Stars on Ice

Kurt Browning Program Information

Program: Fascinating Rhythm
Artist: Dianne Reeves
Choreographer: Sarah Kawahara (??)

Performances: 2002 Olympics Closing Ceremonies

Photos: none

CDs: Dianne Reeves - The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan
Dianne Reeves - The Best of Dianne Reeves

Musical clip(s): Fascinating Rhythm

Lyrics: Fascinating Rhythm
--George & Ira Gershwin
from Lady, Be Good! (1924)

Got a little rhythm, a rhythm, a rhythm
That pit-apats through my brain;
So darn persistent,
The day isn't distant
When it'll drive me insane.
Comes in the morning
Without any warning,
And hangs around me all day.
I'll have to sneak up to it
Someday, and speak up to it.
I hope it listens when I say:

Fascinating Rhythm,
You've got me on the go!
Fascinating Rhythm,
I'm all a-quiver.

What a mess you're making!
The neighbors want to know
Why I'm always shaking
Just like a flivver.

Each morning I get up with the sun --
Start a-hopping,
Never stopping --
To find at night no work has been done.

I know that
Once it didn't matter --
But now you're doing wrong;
When you start to patter
I'm so unhappy.

Won't you take a day off?
Decide to run along
Somewhere far away off --
And make it snappy!

Oh, how I long to be the man I used to be!
Fascinating Rhythm,
Oh, won't you stop picking on me?

Artist website: http://www.diannereeves.com

Random facts: Kurt was invited to skate in the closing ceremonies of the 2002
Olympics in Salt Lake City. That portion of the closing ceremonies
was very nearly Stars on Ice in Utah. Kurt opened the "American
Musical" portion of the finale, skating to a jazzy rendition of
"Fascinating Rhythm," as Diane Reeves sang live. Kurt's number
included footwork that covered every surface of the arena floor - from
the ice, to the borders, to the walkways, and part of the platform
Diane Reeves sang from.