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Message: I think another site devoted to this wonder on ice is great...and I thank you for that!

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Message: hey tina! how's it going? well, i finally got a chance to check out your kurt site and i like it :) especially all the pictures and the extensive info you have on his music. grrrrreat job! ;o) queenie

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Message: Great job Tina! Very clever idea for the page.

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Message: I like your wed page of Kurt I really like the photo files.

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Message: I finally made it to your site!!! I love it, it's so unique!

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Message: Just wanted to say:
Annie......a die hard Kurt Fan in Chicago

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Message: Tina,
Ijust love the new look to your website! The X-Files/Detective theme is a great idea. You've done a marvelous job of presenting interesting information about Kurt. Keep up the great work!

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Message: Job well-done!I love the new look.

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Message: My son was doing a report on Kurt Browning. Your information was great. thankyou

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Message: I enjoyed the Kurt Files site very much. I especially liked your articles section. I have been reading stories I never saw before.

Submitted by: trisha aka LdyLuck
Message: Hi Tina,
I love your site but at times you make Kurt sound like a criminal...to that end why don't you add "Stealing women's hearts" under repeat offenses LOL
Keep up the good work

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Message: Great site, Kurt would be proud!

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Message: Awesome pictures. I printed most of them up and they are going on my wall.

Submitted by: nicolaskater@hotmail.com
Message: Hi,
this is Nicola Genchi. I'm writing from Italy and on next Saturday I'll take the test to become Figure Roller Skating Internation judge. I am a big fan of Kurt anyway!!
Thank you for your attention!

Submitted by: iwolf00@providence.edu
Message: Hi Tina!!!
I have just finished visiting your site!!!! It is great!!! I met you at Halloween on Ice in Providence, R.I. Do you remember me?? I was the one who had my Kurt book for him to sign!! I was the crazy one who was practically hyperventilating because I was so excited to meet him!!! Anyway, I read your Kurt encounter!! It was written so well! It's funny, because I remember a lot of the stuff you said!!! I got my pictures developed!! The one of Kurt and me came out wicked awesome! Oh, can you thank your friend for taking a random picture of Kurt for me!! It came out really good!!! THANKS!!! I don't know if I shared with you my entire Kurt enounter that night, if you want, you can email me and I will tell you about it!! It was great!! It really was a dream come true!! Well, if you want, you can email me here at school. We can chat about Kurt, skating, school, or whatever! It was nice meeting you!! And you are doing a GREAT JOB with this Kurt page!!!

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Message: Great site Tina! anyone who dosent belong to your mailing list join today!

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Message: Hi!

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Message: Just checking in to check out; thanks for maintaining this site. Originally got to site via "askjeeves.com"

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Message: Great Page!! keep up the good work!

Submitted by: cevanoff@hotmail.com
Message: This page is incredible. The photos of Kurt are absolutly wonderful. I have been a fan since the eighty-eight olympics and attempte to see Kurt live whenever possible. Looking forward to seeing him In Kitchener Ontario in two weeks. I'll let you know how it goes!!

Submitted by: nicolebelliveau@hotmail.com
Message: Very good web site. I was able to retrieve lots of nice pictures and information for my collection.

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Message: pam & maddy love kurt, from rankin inlet n.t

Submitted by: Karen414@webtv.net
Message: I forgot to sign in yesterday. Sorry!!! This is an awesome web site. I just wish he'd make it out to my town more often...

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Message: Neat page, hope to come back to it real soon. Keep up the good work.

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Submitted by: scabral@toronto.nationalpr.com
Message: You are fabulous. Keep doing what you do best -- --> --entertaining.

Submitted by: anii5@yahoo.com
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Message: The first time I saw Kurt Browning skate it was after the 1994 Olympics and I saw how hard it was for him to do the jumps, but he was always entertaining. Since 1995 he was able to get the jumps back and show how talented he is.

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Message: I think your web page is very good. Continue the good work.

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Message: Th is site is very good. We love to read all this information about one of the best figure skating men ever.

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Submitted by: Tiggirrl@webtv.net
Message: I wasn't able to take the time and seriously investigate this site...but from what I have seen, it is very thoroughly done..thanks!!!
I'm just excited to have found a site that is devoted to the wonderfully talented Kurt!!!!

Submitted by: troyscyn@hotmail.com
Message: hey everybody, my name is cynthia my son Brad and I are huge fans we love his raggie number and we think"KURT ROCKS!"
there is no such thing as time off but we hope that he enjoys having sometime off??? this winter catch you at Canada Stars>>. all the best 1n 1999 and i'm sorry you were so running behind in Kitchener. talk to you soon.

the Harris family

Submitted by: thrumtumtugger@webtv.net
Message: great photos!! great website enoyed looking though it.


Submitted by: squareda@pacbell.net
Message: The last performance I saw you do was AWESOME!!! It was the clown one.

Submitted by: dazotian@sprynet.com
Message: Great site! I've been a fan of Kurt Browning for a while. I got to see him last year in Stars on Ice and loved it. The only one with faster feet is Scott Hamilton!
As for my favorite Browning performance - none. Actually, all of them. I loved Antares from Stars on Ice. I adore Brickhouse. I really love the new clown routine this year. He's amazing. Everyone else takes the entire rink to prepare for a jump. He just does it. I always check to see if he's going to be in a show on TV; if he is, I'm watching it!

Submitted by: reittersinkenai@gci.net
Message: What a great web-page on Kurt Browning!! I love the pictures of him. But, are you sure of where he was born??

Submitted by: tripleflip82@hotmail.com
Message: This is one super Kurt page...mine will be up soon with some stuff on Scotty Hamilton as well. Keep up the fab work!

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Message: This is great....Haven't been here in a while and I love it.
You have done a marvelous job. Thanks for the hard work.

Submitted by: GeorgiaGirl5@webtv.net
Message: I think you are super Kurt!! My mother and I enjoy watching you skate and admire your talent

Submitted by: ritart@tin.it
Message: A very nice page. I'm a great fan of Kurt for many years.
I hope to see him soon, but here at Europe it's very

Submitted by: minini66@hotmail.com
Message: Kurt est ma huitihme merveille du monde!

Submitted by: demerss@sd28.bc.ca

Message: Why is Kurt not coming to Kamloops or Pr. George to skate this year.
Are there any tv specials being developed for him?
I live in Quesnel, and have to travel to Calgary to see him.
Love his skating!

Submitted by: graskex2@chorus.net

Submitted by: demerss@sd28.bc.ca
Message: I am coming to Calgary Ab for Stars on Ice, how would I get to
see Kurt before/after the show?
This is the best Kurt Site!!
Do you know his plans for next yr?Shirley

Submitted by: gnestor@sgi.net
Message: I have been coming here about a year. A very clever site
the way it is set up.I have many favorite skaters, but Kurt is
the first on the list.

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Message:It's a very nice web page and nice for information for an essay topic.

Submitted by: pxion677@usp.edu
Message: I wast just helping a student do her report on world champion figure skaters. We happened to run across Kurt Browning's name. Your webpage gave wonderful information. It was very helpful to us. Thank you very much.

A Fan Too,

Pong Xiong

Submitted by: Anonymous
Message: I just want to see him skating again with kristi yamaguchi. they are a perfect together.

Submitted by: dcrews@netcom.ca

Submitted by: queenbean7@hotmail.com
Message: hey tina:)
just checkin' your page out as i haven't been here in awhile.
everything is looking great as usual!
i'm impressed that you actually update :)
anyway, we'd be happy to have our little encounter posted on your page...

Submitted by: seeUonD_iceBombay@yahoo.com
Message: I just love any site dedicated to the most talented skater, Kurt Browning. Keep up the good work and keep the great Kurt info coming!

Submitted by: Suey55@hotmail.com
Message: Hi I love You Kurt i am doing my history ISU on you. Well bye
Love Melissa sue taylor

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Message: I like your Kurt page. I especially like the theme of this site. Great job!
~Melanie :-)

Submitted by: bluespaz_rl@hotmail.com
-rosanna, medicine hat alberta

Submitted by: Graham@cassnet.com
Message: This is a wonderful website! I have always been a figure skating fan and I am a HUGE Kurt Browning fan and I am always trying to find out information about him.

Thank You!

Submitted by: emmit_freak@hotmail.com
Message: Hey,
This is April your page is pretty cool. Both me and my sister love Kurt his is the best figure skater ever! Anyway gotta jet. Check ya later.

Submitted by: icesk8chick@yahoo.com
Message: Hey, gr8 page! I love Kurt Browning sooo much...he's the best! and he's soo adorable too. hehe well, gr8 job on the page! Keep up the good work!

Submitted by: keelerd1@pilot.msu.edu
Message: Great to have information about a great skater! Keep up the good work, we appreciate it.

Submitted by: djonesbi@niagara.com
Message:Kurt rulz!!! So does Canada!


Submitted by: jesellasloan@hotmail.com
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Message: What an ingenious idea! I absolutely love this site. Great job, and keep up the good work. Look for your site near the top of the Skating Site Directory Kurt Browning site rankings soon.

Submitted by: Mystie07@aol.com
Message: Hi. I love your site, this is one of the most informative Kurt Browning sites i've seen in a long time! The transcripts are the best, i was laughing hysterically at the radio station transcript of Kurt and Tara Lipinski. My high moment was when i met Kurt after the Stars on Ice tour here in New York a few days ago (March 4) He's just the sweetest, nicest person, even more charismatic in person. E-mail me at Mystie07@aol.com if you want to share your own meeting Kurt face to face experience :)

Submitted by: fozzlynn@webtv.net
Message: I just want to say your the best skater and that you seem to be a sweet man. does anyone know who won the ice wars on 3/8/00????

Submitted by: clair@infoteck.qc.ca
Message: Hi Kurt
I'm a coach from Quebec, so excuse my english. I just want to tell you, that i like your skate. You seem to me that you are verry funny. Good luck in your future.


Submitted by: semple3@excite.com
Message: Thanks for the great "Kurt" site. I love it. Jean

Submitted by: reaclan@hotmail.com
Message: Great site! Lots of up tp date information

Submitted by: aggieschipandpat@sjnetworks.com
Message: Hi, I enjoy reading anything on skating, but Kurt IS one of my favorites. Enjoyed reading you site. Yours was the first to give me explicit info on fact Katia is not touring with SOI this year. I'll miss her, but have never seen Yuka live before, so that'll be a treat as I've been attending SOI since 1995!

Submitted by cookey_lina@hotmail.com
Message: I was wondering what it was like for you to step on the ice for the first time?
Your answer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

Submitted by Anonymous
Message: Hi, this is Kevin Albrecht from IMG Canada. You have done a great job with this site, congratulations. We have moved to:
IMG Canada
175 Bloor Street E.
Suite 400, South Tower
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4W 3R8

Submitted by: moonstar1984@hotmail.com
Message: hi kurt
my name is Peggy Dahl.I'm 16 years old. I used to be in figure skating until I moved. I want to be like you guys figure skating good

well I better go now
e-mail me

Submitted by:ASwan98484@aol.com
Message: Nice site Tina! I have some photos of Kurt in SOI in Lake Placid too if you want to see them. Let me know and I will scan and send.

Submitted by: valcamps@hotmail.com
Message: Hello,
Great page, I like the design of your website, very original. I have been a great fan of Kurt for 11 years. The first time i saw him was in Paris for the world Championships. Great man, great skater with great programs !!

Submitted by: butterfly_1414@hotmail.com
Message: Kurt Browning is my favorite figure skater by far. My favorite program is "Brick House"

Submitted by: mad_802@yahoo.com
Message: Tina,
Great site; what else can I say? Glad to hear that you can now keep this going wherever you go :)


Submitted by: paintrd@yahoo.ca
Message: This was great love the page and love Kurt. I am new to the internet and l ove that I can keep up what is going on with Kurt.

Submitted by: nicolew60@hotmail.com
Message:I have been watching Kurt skate since I was just a little girl. He is a real clown and gives the audience so many laughs. I am really glad that he went pro; he is not as wound up and nervous and every performance he does, he seems to do with ease and...that good old Kurt humour!!

Submitted by: anola@sympatico.ca

Submitted by: dgbowser70@yahoo.com
Message: I think you have done a fine job , As a skatter ,Only got to national [some years ago] Ihave loved skatting,And try to keep up to date.

Submitted by: samantha.mcdowell@home.com
Message: Me I am blown away with Kurt and all he has done. I was so interested that I'm doing a resreach project on him for the Canadian Hertiage Fair. Actually our family came from Caroline and my grandparents knew Dewey and Neva. I'd just like to say thanks for putting on such a cool show.

Submitted by: afox@silk.net
Message: Very informative. Thanks.


Submitted by: katherinehas@yahoo.com
Message: Hi! I absolutely adore the photos and reviews from the Gotta Dance show! Great job! I wish I could have been there, but the great reviews all over made up for it. Thanks so much! Keep up the fantastic work!
- -Katherine
(gavelgirl8 on barenaked.net and Shoelaces on fsworld)

Submitted by: diva_chick103@hotmail.com
Message: I think this is a wonderful sight. I love the way Kurt skates and I think he is a great entertainer, I go see him skate in Halifax, Nova

My name is Rachael and I am 11 years old I live on a little Island called Prince Edward Island. Kurt Browning is my favourite skater of all time, I go to Halifax, N.S every year to see him skate. Only thing that would be better than that would be to meet him and get his autograph. Maybe someday that will happen. I've met alot of great skaters like Elvis and Josee and Jennifer Robinson and Brian Orser and Annie Bellamare and I think they are all true champions but my dream is to meet Kurt Browning.I hope he skates with Stars on ice again this year and Mom takes me to Halifax to see him. I skate in Kensington and I just love it.

Submitted by:martin.dedek@siemens.com
Message:I am Czech.
I speak not english. I speak germany:
Guten Tag!

Ich gruBe Mr. Kurt Browning!
Von Jahr 1988 ist "mein" groBer Eiskunstlaufer!

Ich wunsche Ihnen, liber Kurt Browning, viele Erfolge in Leben!

mit freundlichen GruBen

Martin Didek,
Mlada Boleslav - Czech Republic
E-Mail: martin.dedek@siemens.com

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Message:I love this site... no other Kurt site compares! :)

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Message: I love the new format. You do an amazing job here. Thanks from a Kurt fan in Orlando,FL.

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Message:I am a very big fan of Kurt's and think that this website is great. Keep up the good work.