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Yahoo! Chat with Kurt Browning and Steven Cousins

Feb. 7, 2001, 3:15PM EST

Transcribed by Tina and Christie

Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Yahoo!

Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Hi everybody.

Psycic 1: Kurt, I love you and I wanted to know why you went pro?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Wow, that happened so long ago. After the Olympics in Lillihammer .... I had an opportunity to join Stars on Ice in the US. Having already been to 3 Olympics it was an easy choice. It was time to go professional and join Scott and Kristi.

gkindhart: Kurt, I love the program you did with the Tragically Hip music. How did it come about that they did that song just for you?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Thanks for asking that question! The Tragically Hip is my favorite rock group. They're Canadian and I met them in a hotel lobby bar and I freaked out! I did the whole big fan thing and through them watching skating and me liking them ... we became friends. I got mad with them once cause I couldn't skate to their music, so they said they'd fix it! So they wrote a song just for me and my skating. The great thing is that the music they wrote for me is so different from their other music.

Centralparacing: Kurt, your Nyah program is incredible. Since this was choreographed by a dancer and not a skater, was this program choreographed 'off the ice' and then transferred to the ice?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Great question. It was .. we started out Dance, off the ice. About half way thru, we went to the ice and the second half of the program was all on the ice. Halfway thru the choreography I asked him when we'd do some jumps and a spin. His answer was ... "Do we have to?" He rather not have and I was a bit nervous, but ... it ended up without jumps!

gkindhart: Kurt, do you still practice your quad?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Just three days ago i tried one
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: and only one.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: And i'm still sore!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: :)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I tried one and I probably shouldnt have. In December of last year I landed a couple in practice.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Not bad for the old boy!

mrs_newsdad: Hey Kurt, any chance you'll use that BNL song Ed wrote for you? Can you give us a hint about it?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Someone knows Secrets!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Ed of the Bare Naked Ladies is a friend mine and together we wrote a guitar solo. I tried to skate to it, but people said it was too..singular. Wasn't enough music.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: But it's on the shelf right now but I still want to use it somehow, somewhere.

Yahoo-host1: we're chatting with Kurt Browning - Steven Cousins will be coming soon - keep those questions coming!

babe28_82: what is your best moment in skating...only one?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Oooh...grrr.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I hate this question!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I answer different every time!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: This time...it was performing Singing in the Rain, shooting day from my TV special

Yahoo-host1: The closer we get to the airport - the scratchier Kurt's cell phone gets!

Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (hold on..we're getting some technical difficulty)

Yahoo_host1: Steven Cousins has joined us!

Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Hey, how ya doing?

gkindhart: Are you guys still going to tour with Stars on Ice even though Scott is leaving the tour?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: We both hope to be back next year.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Yes, I would say hopefully it depends on if they still want me! (Steven Cousins)

kinsey90210: Did you teach Jason Alexander and skating moves?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: No, actually..we didn't even get to meet him!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: He shot on different days than us.

Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Kurt just left to get his plane)

wildcats2124: Steven, how old were you when you started skating?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I was 6 years old.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: In many ways, I still am.

ennazus_ca: What does Kurt like to do besides skate
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Kurt) Right now, I'm into my new computer and on the very first day i think i broke it. Movies. Computers..
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I love to hate golf.

mshoneybear2001: Kurt have you ever had a fan do someting crazy at a show?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Sometimes fans show their love and appreciation for you by screamin at the top of their lungs just before you go on a jump
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: :(
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: That's a no no
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Steven) i had underwear thrown on the ice just before a show once.

allysk8: Kurt - did you decide on a Mac??
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Kurt) - I've got both. Going back and forth between them for different purposes but I'm learning on the Mac now.

mrs_newsdad: Do either of you have plans to commentate next year in Salt Lake for your respective countries?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Steven) I've been talking with the BBC to see if they want to use me and how.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Kurt) I have no plans yet but I haven't commentated for Canada yet anywhere. For the States I have, ironically.

kristie_ortizz: Do you love being on the road
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Steven) Yes, it's kind of a win win situation, but it's also a lose lose. You get to do what you love to do and travel...
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: It's hard to maintain all your friendships while on tour because you're away for so long. When you get back you're so tired you don't want to go out and do anything anyway.

ttyan2000: Hi Kurt and Steven! Steven, love that tour diary, thanks for doing it! I was just wondering..what does "chuffy" mean? I looked it up in a British slang dictionary and ...ahem.. =) - Thanks! Tina
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Chuffy is my nickname on tour.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: It just came from the Full Monty when they use it so much that it just kind of stuck on me.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: It's a British thing.

layla53_nj: Kurt - how did it feel performing Bring Him Home again after all these years?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: i felt old
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: i thought about when i did it last time and i had hockey hair.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: :)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: it was wonderful to skate to that music again. i felt more mature.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Better costume this time too.

psycic_1: When you guys started skating, was it your first choice to do mens or did you ever want to do pairs or ice dance?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - i did all 3 for a while because my parents wanted to get rid of me for longer.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: each one pulled me away to another competition and i did well as a single skater so i eventually stuck with that.

hornytoad744: What is your favorite trick?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - my favorite trick? Any kind of trick that doesn't make me end up on my backside on the ice. THAT is my favorite trick

g3nme: looking forward to some warm weather in Florida?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Kurt is at the airline counter)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Absolutely! Can't wait
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: it's one of the things we always love.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: We're only at 7 days now so we're very excited

babybear2030: do all u skaters hang out together or is the competition too fierce to be friendly afterwards??
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: During competition or during the show?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: During the show, it's all one big family
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: At competitions,...it's very funny.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: On the way down there, I called Kurt to tell him to go a different route cause the traffic was so bad. i thought about a couple years ago when a call like that wouldn't be made hoping they wouldnt' show up!

kristie_ortizz: during each performance do you still get nervous and when is ahead for the future
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt - every night it's different. sometimes you're very calm. sometimes you're nervous. You don't know why.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Generally, if you're doing well and not injured then i dont think you get nervous anymore. We're pretty comfortable with what we do.

beautiful_caribbean_princesstri: steven or kurt do u have a sort of limit on the kinds of music you play when performing?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - hardcore Marilyn Manson is definitely a no no
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: We have to think about our audience and not only skate to our pace but what a majority of the audience would like to
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: sometimes the programs are specific to some people to show a variety.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: we learn to skate to a variety of music.

duggans777: what is a good age to start a child skating?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Can they stand?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: As soon as they can walk.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I've seen kids at 3 years old. 2
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: No time is too early. As long as the kid is enjoying it.

ttyan2000: Hi guys - great show in Oakland, btw. Was just wondering, what is the one thing you wish fans wouldn't do or say when they approach you?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: They ask if I'm related to Robin.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt- I don't really like it when people ask "Where's your ice skates?"
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Like when I'm standing on the golf course or out on the freeway or something.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: They just want to acknowledge they know who you are and they ask that. They just don't know what else to say, but i really hate it.

vicsgallouise: any advice for a person attending worlds for the first time?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven has been to his Worlds for the first time many times.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: learn as much as you possibly can!

centralparacing: Kurt, World pros was not the same without you the past 2 years! Are you planning on competing next year? Please?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt - Thanks for the invitation, I'll think about it.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I almost wish I had gone this year but I'm trying to spend more time at home.

babi2_99: Hey Kurt! you are my favorite ice skater. how do you and others get ready for a perfromance?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: A cup of coffee. Maybe some tea for Steven. Some vodka back stage.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Call a couple of friends and get them to cheer me up.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: ;)

g3nme: Loved seeing you both in Chicago where it was COLD but you both skated GREAT!!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Thank you.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt - my brother was at that show so i was a bit nervous

superstar2001_26: Do you guys ever play hockey for a change of pace?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - absolutely!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt- i'm actually in a league on Friday nights and have a blast.

ttyan2000: Who is one performer or band that each of you would love to perform live to/with?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Tragically Hip for sure (Kurt)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - if they made the music a little easier, it'd be Oasis for sure.
A: if they'd make me a skating piece, i'd do it in a second.

wendyschien: Hi Kurt, Hi Steven, I saw the show in Oakland and really enjoyed it. I especially liked Sin Wagon. Kurt, how was the experience of choreographing a group number (how did if feel to start with an idea and now see it performed in the show each night, etc...) and will you do more choreography for the show in the future?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I hope i get to do more work with that group in the future. I was very nervous, it wasn't my idea and neither was the music. It was given to me as a challenge if i wanted it. I put together a bunch of steps and put it together with some help from Michael Sebert.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Without him it would have been a lot harder. He helped me through it. Michael Seibert.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I have a new respect for group numbers!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: :)

imtrex_41: Where are you performing in the near future?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: We're going to be in Milwaukee, then.. Cleveland, Pittsburgh..on Sunday. then Minneapolis.

superstar2001_26: where is your favorite place to skate?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Outdoors! (Kurt)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Nothing beats a perfect ice lake you can see through with snow on the banks. it's a postcard but it's a lot of fun.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Honestly though, anywhere they want to see you is a great place to skate.

g3nme: Steven, does Kurt ever cheat at golf??
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - the MulliganCount...yes!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I would say no, he doesn't cheat.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: But we all give each other good breaks ;)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt - we try not to take it too too seriously. Or each other, for that fact.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Good question though.

vicsgallouise: Steven, will you go back to Wales at some point or will you someday become a Canadian citizen?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven- I think i definitely keep my contacts with home because it's the home i grew up but i absolutely love where i live now.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I think i'm just more suited to be on this side of the pond.

psycic_1: With the busy schedule how do you keep in contact with your families
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: And i love being able to spend a lot of time in the states
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: BIG CELL PHONE BILLS

mshoneybear2001: this is for steven cousins how do you balance acting and skating?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: it's actually been really easy so far. I've been doing small stuff during the summer and hopefully it will grow and i'll find it hard to balance.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: it's in it's early stages so the more i do it, the more i'll do it, the more it'll be a problem. But i'm looking forward to the challenge.

ennazus_ca: what's your fave food Kurt?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Beer is not a food, Kurt
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: K - there's always room for ice cream

centralparacing: Steven, I love reading your soi journal online. Was that an idea you approached SOI about? Or did they approach you about doing it?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: They approached me. I thought about it long and hard and opted to not compromise my relationship. A lot of people offered me feedback about it, so i said yes.

plops2000uk: so wot is yur favourite ice cream flavour
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - i like mint chocolate chip

babe28_82: will either of you ever perform in Newfoundland, Canada ever again?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Oh yeah, we hope so. We really hope so. fantastic audience.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: We're going to New Brusnwick but it's been a long time.

mrs_newsdad: Kurt, we were at the Chateau in Lake Louise recently, have you ever skated on the lake there?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: no but that'd be great
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Brian Orser has. It looked wonderful

allysk8: favorite beer?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Cold
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: :)

yawning_girl0:: Kurt or Steven. Do you have any embarrassing moments you can recall whilst skating?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - 1. one of my first competitions in Britain. I was 13. they called my name. I skated out and fell over right away. 2. I ripped my pants TWICE in front of 3000 people.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt - I make a living out of embarrassing myself. I can't pick one right now.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I accidentally kissed the ground the other day.

emtdff285: where did you learn to skate
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt - my dad put down plywood and ran a hose over it until it froze.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - North Wales..where men are men and sheep are nervous.

psycic_1: when you were growing up with stars did you look up to?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - everyone. I was small.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: My idol was definitely Brian Orser, Scott Hamilton
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt- yeah the same.

psycic_1: do either of you do the backflips on the ice and if so how do you master a trick like that?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Start off the ice working with a gymnast, and then slowly work on the ice with cables or rope. Until finally, one day...you're so mad that you don't care and you just do it!

wendyschien: i really enjoy watching the group numbers, but i was curious, do you prefer performing solo numbers or group ones? - wendy
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - love the group numbers. So much fun. I laugh straight thru them.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: But i also love the singles to perform by myself. It's about even.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt = if Steven and I are in the show again next year we'll have to do more side by side jumping.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: that was fun!

babe28_82: If you never took up the sport of figure skating what would you have done?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - i'd be a professional soccer player for sure.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt = everyone in yahoo! line...you just went thru the XRay machine with my phone at the airport. You've all been scanned.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: ;)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt = had i never skated? i don't know what i would have done but i can think of a million things i would NOT have done.

mrs_newsdad:: We saw the show in Lake Placid. Looking forward to seeing it a couple more times, including Philly & the Garden. We are curious about who wrote the script for Tunnel Vision..was it a collaborative effort from the whole group?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Collaborative. Very!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: And you'll see a lot of changes.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: A lot of ad libbing going on. it's a lot of fun.

serial_meg: can i have Steven's autograph for my mom cause she thinks he is hot?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: send autographs with a SASE to IMG CAnada and i'll get it done.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Is your Mom hot too?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: There's a website called the KurtClub but we don't really check into them. They're kind of unofficial.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I prefer my fans to see me on the ice.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: :)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Steven - there's one up now on me - http://cousweb.com (**note from transcriber... i think it's http://www.geocities.com/cuzweb)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: ...

ennazus_ca: does your wife like to skate
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Yes. She likes to.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I don't think she's worn skates in a year but it's pretty cute.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Kurt)

g3nme: Does your fan mail get forwarded to you on tour?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: No, usually it's waiting when we get home.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: It's answered in bursts and spurts. It's not really a steady flow. I just haven't had as much time to answer it in the past year though. :(

layla53_nj: What of all of your pro programs are you most proud of?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Proud..?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Funny word to answer.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: There's some that are more fun. Some that have done well. Some have their own personalities.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I'm very proud of the one i'm doing now. There's no jokes. No comedy. It's very serious.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Steven's phone is about to die...)

guzool: Kurt do you think your Nyah program could be oneyou might be able to integrate with Sonia dancing?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Kurt - no i don't have a plan for that in future. We have plans to do some other work in the future but not with that program.

foley48858: Hey Kurt, what is your favorite skating move?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Bowing
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Or the double Axel.

g3nme: Steven, did you ever get that flu you were mentioning in your SOI diary?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Not yet, but i'm guaranteed to get it soon enough.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: The Vicious Tour Flu. It hits one person then sneaks up and grabs everyone else.

kbirlew22: what advice would u give to people trying to learn to ice skate. Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Keep your hands out of your pockets.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Have as much fun as human as possible.

babe28_82: were you guys always good, like did it come naturally, or did it take a lot of practice?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: It took Steven a lot of practice.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (steven) - everything came really slowly for me. i have to work really hard at it.

Browning_and_Cousins_Live: This weekend?
DLF0001: sorry, i just logged in, where are you guys performing this weekend?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Milwaukee tomorrow. Cleveland Friday. Saturday - Detroit, Sunday - Pittsburgh

honeybunny_dippedin_iceing: What are you happiest doing outside of skating...
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Due to the fact that my job takes me away from home so much (6-7 months a year), literally just being home is the best. it never gets boring.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Family Friends and 8x10s

y_chat_diva: Thanks Kurt for going out of your way for doing this today.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: It's a huge compliment to have people interested in what you do and..without it, we'd just be in a rink by ourselves looking silly :)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: We appreciate it and all the support.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: if there was one thing we could ask for..and if you REALLY loved us...
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Unconditional Love, even if we mess up.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: ;)
y_chat_diva: We've lost Steven's cell connection..so we thank him too :)
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Sometimes that Triple just ends up a Double..we still lose our balance, so it's ok to clap anyway!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Thank you!
y_chat_diva: Thank you everyone.

ttyan2000: Yes, definitely, thanks Kurt and Steven! =)
y_chat_diva: See you on Monday withi Scott Hamilton!
y_chat_diva: And check out the Yahoo! Chat calendar for more chats
y_chat_diva: heading your way.

Browning_and_Cousins_Live: (Steven) just got back on. Thanks for waiting!
y_chat_diva: Hey we've got Steven back
y_chat_diva: So let's hit 2 more questions
y_chat_diva: and then let him leave Michigan

psycic_1: Steven, did or are you going out with shae-lynn bourne?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: I did and i'm not now.

Safari_75: Steven - do you have any projects lined up in the coming months?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: projects?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Right now..hopefully going back to LA to work on my acting stuff but nothing concrete just now.

savoryayne: Who has influenced you skating most?
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Scott..just because he's really looked after me on the ice and off the ice. he's a great friend and to emulate him career wise and personally, he's really everything you hear and see about him.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: He's one of the best.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Scott has been there for me.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Without Scott, Kurt and I wouldn't be where
we are. Stars on Ice has given us the chance to perform and entertain everyone.

y_chat_diva: Thanks Steven for chatting today.
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: Thanks for everyone's support. I really enjoyed this chat and i'll do it again soon but in the meantime, i'll see you all at a show shortly!!!
Browning_and_Cousins_Live: :)
y_chat_diva: Thanks again everyone
y_chat_diva: See you next time on Yahoo!
vicsgallouise: thanks guys!
mshoneybear2001: YOU GUYS ARE COOL SKATERS!!!
moon_baby_12: THANK U KURT AND STEVEN!
wendyschien: thanks for chatting!
savoryayne: thank you for answering - I definitely agree that Scott is awesome.