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Kurt Browning on CityTV CityPulse

June 1, 2001

Liz West: Anybody else who's also being inducted that you're kind of like..ohh...I'd love to meet them

Kurt Browning: Leslie Nielsen. You know, I'm an ice skater but on occasion I try to get out there and make people laugh, so I really look forward to just five minutes with Leslie Nielsen just to pick his brain a little bit and find out what he's really like or..yeah you know, I'm excited about that.

LW: And uh is there, could you think of, was there a moment in your career that sort of popped you up into the Walk of Fame category (Kurt laughs). Do you know what I mean? Like you know, there's a certain level of accomplishment, or do you think it was just...

KB: Longevity. I think one of the things that people do respect in a career is longevity and um...

LW: And you got it!

KB: (running his hand over his head) and I'm showing that now, my longevity. And I think that of course, winning Worlds and all those accomplishments that I had in my amateur career as a figure skater are wonderful but one of the ones I'm proud of is my professional career and you know, providing entertainment for people for over a decade now. It's starting to add up! But I think that that's one of the reasons why I'm here is longevity.

LW: It can be depressing too, like "oh my God I've been doing this for so long, I can actually..."

KB: (over her) it is! But at the same time, you know, you take the people that walk up to you, they're 14 years old and they say you know, like "I don't really remember when you won Worlds, I was too young" and you go (sagging at the knees)... "oh my knees just started to hurt!" But everything's been good, my career's been wonderful to me, and a day like this...you know, when you get older, you hold onto these nice days a little more. So, I'm very happy to have this happen to me.

LW: Now the 14th inductee today, which a lot of people don't know about, is Alexander Graham Bell. Now what do you think of that?

KB: (with surprised wide-eyed look on his face) I did not know that!

LW: yeah

KB: Um...well..if it wasn't for...

LW: Do you own a phone?

KB: (with a kind of yeah, I'm cool, I'm with it expression) well you know, yeah, absolutely. I've got a phone! I'm with it (straightens his tie, adjusts his cuffs). I even got a cell phone! So I just think that it's another like James Naismith, you know those names, that's one of the things that Stars Walk of Fame does is educates Canadians about great Canadians, and you might see the list of inductees and not even realize that (with expression of disbelief) "that person's Canadian?". So that's one of the aftereffects of this wonderful award is that it's educating us about who we are as Canadians. For example, you know you look back in history and see what great Canadians have done. It's a good idea.