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Celebration on Ice

New Multiplex Community Center - Chilliwack, BC - Feb. 24, 2005
written by Jean

(due to time constraints - almost all Kurt comments)

Passion on Ice!

Yes Kurt skated his Passion (The Feeling Begins) program in the first act and Time in a Bottle for the second. It was very cool to see 'Passion' live and I was a very happy! I accidently spoke out loud as the program started (well a whisper really) "wow, we get to see 'Passion'", and got a very weird look from the woman seated next to me. Oh well. :) Loved both programs. BTW I had a VIP ticket and eventually approached Kurt at the reception after not quite managing to open my mouth before he was whisked away several times before that. He was very sweet and funny. I said almost nothing after managing to tell him that I loved his choice of programs for the show,and especially enjoyed getting to see "Passion". He looked very surprised at this and I told him I thought there would be a lot of other people that felt the same way. He said "really"? He seemed genuinely puzzled or in need of reassurance but by this time I was totally embarrassed and unable to say anything coherent! He said it needed work and didn't seem to know how well received it had been after its debut. I should have told him but didn't. Anybody else who gets a chance talk to him "please tell him for me" :) The reception was informal and nice but I had to leave very early.

The 4 guys did a number (the one choreographed by Kurt) with canes which was great fun and seemed quite complex. I wish we could get a video though because it's one of those things I'd like to see again.

There were also several other times when Kurt, Brian and Elvis did little bits together, but I'm very tired and everything is running together in my mind.At the beginning of the second half Kurt, Brian and Elvis came out. Brian and Elvis - had chairs and Kurt a mike. Kurt did a cute plug for 'Kleenex' and then offered to take questions for Brian and Elvis. This should have been a great opportunity for everyone but the audience was probably taken a bit by surprise and was remarkably slow to respond. The people asking questions were given a box of kleenex, which Kurt was careful to point out was autographed! Very funny. I was definitely not prepared for this and am far to shy to have said anything but the lady next to me did so we had Kurt right there with the microphone. :) If you're going to the show get those questions ready.