomplishments in your carreer, what has been the most meaningful?

SOI Kurt: Yikes, what a question. As a kid growning up, I tried to think of ways to get into the Guiness Book, and so for fun getting into that book is very special,,,, but winning worlds in Halifax will remain as one of my favorite skating moments

Question: Will you be doing another Snowden sequel?

SOI Kurt: I would love to do another one, the people at Target Stores down in the USA are some of the nicest people to work with. I love that we get to talk in the skating specials, almost like acting..... almost

Question: How old were you (and what level) when you became serious about skating??

SOI Kurt: have I become serious about skating yet?

Question: Kurt, I am skating in a carnival in Burlington, ontario this weekend and Josee Chouinard is our guest skater. Any messages for her?

SOI Kurt: Tell her to take care of her foot as she has been injured lately,

Question: Kurt do you plan on performing for much longer? It must be very hard being away from your wife for such long periods of time. You will be greatly missed, the day you decide to stop performing.

SOI Kurt: I am in the middle of making some very big decisions about the future and what I should do with it. Am thinking about the next few years, thinking about family more than skating this past year. Might slow down from competitions but I think this old body has a coupld of good years left. Maybe that is why I am getting into comedy, easier than triple axels... but the falls .... ouch. Prat Falls I meant,, :):)


Question: Have you finally gotten your boots broken in properly? I have the same problem. Any suggestions?

SOI Kurt: I suggest wearing running shoes. No, I am still having trouble with my right foot, always the right foot, and i will be seeing some specialists about it after tour. i hope it helps. I guess I could do a whole show ont he left foot ??? Nah

CLCDN DJ: Kurt you are probably the only skater I know that could pull off a one skate performance

Question: Kurt if you could give one piece of advice to a young skater today what would it be?

SOI Kurt: A piece of advice... Gary Beacom gave a young skater some advice once.. it was... to always take your gaurds off before you get on the ice. I would say, try to remember why you do it, skating happy is easier,, much easier

SOI Kurt: My fingers are getting tired from this.... whew

Question: Hi Kurt Do you ever perform "Lightning Crashes" from Live any more? I believe I only saw it once on a Televised competion.

SOI Kurt: Hi everyone at AOL... Thank You for sponsoring our tour again this year... xo xo. Shameless Plug.. sorry


SOI Kurt: I have performed that one only 3or 4 times, some programs just get used more than others. That one is sooo loud, it worked great for the Rock n Roll show though :)

CLCDN DJ: Don't forget to see the Stars on Ice schedule...at Keyword Stars on Ice..for a show near you

SOI Kurt: Yes, of course please come to the show and see if I can keep up to Tara Lipinski or not ??

Question: Kurt, how long did it take you to learn how to land an axel?

SOI Kurt: single axel, one day. double axel , one summer with a broken tailbone. triple axel, after going to worlds in 87 I watched lots of other guys land theirs and so I went home and three days later I landed mine, I still am trying to learn it now

Question: Kurt, are you looking forward to skating in the new Air Canada Centre for the Toronto shows?

SOI Kurt: I am lucky, I got to be in the opening of the AC Centre, on my hockey skates. Sandra Bezic put together the opening night before the first Leaf game, it was great fun. I was very nervous. to answer your question, yes,,, I hope the ice is good.

CLCDN DJ: Kurt you nervous? I can't imagine..you always look so calm..what do you do to calm your nerves?

SOI Kurt: I keep thinking that the people out there watching want to watch, it helps

Question: I love your radar love program -- is Doug Ladret going to be doing more choreography? He did a great job!!!

SOI Kurt: I will tell Doug that, he and Tuffy were going to do that number and it did work out for them, I wanted to skated to the music and so jumped on the chance and thought Doug would have a great feel for the music, very laid back and cool. would like to work with Doug again.

Question: Kurt what did you think of the Mens competition at Worlds this year?

SOI Kurt: Wow, I am amazed at the guys , but I have to admit that I did not see the event. Forgot to set the VCR... oops. I wonder who would have won in Ilia would have been there ?

Question: My son wants to know if you can do a quad flip, or is a toe the easiest quad?

SOI Kurt: I have always thought that flip and lutz were much harder than any axel any day. every skater has their favorite jumps, they don't always like the easy one, BUT, I would say Quad Toe is truly the easiest.

Question: Kurt, I was at World Pros this year and got to see you receive the ASW Award. What an honor!! How did you feel?

SOI Kurt: Silly in my clown outfit, but very very happy. I have to tell you that being pro has been so great, getting to compete with everybody, and I mean everybody in the world and doing shows. Making people smile. Winning that award was fun, the trophy has real blades under it... I am going to put the ones that were under my feet when I received the award under the trophy to remember.

SOI Kurt: whew, next question,,,

Question: ~ What other sports besides skating do you enjoy watching or doing?

SOI Kurt: I talk too much , sorry

SOI Kurt: Latey, I have been playing hockey, we just got knocked out of the finals. It is a no checking league just for fun, Right Kevin A.

CLCDN DJ: :) your doing wonderful...I can see your fingers most move almost as fast as your feet

SOI Kurt: And of course I golf badly as much as I can

SOI Kurt: 99% in typing, grade seven ta da


Question: Kurt - Who is Bogey? And what is he doing on the piano (LOL)

SOI Kurt: Bogey is my friends cat, and it scratched their new piano the other day, I know they are listening and I ask them to forgive their cat. xo

SOI Kurt: Cali say HI to Bogey

CLCDN DJ: can you tell us a little bit about the theme for this years stars on ice?

SOI Kurt: The theme for Stars...
SOI Kurt: thinking
SOI Kurt: thinking
SOI Kurt: thinking
SOI Kurt: it isn't the normal Theme show. We do not really have the usual one style of music. Lot's of original music this year. Of course there will be clowns, lots and lots of clowns. Steven glows in the dark. Tara and I do a duet... wish me luck. no hockey skates this year. I was not in the show in the States this year, and so do not know as much as I usually do about the show,, sorry. I will have to learn the show in Halifax

BPerez: Hey everyone ... Kurt has asked me to mention that we will have a special photo for you to download. It is a collage of photos from Serenade to Sonia ( the number ). It will be available soon AT keyword Stars on Ice.

SOI Kurt: I made it myself, scotch tape does wonders. :)

CLCDN DJ: Kurt can you tell us a little bit about the cast on the Stars on Ice..?

SOI Kurt: Tara Lapinski, Kurt, Josie Chouinard, Steve Cousins, Meno and Sand ( pair ), Brian Orser, Lloyd and Isa, and Lu Chen. I hope I didn't miss anybody. Shae and Vic... just kidding. Can forget our superstars

SOI Kurt: Hi everyone at WAWW

CLCDN DJ: Kurt its been our pleasure having you here tonight...and on behalf of AOL and the members, we thank you.

SOI Kurt: Again, Thank You AOL. We would not be going out to see the people without your help. Thank You to the folks who come to see us,, it gets very lonely out on the ice without you

CLCDN DJ: Thanks Kurt...can hardly wait for the Stars on Ice to come to Vancouver

BPerez: Remember the special photo will be available soon Keyword Stars on Ice

CLCDN DJ: Goodnight everyone...remember to check out the schedules at Keyword: Stars on Ice and on behalf of Canada AOL ..we thank you for coming this evening.