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Scott Hamilton's 'Stars on Ice' Farewell Tour

Kurt and Scott Interview Transcript from Canada AM with Jeff Hutcheson

April 12, 2001 9:35:00 - 9:41:15 Eastern Time

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HUTCHESON: We're back at the Halifax Metro Centre. Stars on Ice begins here on Sunday. It goes across the country until May 1, 12 locations, I think. Scott Hamilton is here this morning.

Good to see you again, Scott.

HAMILTON: Thank you very much.

HUTCHESON: And Kurt Browning as well.

HAMILTON: The most overworked person on this tour.

HUTCHESON: Just ask him.

HAMILTON: No, they have him doing AOL chats until like a bazzilion midnights. And then it's like, okay, then he gets treatment because he's in most of the show --

BROWNING: I was late.

HAMILTON: He was late. You overslept.

HUTCHESON: I've got to tell you too, the last time Kurt was on our show he was sort of imploring, "Why can't I be on Canada's Walk of Fame?" And he comes on Canada AM and now he has been elected to Canada's Walk of Fame.

HAMILTON: Anything else you want over here?

BROWNING: I'll make a list. I'll have it to you by Christmas.

HUTCHESON: Now Scott, you've heard this a lot, it's kind of being said that this is Scott Hamilton's farewell tour. But by the time you are done you will have done 77 shows since after Christmas.


HUTCHESON: So is it your farewell tour or is it your "I'm really going to cut back now" tour?

HAMILTON: It's more of a cut back tour, but we'll see. It depends on what opportunities there are out there and what I feel like doing.

I have been doing this for a long time. And it just seemed that if I didn't make a statement of "This is it" it would never happen. So, this is it.

We'll see where it goes. There's a lot of things I would like to do on the ice. It just depends on if I can put them together and if people are interested in seeing them.

HUTCHESON: What's out there still? I mean, I know you have done sort of everything -- the singing, the acting. What's out there? What's the plan in your head that you want to do? There's got to be something in there.

HAMILTON: Yeah. I want to do a stage show, on ice. That's the next thing. I have talked to some people about it and there seems to be some interest. So, it's possible. Whether or not we can put something together that's really unique and innovative and something the public would really support, that's yet to be seen. It's going to take a couple of years to develop it though.

HUTCHESON: How is it skating with a guy like this, on a tour like this? I mean, I know you're going to go through Canada. And you have been through a lot of these different things. Is there a different audience feel when Scott is involved?

BROWNING: Yeah, everyone is awake. [laughter] Skating with Scott has been very educational for me. It's been a lot of fun too. He has been a real influence on my career.


BROWNING: Well, Scott gave me permission to have fun.

HAMILTON: By the way, find out the things that you like and do those. Find out the things you don't like and don't do those.

BROWNING: Exactly. Turning professional was fun. And he just got on the ice and invited the people on the ice with him. He has just taught me a lot.

HUTCHESON: When you make that transition, like you just said, I mean there is a lot to what you just said. If you have been in that routine of having to do this for the judges and that for the judges is it tough to break out of that and say, "Okay, I can do a backflip now if I want"?

HAMILTON: Not for him.

BROWNING: Yeah, for some it is.

HAMILTON: Kurt is a natural entertainer. I mean, there is so much in there. You look at it, and it comes through him. He's a natural communicator. He moves, it's a natural ability that he has to communicate to an audience -- a big audience, not just nine judges. And he's very versatile as well. And so, the professional world is built for him, it's made for him. It is.

BROWNING: It's fun, it's a place where both you and your audience can have fun, or both of you can go down in flames together. [laughter]

HAMILTON: But there's more to it than just the jumps. A lot of people look at skating as competitive and that's it. Beyond that, it's just whatever. But when you get into the professional side of it and you see what Kurt brings to the ice every single day and how he can really impact an audience, there is such value in that that can't be put up on a marque.

HUTCHESON: And the other thing is too, you said earlier in the program that what they do jump-wise now with the quads is so much different from your time. Yet, people still come out to see the Scott Hamilton brand of skating. So, is it following a person? Is it following a routine? Is it for the fun of it?

HAMILTON: No, it's entertainment. We're entertainers. It's not about being world champion.

BROWNING: It helps. [laughter, overtalk]

HAMILTON: It's about really touching an audience. This is my 17th year as the professional. I was an amateur for 16. That's from the day I put on skates until the day I retired from world competition. So that's one year longer as the professional than I was an amateur.

BROWNING: What's wild about it is that this year he is almost as technically strong -- you know, there's a few triples out -- but technically Scott's as strong as he's been since I started being professional.

HAMILTON: This is the hardest show I've ever had.

HUTCHESON: Why is that, this one?

HAMILTON: Because it's the last one! [laughter, overtalk]

BROWNING: Do you know how many doctors we have back there? [laughter]

HAMILTON: Two therapists this year. It's crazy.

HUTCHESON: You have been on this tour through the States, right?

BROWNING: I have been with Chrysler's Stars on Ice for over a decade and been in the States with Scott for six years.

HUTCHESON: Right. Did you do the first 65 events of the show?


HUTCHESON: Now, to me, you look at schedules, you look at being in shape, you look at what hockey players do or baseball players to. This is day in, day out gruelling.

BROWNING: I think it's a different animal. As an amateur you really need to peak two or three times a year, maybe now more. As a professional you need to peak 60, 70, 80 times a year. And that consistency is something I had to work on.

HAMILTON: I like these guys who go "I have a ten-day road trip." I'm like, cry me a river. I have a four-month road trip, you know. I do want to ever about it. [laughter]

HUTCHESON: Now, listen, you are retiring but I know you have these nifty golf clubs over here. Usually golf clubs are a retirement present. This seems to be a loaded bag.

HAMILTON: No, this is my friend. [Demonstrates the golf clubs as a prop for his skating act]

BROWNING: I can see why he takes this bag everywhere. It's really got its own personality.

HUTCHESON: And I'm guessing you will see that if you come and see Stars on Ice.

HAMILTON: Absolutely.

HUTCHESON: Hey, Scott, thank you. Good luck. Nice to meet you.

Kurt, thank you.

BROWNING: Good to see you again. Sorry I was late.

HUTCHESON: Walk of Fame member, too.

BROWNING: I won't be late for the show.

HUTCHESON: Now, he'll be there on time.