Stars on Ice

Kurt Browning Program Information

Program: Easy
Artist: Barenaked Ladies
Choreographer: Kurt Browning

Performances: 2006 Kurt Browning's Gotta Skate 6.0
2006 Ice Wars XIII
2006 Today Show
2007 Stars on Ice
2007 Canadian Stars on Ice
2007 Superstars on Ice

Photos: http://www.kurtfiles.com/pics/index.php?search=Kurt+Browning+Easy

CDs: Barenaked Ladies - Barenaked Ladies Are Me

Musical clip(s): Easy

Lyrics: What's a boy to do?
When you tell your tale and it never fails
I just end up feeling bad for you
With your hang-dog eyes
You can bring me down now I'm wrapped around your whole hand stop looking so surprised

Make it easy (easy)
Make it easy (easy)

I've been burned before
You're not fooling me there's no mystery you've forgotten what you're hiding for
Call it self-defense
You can obfuscate and manipulate but it's only at your own expense

Make it easy (easy)
Make it easy (easy)
Make it easy (easy)
Make it easy (easy)

Easy to be with you
Easy to obey
Easy to forgive you at the end of the day
East not to judge you
Easy to betray
Easy to adore you though you want to run away

It's easy

Look what you have done
I can do the same two can play this game you'll no longer be the only one

Make it easy (easy)
Make it easy (easy)
Make it easy (easy)
Easy (easy)


Artist website: http://www.bnlmusic.com

Random facts: Kurt skated to "Easy" with the Barenaked Ladies performing live at his Gotta Skate 6.0 show. He had to cut the program down and rework some of the choreography to use at Ice Wars. He joked in his Ice Wars interview (which was cut from the broadcast) that whenever Ed Robertson sang the word "easy", he felt like flying, but since he had such a limited repertoire of jumps, he just did double axel after double axel. He ended up doing a total of six double axels in the course of the program, all to the word "easy". In the Gotta Skate version, Ed substituted the words "you can obfuscate and figure skate" instead of "you can obfuscate and manipulate" while performing the song, causing Kurt to crack up on the ice.