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A Personal Note from Kurt Browning about All That Skate 2011

Kurt was kind enough to send along this note to his fans about his experience at "All That Skate" in Korea. Thanks, Kurt!
- Tina (webmaster)

Just wanted to let you all know about what an amazing adventure we had in Korea.

Now, off the ice we did some shopping until 5am and saw amazing ancient sites and explored the city a little bit and ate and ate and ate, but the real amazing part was the show itself. I know that skating is stronger in certain parts of the world than it is in North America, but everything everybody told me did NOT prepare me for that first step out on the ice.

The opening number felt more like a rock concert, and I do mean the Beatles, than it did an ice show. Then, for your solo, really all you had to do was be skating one direction and quickly look back over your shoulder at a different part of the crowd and boom, they would react like you had split in two and both of you had just done a back flip with a triple axel all while licking an ice cream cone. OK,, who knows how anybody would react to that??? BUT, it was simply unbelievable. In all my years skating I have never skated in a vibe that strong and I will not lie when I say it really plays with your ego. Yup, it was fun to feel like a skating rock star.

The hard part was being on the ice rehearsing for over 6 hours a day, including the first show day, because it made my thighs so sore that I really did not have the power and control I usually have and so my shows were sub par for sure. Darn !! But, by the 3rd show I felt a bit better and my Steppin' Out Of My Mind solo, with Geoffrey Tyler singing live in Korea, went very very well. This was good timing because they said there was around 5-8 million people on tv watching LIVE. Whew. Too bad my legs were not there for the second half of the show but age does sneak up on you sometimes so what can you do?

Also, wanted to write something to say thanks to Tina.. she has been helping me with a few things lately as well as putting together such an amazing site.. what a caretaker of my image. Thanks Tina.