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Celebration on Ice - Sudbury, ON - Dec. 18, 2010

written by Andrea

December 18th, 2010 marked the day that the 2010 Celebration On Ice Tour would make its stop in Sudbury, ON. Having attended many Celebration On Ice shows in the past this was the first time that they toured in the month of December that I can remember. So close to the Christmas holiday that I myself was extremely looking forward to the 'holiday themed' show.

Before the show even got started the audience was entertained by one of the local schools in the Sudbury area singing/playing instruments to many familiar Christmas carols. It really set the tone for the show.

The opening number started off with a young girl standing in the middle of centre ice, holding a lit candle. One by one, the cast of Celebration On Ice was being introduced. When introduced each of the skaters(s) skated out to the little girl at centre ice, and each lit their own candle in hand. It was really really well done. Kurt Browning was the 2nd last skater to be introduced and of course got an enormous round of applauds/cheers. Joannie Rochette was the last skater introduced to light their candle from the little girl, and then they both skated off the ice with the rest of the cast following behind. Then the opening number continued on, with a more upbeat Christmas tune, as the entire cast of Celebration On Ice was skating and having fun in a very playful routine.

Kurt Browning did 2 outstanding programs, and definitely was a crowd favorite in Sudbury

Wearing a lovely blue colour shirt, and black pants Kurt skate to "River". Throughout the program it was filled with his remarkable footwork, at times just skating on one foot. It had Kurt's little flair, and a tiny bit of humour throughout. As always a showman, Kurt never disappointed. Sitting from ice-seats I did notice Kurt showing a little 'scruff' in the face. Have to say, its pretty darn sexy ;)

Steppin Out: I have to say Kurt was very clever in this performance. Started out with a red sweater over a white shirt, and bowtie, and as he skated he had his voice over, which had him talking as if he was thinking in his head while performing. We all know Kurt is amazing at his footwork. Just brilliant and this routine was filled with amazing footwork throughout the program. Towards the end of the program he ended up with his black tail jacket, and top hat with cane in hand which was handed over to him by Violetta, and at this point he was really steppin out on his skates. One thing is that at times I couldn't hear what he was saying, with the music over his voice. And I'm gonna blame our arena for this one, and not the way it was recorded, because the acoustics at the Sudbury Arena are not that great, and sometimes things just sound like an echo. But again I think it was a great idea, and I really hope I get a chance to see it again.

One of the highlights for me that really stands out, was the number that opened the 2nd half of the show . It started off with Jamie & David, Jeff, Joannie & Kurt all on the ice skating. Each were wearing outfits that represented their programs when they either won their World or Olympic medal. Jeff was first, in which he skated a portion of his LP - from when he won his World Medal in 2008. It was strange, when I was watching at a moment I felt like I was watching Jeff compete again. he did a BEAUTIFUL jump right in front of us. Jamie & David were next, hearing that familiar music from "The Love Story" David was wearing the grey pants/sweater but I notice Jamie wasn't wearing the grey skirt,top, she had on a different dress. Still when the music started, I just got good bumps just watching. Then it was Kurt Browning coming out, in a white tux and bow tie, skating to his famous "Casablanca" The white jacket of course was a bit different then the original jacket he once wore. Classic performance, and again just took us down memory lane. Especially that part he just stands there, walks a little, does that little turn with his skate, as he enters the bar. Again such a TREAT for Browning fans. Last Joannie skated a portion of her LP, when she won the bronze medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The whole concept of this idea was brilliant and I have to say I am so lucky to have seen it and it is really too bad this wasn't taped for TV for others to enjoy.

Just a little side note, I was at a Christmas concert this afternoon at our church, and overheard a gentleman sitting at our table, talking about the figure skating show last night in Sudbury. So of course I had to join in on the conversation. He said he doesn't go to many shows, and the last time he had seen skating in Sudbury was back when Elvis Stojko did his tour years ago and made a stop in Sudbury. At any rate, he said to me the best skater of the night, hands down was Kurt Browning. He was blown away by his performances. He asked me how old he was, he gave him 40 which I told him is about right, and he said for someone that age, to be so fit and skate like he did was amazing.

The Finale of the 2010 Celebration On Ice show had the girls come out first wearing white winter jackets with cute little white hats, and the guys were wearing grey/white sweaters to match the girls. It was a cute little number to close the show as if the skaters were outside, having fun, skating like life long friends.

Other favorite performances of the night included:

Jeff Buttle - it was so great to see him skate once again. He certainly did get a very warm warm reception in Sudbury. He skated to "Run Run Rudolph" & "Good Mother"

Joannie Rochette's skate to O Holy Night was simply breathtaking. Her 2nd number was to Shakira which was a fast/fun number for her.

Violetta Afanasieva & Pete Dack
I have had the opportunity to have seen these two perform in past Celebration On Ice shows. They are truly both outstanding and entertaining to watch each and every time. The flexibility that Violetta has and the strength that Pete show on the ice is unlike any other pair I have ever seen. Just amazing to watch and never get tired of seeing the FANTASTIC , MOUTH DROPPING tricks they bring to the ice. A crowd pleaser each and every time.

Celebration On Ice also featured some of Sudbury's very own local skaters from the skating clubs in the area. It was a great addition to the show. Must be such a HUGE moment for many of these young skaters to be apart of a show like this. Skating in a show to probably many of the skaters they have looked up to as they start their own skating journey. The CanSkate skaters were ADORABLE, skating to Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer. Had Santa come out, with his little Rudolphs skating behind him, and his elves. Adorable adorable adorable.

Also Sudbury's own Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford skated as special guest skaters. This was the first time I have seen Meagan skate with Eric LIVE aside from seeing them compete this year during the Grand Prix events on TV and I have to say I am impressed. Meagan has always been so talented, and I think this new partnership with Eric is a good match and good things are going to come from these two.

Overall it was a fantastic show. I applaud all the skaters though for the fantastic job they have done. To think they have been on the road from day to day, doing the show and back on the road the next day to travel to the next city. They have not had a break yet. So I do have to commend them.

Also I want to say that Brian Orser did choreograph the group numbers and I thought they were all done very well.