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Tidbits from Kurt's AOL Chat

from April 11, 2001

AOL never released an official chat transcript for this chat, so here are some tidbits that I remember from the chat on April 11.

Nyah is now Kurt's last program of the evening in CSOI. told again how it's got no jumps b/c he asked roberto halfway through where they were going to put in a jump or spin and he said, do we have to? he said he thought about it and then said no, i guess not. said sandra bezic saw the program and gave it a thumbs up. Someone asked if he did any special training or muscle conditioning to prepare for the number.. he laughed at that and then said well he is trying to stay in shape since all he wears is a tank top.... and pants. said roberto campanelli was a very neat, fun guy, dances with sonia...he likes working with him...

Kurt's skating to Bring Him Home in CSOI - as he said, new choreography to old music, but he's using the Gary Morris recording, said that Gary Morris recorded that with just a guitar in his home. Said he'd performed the role for years and that he had a great voice and was a great guy but he wouldn't want to make him mad...there was some other stuff here but I forget exactly what it was.

Josee is doing a cowgirl number, apparently, and they're working on something right now where they tie each other in ropes but he wouldn't say more at that point (said jokingly) after don't fence me in... guess that's to replace Let 'Er Rip. No word on whether Sin Wagon still going. Later said he was looking forward to this little thing with Josee.

Chairmen - Denis will replace Ilia in Canada. No big injuries unless you count dropping Renee Roca on her chin and splitting it open. they like performing it but practicing it makes his thighs hurt.

Someone asked about his relationship/friendship with Tara. He said he sometimes calls her TT, she's an interesting person - very talented, still has a lot to learn, feels like he's her big brother... said that he really enjoys skating with her and lifting her ... said they feel like they have a connection...

Someone asked him about future music. he said he didn't know, you never know where your musical inspirations will come from. did say he wants to do another tragically hip song. also said he has a song that ed robertson from the barenaked ladies wrote for him on a guitar in his house right in front of him, and that he wants to use that...maybe in his dance special.

someone asked him about his future and how long he'll be in SOI. he completely didn't answer it for TSOI, said that he hopes CSOI will go on for years yet, b/c it's become such a big part of his life and he guesses he will continue to be involved with it as long as he feels like he can contribute... even if it's just choreographing a few years down the line. didn't give any time frames though.

someone asked him how he thought SOI would change without Scott. Said honestly CSOI will be fine, though he hopes Scott can come up and skate for the skate-hungry Canadians as often as possible... said SOI in the States will have to undergo many changes, cast and management trying to work that out. said something about having more media responsibilities (this was brought up earlier in reference to his leadership role, his response was slightly odd about that, you can read it in the transcript).

someone asked if he enjoyed his media responsibilities. he said some more than others... doesn't really like having to go to a loud radio station at 6:45AM same day as travel and show, but prefers that to skating to an arena that's 25% full.

someone asked him about quads and landing them. he said he, ilia, and steven cousins were trying quads one day. steve came really really close to landing a clean quad salchow (i had no idea he could do those!), ilia landed several beautiful quad toes, and he inspired them. then he said, yes he can still do them on a good day and still occasionally lands them in practice... said he was landing them in practice in December at a competition while Timothy and Todd weren't. Said that was a bit of a boast from an old man.

someone asked why ilia cut his hair. he said it was to show friendship/teammanship (is that even a word?) for scott in his last tour. said that ilia likes it and he doesn't think he'll grow it back anytime soon.

someone asked him last night how he felt about getting the Walk of Fame star, and he said that it was really neat, it was a really hands-on kind of award in that people can actually go see it and touch it and look at it and think of you... I think what he said actually sounded nicer than that though =).

someone asked about choreographing Sin Wagon... he said that he thinks the other skaters thought he was nuts for making them do all those fast steps. He said that Michael Siebert thought he might enjoy doing the Western theme and that it was fun. As for future choreography..maybe?

oh, and he was watching an Edmonton Oilers game during the chat =).