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Celebration on Ice 2004 Review

St. Jean sur le Richelieu, PQ - Feb. 14, 2004

written by Tpangner

WOW !!!! What a show !!!

I wont do a complete review of the show right now but I will write you what I remember the most.

The Opening number was to classical music and, may I say, well choregraphed. Brian Orser did a Backflip and Kurt his incredible footworks (And it's an understatement !!)

The next number was Kurt, Brian and Elvis did a number together that remind me of the Tango number from 2002 CSOI. Very good number and I didn't know where to look !!!

Kurt skated to Moondance and Ding Dong Daddy. He fell in Moondance on footworks and , you know Kurt, starts to clowning after it, too funny ! He blows me away everytime I see him, and it was the Fifth time live !!!

Shae Lynn skated to a female singer, which I don't know the name but it was great and the fact that there were no jumps didn't matter. And her costume was gorgeous !

Lefebvre/Markov did their OD and FD and their are so good, I think they will be kicking **** on the international scene in the next years !!! Lot a speed and great lifts !!

Brian Orser Skate to Where do you start & Beyond the sea. Like always, he skate like if he was skating on a cloud or something, sooooooo smooth !! And you can't keep your eyes off of him ! and I can't believe the guy is 42 years old !!!

Josee skated to Avec le temps et Mein herr. And to my surprise, I liked both of her programs !!! I'm not a big fan of hers but she was great. She fell on a jump but it didn't matter because overall she was very good !! She even sat 3-4 seats next to us in Mein Herr !!!

Joannie skated to Paint in Black and Love and she was great. She has so much speed that I always have trouble photographing her !!! I hope I manage to have one or two good pictures of her !!!

Elvis skated to two number which I dont know the title but the first was typical Elvis exhibition number where he is sliding on the ice and the second was very interesting. He come out with a black overcoat on his shoulders and before the begining of the number, he take off his coat and he have fake arm extension !!! It was so funny !!! I never thought I woul love him but I did !!! I'm a fan of Elvis now !!!

Brasseur/Eisler skated to A friend to me and The middle. They are so gooood ! I will miss them. They had a S.O. for the middle and a Big one at the end. I think everone will miss them. I think this show must have been hard for them since it was Isabelle Hometown (And The Isabelle Brasseur Coloseum !!)

Myriane Samson skated to I feel good but I dont remember a lot as for Samuel Tetrault (He is so cute !!).

We had a Synchro team that skated to Winter and little kids too cute !!

Now the best for last !! Kurt skated a cowboy number to Canadian man with shae and Josee. It was a very good number !! (with one of the table from 2002 SOI on the ice, yes, FURNITURE !!) I don't remember the details but I know that I liked it !!

At the end I shook hands with Elvis (when will I have Kurt in my section ??? lol)

It was one of the best show I've seen in a long time and I can't believe they won't show it on TV...What a waste !!!