Stars on Ice

Kurt Browning Program Information

Program: Hey Pachuco
Artist: Royal Crown Revue
Choreographer: Sandra Bezic

Performances: 1995 Canadian Stars on Ice
1995 Skates X2
1995 Ice Wars II
1995 Nutrasweet Challenge of Champions
1995-1996 Stars on Ice
1996 Starlight Challenge
1999 Tara Lipinski: From This Moment
2008 Davos Gala Movies on Ice

Photos: none

CDs: Royal Crown Revue - Kings of Gangster Bop
Royal Crown Revue - Caught in the Act, Live
Royal Crown Revue - Mugzy's Move
The Mask - Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Big Kahuna - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Musical clip(s): Hey Pachuco

Lyrics: "Hey Pachuco" - Royal Crown Revue

(Hey, Pachuco)
(Hey) Summer '43
(Hey) The man's gunnin' for me
(Hey) Blue and white mean war tonight

(Hey) They say damn my pride
(Hey) And all the other cats livin' down the east side
(Hey) And that there's no place to hide
[So I can't]

Hey, Marie (Hey)
(Hey) / You better grab my jack and zip gun for me
(Hey) / 'Cuz I'll face no shame / (Hey)
(Hey) / Tonight's the night I die for our name

Well, when we hit downtown
We stopped, broke down
We end up doing time
Soon as we met up
They're out to get us
Exhausted, but that's gettin' a mind

(Hey) (Hey, Hey, Hey)

Yeah, go, baby go

(Hey, Hey, Hey)
(Hey, Hey, Hey)
(Hey, Pachuco)

Artist website: http://www.rcr.com

Random facts:
Kurt's had four different costumes for this programs. For Stars on
Ice 1995-1996, his white opening number costume was spray-painted by
his fellow cast members to create the costume for this number. His
competitive costume for this outfit was a mustard-colored shirt,
burgundy pants, suspenders, and a tie. He also performed this program
in Tara Lipinski's From This Moment special, wearing a black T-shirt,
black pants, and a black hat. In 2008, he resurrected the program for
a gala in Switzerland - the Davos Movies on Ice gala - and wore a dark
grey vest over white t-shirt, black hat, and grey pants - his outfit
from "Chequered Love" in the Art on Ice tour, as well as his outfit
from "Motown Philly" at the 2007 Gotta Skate.