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File Contents:

  • Personal Profile - Kurt Browning's personal statistics, find out about available media with Kurt, a listing of past TV appearances, interviews, etc.

  • Prior Record - find all sorts of information on Kurt Browning's competitive record. For professional competitions, his competitors, programs, placements.

  • News Clippings - an archive of over 600 articles about Kurt Browning and Stars On Ice, from 1988 until present.

  • Current News - find out the latest news and information about Kurt Browning, from competitions to other news of interest, including a TV schedule of events that Kurt is in, and a link to a page of information about upcoming events.
    • 2005-2006 Event Details - find out details about various upcoming pro shows and competitions, both with and without Kurt. Information includes date, time, venue, participant lists, ticket information, and any other available details.

  • Photo Evidence - a searchable archive of over 100 photographs of Kurt Browning taken from all over the web and other sources.

  • Known Associates - The Kurt Files' Stars on Ice page. News on the current tour, as well as information on past and present skaters, articles, finales and ensemble numbers, history, reviews, and links.

  • Musical Associates - want to know more about tKurt Browning's programs? Visit this archive of information including song titles, artist, the CD's each song can be found on, list of performances of this program, musical clips, lyrics, websites for more information, as well as random additional information about the song or program. Also includes some Stars On Ice finales.

  • Other References - a page with links to many other Kurt Browning sites, general skating sites, as well as other sites of interest on the web.

  • Miscellaneous - the fan section of the Kurt Files, with transcripts, show reviews, media downloads of Kurt programs and fan-made montages, favorite Kurt programs, etc. Also, information on joining a Kurt mailing list, and how to contact Kurt.

  • View the Log Book (ie the Guestbook) - at the moment, no new entries are accepted until I get a new guestbook. Email me if you have any comments or questions.