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Why do we like Kurt?

We all know we like Kurt Browning...at least, I'm assuming if you're visiting my page, you like him =). But what is about him that you, personally, like? Here are some fan's reasons: (in case you're wondering about the wording of some of these, they were taken from mailing list responses)

Updated: 4/29/98

This isn't going to be sufficient by any means (I'm looking at my watch and thinking -problem set!), but one of the first things that attracted me to Kurt is his vivid personality and his love of skating. The very first program I ever saw him skate to - Lightning Crashes at the Fox Rock'n Roll Championships - showed me the depth of emotion that he could convey. But Brickhouse really cinched it for me - it wasn't those blue pants (or black or whatever), it was the life and humor shining out of his eyes and in every movement he made. He just loved to be out there and loved to be entertaining the audience and it showed. His off-ice humor and personality also appealed to me - he wasn't focused on win win win, I'm the best, he was more focused on having fun, joking with his friends (ie Scott Hamilton), reaching his personal goals, and just being there for the audience. So his personality drew me in, but his skating ability and his artistry really kept me interested. He almost never falls back on "same-old, same-old." In the three years I've been watching him he never fails to try something new, he keeps pushing the limits although he doesn't need to as a professional. Summertime was just such an unusual number, yet he pulled it off so convincingly. Yet this same guy could pull of the suaveness and puppy-dog love of Serenade to Sonia, a completely different flavor of character, at the same time. He keeps getting better and better at footwork, and he doesn't let his jumps go either - those triple-triples keep coming, and his move to pull the triple sal-triple loop back into competition was really gutsy. I hear he tried to land a quad too, and made it... not in competition, obviously. =) I just love watching the range of stuff he can do - it's like scott and any number of commentators have said - Kurt can do anything. And I look forward each year to see what new things he's pulled out of his hat. I'm sure there's plenty more to come...

The thing that got me attracted to Kurt was for the same reasons that you (Tina) have. That brickhouse number was the best. I just went to the Stars On Ice shows last week, and I brought a friend of mine with me (who was not a skating fan), and now she too loves Kurt!!! She thinks that he has such a great personality, and that is what makes people like him! (And his good looks, and his skating abilities) ;o)

Well, about Kurt, Tina I think your message said it all. I read it and said to myself "that's exactly how I feel". Not only is he a terrific athlete, he can feel the music he's skating to. He has some of the best (if not THE best) choreographed programs - always different - always pushing himself to be better. He's so versatile and funny. He puts his all into everything, and his most important goal is to entertain the audience. He's very loyal to his fans. He always takes time to make someone laugh or just spend time talking to them. He's so down to earth, that everyone can relate to him. OK - last but not least - he's adorable!!!! Who could resist!
-Darlene Ross

I've always been a fan of figure skating...I think a part of me has always wanted to do it too and sometimes I think I know skating as well as my father knows football. I like to tell him that watching golf, which he loves, is like watching grass grow (sorry to all the golf fans, if any, on this list) and he tries to retort that skating is the same way. not. And I think I"ve always like kurt...butI didn't really focus on his skating until Lillehammer. He seemed to me like the Denver Broncos...4 worlds (in their case, 4 super bowls) and no olympic medal. But I think kurt's personality and talent supercedes an olympic medal. He's got one in my eyes. Tina, I agree with you...brickhouse cinched it for me but I must say that I also loved his casablanca number and especially his serenade to sonia. If my boyfriend did something like that for me, I'd probably do just about anything for him too. NOt that I wouldn't anyway, but you understand. To see someone who's love of his sport and his family and friends is so evident is an inspiration.
-Erin McGuigan

I loved Kurt the first moment I saw him-he was commentating for Rock and Roll and he did an amazing job-not only that but skating as well I have followed his career since then!
-Karyn Southwell

I love Kurt because of his personality. I didn't really get in to figure skating until 1994 and from then on, I was hooked and every time there is a figure skating event on, especially if it has Kurt in it I'll watch it. I love his Brickhouse number and his Sernade to Sonia. He seems like he is a caring guy who I would love to meet someday. If I'm down and see one of his programs, I'll feel better after watching him or Scott. They can both make me laugh and feel good. I hope no one get mad at me, but I also love Scott. I think I love Kurt more though after all I am taking pics off the web printing them out and putting them on my wall. Kurt is the last person I see at night and the first person I see when I wake up since his pic is right next to my bed.

The number one reason I love Kurt is his wonderful, adorable personality, and how he incorporates it into his programs. I always get the feeling that when he's skating, there's no where else in the world he'd rather be. And he, like Scott, always puts the audience before the judges, because fans are the ones who really matter. Then, of course, comes the fact that he's an incredible skater, especially when it comes to footwork. I agree with Scott when he commented that footwork is a dying art. =( Even though no skater could ever be as good at footwork as Scott or Kurt, it's still nice to see it.
-Jennie Mann

What really really drew me to him was my friend Jennie, but when I first saw him, he seemed like one of the very few that really had fun on the ice, and made it look so easy and fun. Skating is fun, but sure isn't easy. Also the Brickhouse oants had something to do with it.......now, whether he's doing serious programs or something fun, it's absolutely riveting to watch him, he so talented. He also never had the competition-everyone's-an-enemy-in-skating attidude, and when he did interviews and was asked about other skaters, he never put anyone down, or said anything mean. He has a great off-ice personality and is just all around smooth.
-Katie E Higingbotham

I don't quite remember when I started enjoying Kurt, I remember seeing his skating specials on PBS, I loved the one where he was Skating in the Rain...oh and the one that Kristi was in, the 40's one, hrmm maybe thats the same one :) well anyway I think his second year as a pro really helped my love for him blossom. He is such a great artist, his personality really shines through in his programs. However, the thing that I love most is his graciousness. He is such a wonderful kindhearted person, it is nice to see that type of person in the skating world. And of course his skating. One Word....WOW! He is the whole package, artistry, technical, and personality. And of course, I think Downtown Julie Brown said it best and the 2nd annual Rock and Roll Championships.......BEST BUNS!! :) Kurt Browning is wonderful and I love him.

First of all, I'm proud to say that I've been a Kurt fan since practically the beginning--the first time I remember seeing him skate was waay back at Skate Canada 1987! That was also the first time he tried the quad in competition; he missed it, but I thought it was really gutsy of him to try! I was so happy when he finally landed it at 1988 World's--exactly *10 years* ago this week! :-) I admit that one of the reasons why I became such a fan of Kurt was because he was cute--much better looking than those New Kids on the Block my friends were always drooling over! Guess whose career has lasted longer? ;-)

But I was (and still am!) an even bigger fan of his personality on and off the ice. He's probably the most versatile skater out there today; throughout his career, he's skated convincingly to virtually every kind of music in existence. And even as an amateur, he had all the technical stuff required to win 4 world championships *and* he was an awesome showman in exhibitions!

Kurt has also yet to embarrass himself (and his fans) by skating to a truly bad program--out of the dozens of numbers he's skated over the years, I can think of only two that I don't absolutely love. But even that kinda-lame Rocketeer program wasn't really bad, just *boring.* And although it took me a while to get used to Kurt skating to Elvis music, I have to admit I enjoy that program each time I see it (though it will probably never be one of my all-time favorites.) It takes real courage for a former Canadian men's world champion to skate to a singer usually associated with *another* Canadian men's world champion, IMO! ;-)

Kurt's personality off the ice is just as wonderful--he's always displayed such class, honesty and even humor throughout the good times (his 4 World titles) and the bad times (his Olympic disappointments) of his career. And although I've never been fortunate enough to meet Kurt in person (or even see him skate live!) I've read numerous stories from other fans and I've never heard *one* negative encounter! Kurt obviously cares about his fans and often goes out of his way to accommodate them.
-Kirsten Ferguson

I first heard of Kurt back in 1996 from my two friends who had this little inside joke about his "A.wesome S.kating S.kills"...so ya know I had to see for myself, so they showed me Brickhouse. Well. That was enough to get me hooked. Then through my friends old tapes and other competitions I got to see that he also had an awesome personality as well, which is I think the major reason we all love the guy. I think the highlight for me was seeing him skate to Lightning Crashes because I am a HUGE +Live+ fan!!

I suppose it's my turn to say why I love Kurt - well, there's no specific reason, but the first time I got hooked on Kurt was when I watched him do his Charlie Brown performance some years ago (and being a teenager, I'm amazed I remember that!) and it blew me away. It was so adorable, and I think it was the first skating performance that I actually completely enjoyed and was captivated (I was really into Kat at the time as well). His personality shone through, and it was just awesome. Now a days, whenever I see him, skating or not, I grin, because his charm and his personality is magnetic. It draws people like honey draws bees. I mean, who could NOT like this guy??? He is terrific!

I guess I better take my turn now. I think the first time I fell in love with Kurt was around 1994 at the Olympics when my older sister was trying to tell us all about this awesome Canadian. After that, I've become so obsessed with Kurt. I just absolutely love his charming personality, and then the way he expresses it on ice. He totally skates for the people and in a very not selfish way. He's just a good person too. I don't think I could say it all in an email! He's definitely the best skater EVER!

I've been a fan of Kurt's for 11 years now, ever since he performed here as part of the 1987 World Team Tour. The star of that show was the newly crowned world champion Brian Orser but my eyes were glued to that 20-yr old unknown cutie pie we've all come to know and love. He's been my favourite since that cold day in March when I told my mom that he was going to be world champion someday. Little did I know the incredible future he would have.

I've been skating since I was 4 years old. I'm working on a whole bunch of new and exciting jumps now and it keeps me very busy. I've loved Kurt ever since I was old enough to talk... he is such a great skater. He has it all, the style, the jumps, the acting... the whole package. I have never met Kurt, but I hope to some day! He's my idol! What else can I say?
-Amanda V.

i had the honor of seeing kurt browning live on the smucker's tour. the moment he came on the ice the rink was no longer cold! my favorite performance of his is "ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT" where he makes elvis bearable. i cried and could not stop smiling when i saw it. he makes me melt because of his amazing talent, his kind heart, and of course his boyish good looks! KURT BROWNING will always be #1 in my heart!
-Amanda S.

I've been a really big fan of kurt browning since 1992 and i was thrilled to see SOI this past march. that was the first time i'd ever seen kurt skate live...or any other skater, actually. well, i guess "antares" is my favorite kurt program for now because that's the one i saw him perform live...and i was impressed that he landed a quad toe loop in his "ultimate four" performance. he's just the most talented skater that i've ever seen...

I have always been a huge figure skating fan - since the early 70's at least (I was born in '66) - and it really got solidified for me in 1976 with Dorothy Hamill. I'm sure this happened for a lot of young girls. Anyway, I had always watched skating every time it was on, so I knew who Kurt was from pretty early on in his career. But back then, nothing special jumped out to me about him (what a dope, huh?!?!). I mean I thought he was really good and all, but he wasn't who I watched for. Until his last shot at the Olympics....I had started to take more notice of his skating by this point anyway, but something happened at those games that made him my favorite skater for all time (along with Scott Hamilton, of course!). Kurt had, unfortunately, not skated well and headed for the kiss and cry area to receive his scores. He looked right into the camera and said "I need a hug!". I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life! My heart just went out to him! I swear I just wanted to jump through the TV and hug and hold and comfort him. Then, I believe it was that same year or the next year, my husband and I were lucky enough to obtain front row seats to Discover Stars on Ice when it came to town. That year, they were filming the show in our town for TV. Well, in Kurt's program, he was supposed to land a triple axle right in front of my husband and I. And he missed it. Before the show had started, the announcer asked the crowd to remain seated after the show because they might need to re-shoot some sequences for TV. Well, obviously, they had to re-shoot Kurt's triple axle. Well, poor Kurt. It must have taken him 5-6 tries to land this jump. At one point, he was getting up from another spill and my husband shouted out some encouragement to him. Kurt heard it and turned to us and smiled and nodded his head. That little personal connection there, again, was enough to solidify a lasting respect, admiration, and love for Kurt. I won't even bother going into all the other reasons why I am such a huge fan because they are pretty much what everyone else has written - his personality, his brilliance on the ice, his charisma, his looks....the list goes on and on!
- Kimberly Pintzow