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Stars on Ice Chat with Kurt Browning April 20th 8pm et

CanadaSher:Hopefully you've all checked out the info on Kurt at kw: Stars On Ice... or you can do that right after the chat! ;)

CanadaSher:Any minute now, Kurt Browning will join us LIVE from rehearsals of Stars On Ice!

CanadaSher: Welcome Kurt! How was your 1st rehearsal for Stars On Ice? Ready for questions?

SOI Kurt: Here in Halifax.. it's great to be back in Canada!

SOI Kurt: Ready for questions!

CanadaSher: We know this is just day 1 of rehearsal...but any sneak previews about the show? What *can* you tell us?

SOI Kurt: The big difference this year that I'm very excited about is having Shae-Lynn and Victor on tour.

CanadaSher: What a line up!

Question: Kurt, what is your best memory either in amateur skating or professionally?

SOI Kurt: Since I'm in Halifax, of all the great memories I have I will choose one from World's 1990. The short program in the rink that I'm in right now at this minute was one of my amateur highlights. I did a triple axel at the end of it which probably saved my world title.

Question: Hi Kurt!!! I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your skating!! You always seem to put a smile on my face. =) I have a question.. What is your favorite program you did as a professional?? I love all your programs, but my favorite is "Brickhouse".

SOI Kurt: Brickhouse is one of my favourites too. I really think that it's one of the most fun to perform but my favourite is "Singing in the Rain" from my TV special.

CanadaSher: Kurt Browning is with us - Live from Halifax!

SOI Kurt: It's raining here..

CanadaSher: Kurt - I heard you have a BEST OF video coming out - true? What's on it?

SOI Kurt: It's true. It has been coming out for about a year now, but we are having trouble getting it finished for many different reasons.

SOI Kurt: But even I don't know what's going to be on it.

CanadaSher: With respect to "Antares", can you tell us about how it came about that the Tragically Hip composed a song for you... what was the creative process like?

SOI Kurt: I met the Tragically Hip quite by accident. I am a HUGE fan.

SOI Kurt: Through different times meeting them again and again, I finally got brave enough to talk about skating to their music. Gordon Sinclair of The Hip said that they would do whatever I wanted.

SOI Kurt: I got to be a part of the creative process, be in their studios, and actually work with them. There were supposed to be lyrics but we ran out of time.

SOI Kurt: Gord Sinclair and Gordon Downie of the group will watch me perform "Antares" live! In Toronto at our Stars on Ice show.

CanadaSher: Can you elaborate on your motto: "Nothing dumb ever starts out stupid"... very original... but strange. From your BIO.

SOI Kurt: When you start to do something you wouldn't do it if it was stupid, would you? It's only after it's done that you know that it was stupid! So it didn't start out stupid, it just ended stupid.

CanadaSher: True ;) Very good.

CanadaSher: Next question...

Comment: Entertainment Weekly quoted you as saying "backflips are optional." Should I read anything into this? -- Cara

SOI Kurt: I'm not sure Cara, what you mean.. I don't remember that quote.

CanadaSher: Kurt - how do you balance a professional skating career & marriage?

SOI Kurt: On a needle.. ;)

CanadaSher: You have soooo many accomplishments under your belt already! How does someone with your accomplishments measure success?

SOI Kurt: If you're comfortable with your career and what you have accomplished like most of the people on Stars on Ice, I think you measure your accomplishments by how happy you are.

Question: How many days a week do you practice?

SOI Kurt: When on tour, only on show days. It makes it hard to compete.. for example at the Ultimate four which is coming up.

CanadaSher: A question now from an aspiring skater...

Question: Hi. My name is Annie. I've been skating for 7 years now and I hope to turn pro in about 4 years. Do you have any good advice for me?

SOI Kurt: Without knowing anything about you, it's impossible to answer. I hope you get good advice from your coach.

CanadaSher: Good answer!

SOI Kurt: If you join a professional tour, make sure you talk to people on the tour and find out what the life is like.

Question: Kurt, does it bother you when people yell out during the middle of Stars On Ice "WE LOVE YOU, KURT!!" I've heard tons of people do that! =) Is it distracting at all?

SOI Kurt:Yes, it's distracting and -fun- all at the same time! We love it when people enjoy the show, but if you yell from four rows away as I skate by going into a triple axel and I miss it, then 15,000 other people can blame you! ;)

CanadaSher: You hopeless romantic! It seems you're coming up on a 2nd wedding anniversary and didn't you propose at a Stars on Ice?

SOI Kurt:Yup.. 3 years ago, after the show..

CanadaSher: Did she have any idea?

SOI Kurt: Nope, not a clue!

CanadaSher: In front of 15,000 people!

CanadaSher: Sooo many questions!

Question: How do you think the disappointment of the Olympics helped you in your professional career?

SOI Kurt: Really and truly? I don't think it helped at all!

CanadaSher: LOL :)

SOI Kurt: I guess I'm a stronger person now but PROFESSIONALLY it'd be great to have the Olympic title! ;)

CanadaSher: Kurt Browning is with us.

CanadaSher: Do you do yoga at all? It would REALLY be great for your flexibility and focus.

SOI Kurt:Hi Dogboy! Get a shave and a haircut! HDogboy is our production manager from Stars on Ice. He's single.

CanadaSher: lol ;) Ladies!

SOI Kurt: No, not for 20 years My mom and I used to watch a Yoga show. Now I stretch when I put on my skates!

Question: Do you think the music to your "tragically hip" program will become available on CD? I'd like to buy it.

SOI Kurt:The Tragically Hip have their own web page. Maybe you could ask, but I don't think so. I would be very honoured if it was.

SOI Kurt: Scratch that.. it'd be the coolest thing that ever happened to me!

CanadaSher: *Muzacgal asks: Kurt I love your skating! How young were you when you first started to skate?

SOI Kurt:Hockey skates at 7 years old. Figure skates at 11. And now I'm playing, at 31, no hit hockey again.

SOI Kurt:If you watch carefully in the Stars on Ice show, I wear hockey skates a little bit as well.

CanadaSher: Kurt Browning joins us LIVE from Stars On Ice rehearsals in Halifax.

CanadaSher: Do you wear/carry with you - any objects that help you focus on your routines?

SOI Kurt: No.. maybe my granini. Private joke to HDogboy.. Who is still single, by the way.

CanadaSher: Any Mantras?

SOI Kurt: 11 o'clock always comes. (Stolen quote from Scott Hamilton). In fact, all my good quotes come from Scott Hamilton.

Question: What is the typical practice for SOI like?:)

SOI Kurt: Sometimes it's simply a warm-up for the show. Other days, when everyone's in a great mood, we all start challenging each other.

SOI Kurt: I've done a few quads and the other day Josee Chouinard did some gorgeous triple axels.

CanadaSher: You said you're playing hockey - so here's a fitting question...albeit VERY Canadian!

Question: DO you like HOCKEY, if so what team are you cheering for this year for the Stanley Cup???

CanadaSher: Now we get political.

SOI Kurt: I used to be honorary captain for the Edmonton Oilers and got to practice with them. Now I cheer for whatever team has an ex-Oiler on it.

CanadaSher: What's your fave website? Your fan club at kw: Stars On Ice is a very busy place!

SOI Kurt: Hi Luv107278.. sorry it was boring!

SOI Kurt: I don't have a favourite web site, I don't use the internet too much.

Question: What do you do on your free time?

CanadaSher: Golf anyone?

SOI Kurt: Cabana77.. yes I've met Tara Lipinski! She's pretty short. Just kidding.. she's one of the greatest skaters and greatest kids I've ever met. When I practice with her it's like competition.

SOI Kurt: My free time... Movies, biking, I play on my computer until it breaks...Oh yeah.. no-hit hockey in the summer!

CanadaSher: Someone wants to know your golf handicap - you play a lot?

SOI Kurt: I golf a -lot-. I have new Accuform clubs. Which I like. But I am still incredibly happy when I break 90.

CanadaSher: Kurt Browning is here LIVE from Stars On Ice in Halifax.

Question: Is skating the most important thing in your life?

SOI Kurt: When I'm on the ice and especially when I'm performing, it is very easy to believe that it is the most important thing in my life. Of course, it isn't. But it does affect my life more than anything else.

CanadaSher: What would you be doing if not skating?

SOI Kurt: I've been skating since I was 10 years old. To answer that question would be like saying what would you be doing if you weren't you?

CanadaSher: True.

Question: You have grown so much as an entertainer over the last few years. What/Whom do you attribute it to?

SOI Kurt: It's nice that you think that I've grown as an entertainer, but I don't really know.

SOI Kurt: Being on Stars on Ice and working with Sandra Bezic, skating with people like Scott Hamilton, Brian Orser and the cast are all things that have affected me.

CanadaSher: Skating since you were 10? You're gonna Looove this next question.

Question: Do you have any tips on how to do a double axel ? I'm just starting this jump, I'm 11.

CanadaSher: He's 11!

SOI Kurt: You're only 11 and doing a double axel?

SOI Kurt: I didn't know what a double axel -was- when I was 11! But my advice, a great big controlled open single will make the double easy. Same advice for all the jumps. Good luck!

CanadaSher: Maybe you can address what you think you've done for skating - being the 1st to do one... Changed the standards somewhat... I mean with the quad.

SOI Kurt: Being given credit for the first quadruple jump really helped my career. But I guess it also gave me a spot in skating history forever.

Question: Hi Kurt, What do you think is special about this year's show asopposed to past years? From Carol Gilbert, Publisher of Canadian SKATE Magazine.

SOI Kurt: Hi Carol! I think, like I said before, it is always exciting to have Canada's newest stars in our show. Having Shae and Vic with us will hopefully be the beginning of a great relationship between them and Stars.

CanadaSher: The show line-up looks great!

Question: Hi Kurt!!! I wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your autobiography! It is very interesting. I am wondering, do you plan on writing another one?? =)

SOI Kurt: I was just asked to write another on by the same company but decided not to.

SOI Kurt: Too chicken to write another book.

CanadaSher: What is the theme this year? Is there one?

SOI Kurt: We start the show off the Led Zeppelin medley.It is high energy and lots of fun! We also end the show with Stairway to Heaven.. which is also from Led Zeppelin. We don't have a Zeppelin theme, it just happened that way.

SOI Kurt: My favourite part of the show is a comedy piece where we make fun of ourselves and of the sport of skating. If you watched the Olympics at all, you'll think it's funny. We hope!

CanadaSher: People are asking where they can write for autographed photos of you?

SOI Kurt: Anything that's ever sent to Caroline, Alberta which is my hometown gets to my mom.. she handles almost all my mail. Bless her heart!

CanadaSher: Such are moms! They can also check out your fan club at kw: Stars On Ice, right?

SOI Kurt: Yes, of course!

CanadaSher: You must be soo tired! You also have 2 competitions this week? How do you energize?

SOI Kurt: You tell me! These 2 competitions were supposed to be earlier in the season. Its too bad for me, because I was at my top form then. I can honestly say that now I'm not.. with a few injuries, and just fatigue.

SOI Kurt: I will need plenty luck at the Ultimate Four.

SOI Kurt: Maybe ginseng.

Question: In competition, do you think the choice of music might influence the judges, one way or the other to a small extent?

SOI Kurt: The music absolutely influences the judges, the same way it influences the audience. They're people too!

Question: Kurt..I love to watch you skate. Where do you get your ideas for your routines?

CanadaSher: Yes...what inspires you?

SOI Kurt: By the way, I -have- skated to Les Mis with Michael Burgess singing live.

SOI Kurt: I get my ideas from from other skaters, Sandra Bezic, Michel Seibert, and the radio. In other words, anywhere.

CanadaSher: We're wrapping up now... maybe 1 last question Kurt?

SOI Kurt: Sure!

CanadaSher: What is it that makes SOI & Skate the Nation so important to you?

SOI Kurt: These 2 tours give me the biggest opportunity out of any other tour to challenge myself as a skater.

SOI Kurt: I'm incredibly proud of the product, and the other skaters! We -love- skating! And absolutely think we have the best audience!

CanadaSher: skating-loves-you!

CanadaSher: And of course ... What are YOUR final words to your fans?

SOI Kurt: Tough question...Talking to so many people at once... But if you are a big fan of skating, Then I think you will have lots to look forward to in the future!

SOI Kurt: Skating is changing and growing and I hope that I am a positive part of that.

CanadaSher: Thanks so much for joining us tonight Kurt - best of luck with those competitions!

SOI Kurt: Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and making my life as a skater so great!

CanadaSher:...and we'll be seeing you - on the ICE ;)

SOI Kurt: See you on the ice!

SOI Kurt: Thank-you!

CanadaSher: Be sure to check out kw: Stars On Ice, everyone. Bye Kurt! Take Care!

SOI Kurt: Bye everyone!

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