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Celebration on Ice 2004 Review

Oshawa Civic Auditorium, Oshawa, ON, Feb. 13, 2004

written by Sherry

Just got home from Nice 'n Easy Celebration on Ice in Oshawa, so here's a quick report:

Lots of Kurt content in this show - starting with the opening cast number. Kurt is introduced last of course, and does standard opening number stuff , but he also does kind of a cool little duet with Shae. Very brief, but nevertheless very enjoyable.

First program after that is the 3 Canadian men: Kurt, Brian and Elvis on the ice together. Mostly footwork and I loved it. What a shame this isn't being taped for TV - that program alone would thrill Canadian audiences and I would love to see Kurt do that footwork again!

Kurt's first solo of the night is "Moondance". He got off to a bit of a rocky start, doubled a jump, singled an axle, then got mad at himself and pretty much nailed everything afterwards. No big deal - audience seemed to appreciate it anyways ;-)

In the second half he does a cowboy number with Shae & Josee which needless to say I loved. Lot's of recycled SOI costumes in this show and Kurt wears his blue cowboy outfit with the white stetson for this one. Lot's of fun stuff with the ladies and Kurt hams it up to the music which I think is called "Canadian Man". (I'm horrible with music and the program didn't list the numbers). It ends with Kurt doing 3 double axles in a row.

Kurt closed the show with "Ding Dong Daddy" and skated fine. Fumbled his hat and then did the hat bit again as he was taking his bows which the audience loved. (Always the master showman LOL :-) Closing ensemble was very nice, started off with a brief solo by Shae who was then joined by Brian and then the rest of the cast with Kurt coming out last doing blindingly fast footwork spins that almost got away from him. Huge roar from the crowd when he appeared.

Other stuff: Shae was absolutely brilliant as a solo skater. If CSOI doesn't hire her after this they're crazy. Brian was as smooth and as polished and as wonderful as ever. What a treat it is just to have the opportunity to see him skate. I love Brasseur and Eisler - and I hate the thought that we won't get to see them again after this season. Joannie Rochette had a great night. Nailed all her jumps and looked spectacular, I think the opportunity to skate in these shows is so good for her. If she keeps this up, I'm expecting to see her in CSOI before long. Lefebvre & Markov really impressed me. I ran into them downstairs and had the opportunity to tell them so - I think they are thrilled to have been invited on this tour. For her second program, Josee did the number she used to win at World Team in Vancouver this year. I liked it on TV - but I loved it in person. Great program for her.

All in all a good night. The arena was packed to the rafters and they were selling standing room only tickets. I managed to talk them into giving me a seat that hadn't previously been for sale because it was in front of one of the big lights. Ended up standing for the second half anyways because I got a better view that way :-) From what I've heard these shows have been sold out all across Canada which I think bodes well for a tour next year. I hope so - because this was great. Good professional lighting, some nice group numbers, not a lot of fluff and nonsense but enough to keep the crowd happy. Programs were $10 and full of pictures with Kurt, Brian, and Elvis on the cover.