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Steven Cousins' Exclusive Interview with Kurt Browning

off the Stars on Ice webpage

from Dallas, TX, posted 1/23/01

'Q:.....You have a new Cowboy number this year........We were wondering what the #47 on the back-side of your outfit means?

A: It is actually a brand, from a ranch for cattle. Plus it is the year that my Mum and Dad got married...1947.

Q:....Who picked your music for the "Don''t Fence Me In" number?

A: Actually it was Sandra Bezic and Michael Seibert''s idea to have a Cowboy section to the show. They heard this piece of music by Holly Cole (Canadian Girl!)...and the original idea was to have me be a Stripper Cowboy but that got toned down a little.!!

Q:...So where does "Nyah" come from?

A: The idea of "Nyah" actually was shared by Sandra Bezic and the choreographer Roberto Campanella. Roberto dances with the National Ballet of Canada which is where my wife Sonia also dances. Roberto is a very extremely passionate dancer and working with him on this program was really fun. Half way through the work I asked when we were going to put in a jump or a spin and he simply said "Do we have to?" and I said I guess not and so that is why it has no jumps or spins in it.

Q:...Do you have a favorite number that you have ever done? Because my fav watching you was always "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables.

A: I would never have thought that that program would have been your favorite. I would have picked "Brickhouse" or something like that. My favorite program is one that has never been done in any show, except on television. It was on a TV special called "You Must Remember This" and it was the "Singin'' In The Rain" segment. Imagine skating dressed like Gene Kelly on the same street he sang and danced on with real (almost real) rain falling down. My total fav for sure.

Q:...What is your happiest time on tour and your not so happiest time on tour?

A: I have to say that my friendships on tour are amazing and I know that you, Scott and Todd are always going to be with me, so having fun and hanging out and just being friends is .... ALMOST the best part of tour. I would be lying if I did not say that when it comes to the tour and the show, skating the way you feel and stepping into the tunnel knowing that you gave them everything you had to give is such a freaking high that it is addictive. The worse part of the tour is the opposite, when you step off the ice and feel that you left your best in the dressing room. Heck, sometimes you feel embarrassed and I have to say that it is the worst. We won''t even touch the fact that I am away from my lady for far too long!

Q:...I had a converstation with Sandra Bezic (our choreographer) and I asked her when did Kurt realize that his gift was genius on the ice. Did you figure that out and do you see someone else in the same position as you? If so... who ?

A: And I thought this was going to be fun, Steve!!!! OK, time to get serious. First thing is.. .I want to know what Sandra answered to such a deep question - or maybe I don''t. I take very seriously what Sandra thinks of me and my skating. I can''t imagine my career without her, all the amazing moments I have been able to share with people because of her. But I don''t think I am answering your real question... Umm... I have been told, by Sandra and some other people, that I have a real gift on the ice. You don''t win four world titles without knowing you can skate, but when you ask what my gift or my GENIOUS is, then I would have to say connecting or sharing with people. I hate getting off the ice and thinking I didn''t spend time with the folks sitting there. Clown is one of the bravest things I have ever done and yet one of the easiest. I think there is some truth to the character out on the ice and that is the real key to my success. Honesty in what you are skating. Throwing the occasional huge double axel helps too. I see genious in Ilia, I could say Scott but we all already know that, and when I skate with Ilia it is impossible to keep up. How he carries flow over the ice amazes me, great feet and bravery. I hope he finds a love affair with the people as he has so much to share.

Q:...By the way, what Sandra said goes with me to the grave.

A: Then look me up and we will have a party and you can tell me then.

Q:...Sandman (Todd Sand) and I want to know how you can chat and goof and then hit a 260 drive down the middle of the fairway?

A: Anybody who sees me skate, or golf, knows that I work best when I am surrounded by distraction, distraction, distraction. Of course those things have to be positive. When I warm up for a competition, sometimes I spend more time in the audience than I do actually skating. I am looking for positive vibes. Having fun is the only way I can hit a good drive on the golf course.

Q:...So does that mean we are really going to do Julio together on some 5 minute warmup in a competition together?

A: Do you think anybody will know what we are talking about...? But YES, we have to, especially if we can get the music played and especially if Scooter (Scott) is in the event with us. Time for our revenge. But maybe that should go to the grave with us as well?

Q:...Three deep questions to finish...

A: Great, hand me another drink.

Q:...1. Pound for pound...favorite skater?

A: I will get you for this, you limey bugger. OK...this is so tough because it is one of the reasons why people love skating so much. Each skater has something to offer to the big picture, but I am avoiding this. Um..Um.. Um... pound for pound I would have to say YOU are my fav... just kidding! Love you more than any pig. That was for Paul and Paolo, but back to the question. Seriously.. I cannot answer that question because I am soo soo close to so many skaters on such a personal level that it affects your opinion of them. I have to say that Kristi, on occasion, makes me understand why people love skating and why they might drive so far to see our show. Ten seconds into her program in Munich at the World Championships I started to cry. I know that Scott is my skating hero, but that Brian Orser taught me how to be professional...so where does that leave me. Aaarrgghh.. I am going to have to go with Christopher Dean because I want and aspire to skate like him. I am sure that my answer would be Sandra Bezic but she has hidden all tapes of her performing and so that opinion will have to wait.

Q:...Perfect.. now for number 2.. Someone you could meet living or dead. Who would it be?

A: I am going to have to go with my father''s father. I did not get to meet him as he passed away before I was born. For some reason, I would love to meet him as I wonder what he would think of me. He is a cowboy, a mountain man and I still feel some of that lifestyle clinging to my person and sometimes I still wonder what I will be when I grow up?

Q:...#3 Cowboys aside, Genius aside, triple axels aside...

A: You are putting tons of things aside here...

Q:...Throw in a Quad or two aside.... Where the heck were you for the opening of "Always" in Sacramento? (that is the beginning of the Finale by the way)

A: As Toller Cranston would say... Your outta my will buddy. I could tell you the truth, but it would alter the course of this planet''s destiny and I am just not ready for that sort of responsibility.. seriously, I was talking to Tara about her take off on her double axel and just missed the music that starts my part of the finale and - look I paid my fine - can I enter back into society please?

Q:...Yes you can, thank you so much for spending time with us. I have learned lots and I hope the audience has too. Stay tuned for an interview with Lonny Biegel, the tour security dude.

A: Stevey ole buddy, you throw rug with a sense of humor. I truly can''t tell you how much you mean to me...I mean I really can''t tell ya as it might offend you. Actually, it was fun to do this and if anybody can get the truth outta this misfit bunch of ice lovers, it is you. Here is some advice to leave you with...Always remember and never forget, wherever you go.. thats where you are!! I made that one up myself.. and one more thing... Do you like the way I move? '