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Transcript of Kurt on Crook & Chase (March 25, 1998)

Note: Transcript originally from Kurt Klub site. The Kurt Klub surprised Kurt on the 10th anniversary of the quad with a bottle of 1998 wine from Hungary. I am including the original acknowledgments by Christie in this transcript. I am also including the original letter (linked from this transcript) Kurt sent in thanks.

Transcribed by Christie In PA.

First I wanted to acknowledge the LKK members who had a part in making this day special for Kurt:

MC in Quebec for reminding us about the 10 year quad anniversary
Marg in Ontario for informing us that Kurt would be on the Crook & Chase show on March 25 ... the exact day of the quad in Budapest, Hungary ... only 10 years later!
Lee in Alberta for suggesting purchasing a bottle of wine from Hungary
My local liquor store, "Wine and Spirits" for searching all over Pennsylvania for a bottle of 1988 Hungarian wine and getting it to me in 3 days
Dawn (the designer of Kurt's official site) for designing and writing the special card for Kurt which was read to Kurt during the show
The producers of the Crook and Chase show were great to work with. They said Kurt was so touched that he was actually "tearing up". As most of you know, Kurt landed a quad during the Fun and Games ensemble a few hours later at the SOI show in Ft. Wayne, Indiana :-)

To read Kurt's thank you letter to the Kurt Klub, please follow the link provided here.

Now ... on to the transcripts. The hosts of the Crook & Chase show are Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase.

LORIANNE: Okay everybody. Last night, as I told you, I went to the Discover Card Stars on Ice Show. I don't know ... there are 10 or 12 Olympic & World Champions. And take a look at one of the World Champions that I got a chance to see perform last night and alot of people in our audience did too.

(they show a clip of Kurt skating Antares at SOI show)

LORIANNE: This is Kurt Browning on ice ... and he is absolutely awaesome ... graceful ... I mean he held my attention for the entire 2 hours every time he was on the ice. He was flawless. Now he would probably tell you that he made a few mistakes here and ther. If he did, you could not tell at all. It looked exactly like that ..... BEAUTIFUL!

CHARLIE: You know, he was on the Canadian Olympic Team. I'll tell you, the thing about Ice Skating ... you see that footage right there ... it makes it look so easy but when you are down there next to the ice ... and we've been around a lot of champions in doing this show ... and to see the work that they do ... it's fascinating. Here's one of the greatest athletes in the world ... 4-time World Champion Kurt Browning.

(Kurt enters carrying a black shirt, shakes hands with Charlie)

LORIANNE: It is so awesome to meet you.

(Kurt gives Lorianne a Kiss on both cheeks)

KURT: We'll find out later if that was done appropriately and gentlemanly enough.

LORIANNE: Oh (laughs) ... Okay.

CHARLIE: Was that a gentlemanly move? A double kiss

LORIANNE: He grabbed me and just planted one on me! What can I say? We'll find out ...

CHARLIE: Women appreciate those kind of gentlemanly things

KURT: On occasion ... on occasion.

CHARLIE: How's the tour going?


KURT: It's going really well. It's an exciting place to be.

LORIANNE: Now are all of your fans sorta rabid like we were last night, just jumping up and screaming the whole time?

KURT: We try to pump a lot of oxygen into the building. It seems to help the show a lot.

LORIANNE: We were talking a little bit back stage. This is so much more than the kind of ice skating you see on television because all of you get together and you do production numbers ... there are costume changes. YOU are HILARIOUS!! You have a couple of comedy skits. Is it tough to do?

KURT: We make fun of ourselves. We make fun of skating a little bit, so we do the Olympics. It's called The Big Enchilada and it happens every 13 years and Scott Hamilton commentates it, and we really have alot of fun making fun of figure skating. It's not exaclty the most predictable sport in the world ... but we have fun with it.

CHARLIE: This brings up an interesting question since you mention the Olympics. We all see how tense everyone is. One little 10th of a point means a World Championship ... means money, endorsements for Pro's and all that. Now that you are Professional, and you've been skating Professional for what 4 years now ... something like that?

KURT: 4 years now, yep

CHARLIE: Is it easier ... No ... less pressure I guess?

KURT: It's a different kind of pressure. I mean anyone who's on like a Discover Stars on Ice Show has already basically established themselves in the sport. Those guys at the Olympics are fighting for that, so when you turn Professional, you know sorta where you are going. But I've discovered that there are benefits of skating well as a Pro and I'm getting ... Well ... I'm here with you ... (laughing)

CHARLIE: I mean they don't expect you to fall when you are a Pro?

KURT: They don't ... because it's a different situation. People pay a lot of money to bring their family to our show ...

CHARLIE: Certainly

KURT: And they expect ... it's pressure every night. I do 85-90 shows in about 4 1/2 months.

LORIANNE: Are you sore?

KURT: Yeah ... I was on the flexi ball back there.

LORIANNE: (laughs) He was stretching out. Now did you make any mistakes last night ? Now to me ...

KURT: Last night was a good show. We had 2 days off in Orlando, and I got my skates sharpened. So you caught a good show.

LORIANNE: And you know what's interesting? I was really trying to watch your face and the other skaters' faces while you were doing the jumps and the flips, and you all smile the whole time. I don't see a grunt. I don't see a grimace.

KURT: (laughs)

LORIANNE: It's as though it's effortless for you.

KURT: (laughs) ... um ... Yeah ... That's good!

(lots of laughter)

KURT: You don't see ... You know there's a black tunnel that we all come shooting in and out of ... and you should see us before (makes faces imitating "the skaters" all tense and then breaking through the opening of the tunnel with a big smile on his face ... lots of laughter) ...... and you know the change ... It's like you're pleasant and everything ... and then you come back in the tunnel and it's like our own little world, (imitating "a skater" complaining ...) "That ice was cracked ..." (again ... lots of laughter)

KURT: So its pretty fun in the tunnel.

LORIANNE: Well you sucked me in.

CHARLIE: He's all relaxed. Hey we were reading your background and found it difficult to believe ...well you grew up on a farm, right?

KURT: Yes I did

CHARLIE: and you ... um ... What were some of your chores?

KURT: I had an interesting childhood for a figure skater ... um ... milking cows ... um ... skinning wild animals ... tractors ....

CHARLIE: Well how did you go from that to World Champion?

KURT: I have NO idea. I'm still waiting to see what I'm going to be when I grow up because I'm NOT a figure skater (hands on hips). That's for sure! No ... I'm doing this for awhile ... I'm just teasing

LORIANNE: Our Producer told us that you actually delivered a calf ... that you actually delivered a calf with a rope and a hockey stick?

KURT: (laughs) - yeah. Isn't that how everyone delivers calves?

LORIANNE: How did that happen?

KURT: When I was about 13 or 14, my mum and dad went away for a couple of weeks. And there wasn't supposed to be any calfing while they were gone. And one cow went into labor and she was having trouble so ......

CHARLIE: So you came to the rescue.

KURT: Yep ... dove in ... (goes through the motions)

CHARLIE: Well, hey ...

LORIANNE: Good for you! That's really impressive!

KURT: Tied the rope around the calf .... (goes though the motions)

LORIANNE: So what did you do with the hockey stick?

KURT: I tied the rope to the hockey stick and put my hands on the cow and I helped her (goes through the motion of putting his feet up against the cow and then struggling to pull the calf out of the mother cow ... to lots of laughter)

KURT: So the next time I'm skating eloquently & gorgeous & pleasant, you can think of me pulling a calf out of a cow (laughing)

LORIANNE: Think of him going .... (immitates his motions of delivering the calf)

CHARLIE: His mom and dad came home and he went "Wa la!"

KURT: "Look what I did ... I made a calf while you were gone"

CHARLIE: Well, I tell you .... Today is a very special day. I don't know if he's aware of this or not.

LORIANNE: Well before we ...

KURT: You've been teasing me back stage with something

LORIANNE: Well before we make it YOUR special day, can we make it MY special day?

CHARLIE: Oh, that's right

KURT: When you're around, every day is special.

LORIANNE: Ahhh ... Kurt. That's so sweet. I actually got on skates a couple of weeks ago because you guys just make it look so beautiful and fun. And so I went out with some young champions here in Nashville who are in the audience today, actually ...

KURT: Oh really? You have some skaters in the audience?

LORIANNE: And they were teaching me a few things. And I would like for you ...

(starts up a video clip of Lorianne skating to some funky music in a skating outfit)

LORIANNE: This is me!! I want you to judge me.

KURT: C'mon (laughing hysterically)

CHARLIE: Here ya go (handing Kurt a marker and 2 score cards with "6" on them) ... Now watch ...

KURT: (laughing)

LORIANNE: Now look ... I'm dancing (Kurt laughing) ... I'm doing it ... There I go .... It's backwards baby ... backwards ....

KURT: (laughing even harder) Oh My Gosh!!

CHARLIE: Pretty impressive there, huh?

LORIANNE: Let me tell you "6" is a perfect score ... and though I don't "expect" a "6"

KURT: They gave me a couple of marks to choose from (both cards actually say "6") ... I definitely would choose this one (holding up the "6")

LORIANNE: You would?

CHARLIE: Wait a minute ... We're talking a perfect "6"?

KURT: But given the option .... I would definitely chose this (he makes the "6" into a ".6")



CHARLIE: Oh! "point 6" (laughing)

KURT: (then takes the marker and makes the "point" into a smiley face) ... But it's a very "happy" .6

LORIANNE: Aaah ... look what he did.

KURT: That was good ... That was very brave of you. The costume was the bravest part of it.

LORIANNE: Now is that good or bad?

CHARLIE: That's good

LORIANNE: So you have no idea what today is?

CHARLIE: Think about it.

KURT: I think it's .... Wednesday? I don't know.

LORIANNE: Okay. Let me tell you guys. We have a little message here. It says: (She begins to read the card sent in by the LKK) - "10 years ago today, March 25, 1988, in Budapest, Hungary ... "

LORIANNE: (she looks at Kurt) Do you know? Put the camera on him! Put the camera on him!

CHARLIE: Get him ... Get him!

KURT: Today? You're kidding?

LORIANNE: (continuing to read the card) - "You made history ... the first quadruple jump successfully landed in competition ..." (she says to Kurt) Do you remember?

KURT: Wow!

(cheers from the audience)

KURT: 10 years? (puts up 10 fingers) Today?

LORIANNE: It's Today! (she continues to read the card) - "In celebration of this amazing accomplishment ...."

KURT: (interrupts) Actually with the time change in Budapest, (looks at his watch) I mean, it's like almost right now.

LORIANNE: You're doing it right this minute? (continues to read the card) "We hope you enjoy this bottle of 1988 Hungarian Wine ... "

(Charlie reaches for the wine and the camera pans in on it)

KURT: Get outta here!

LORIANNE: " .... from all of your online fans. Like good wine, you just keep getting better with age. Thanks for making us smile."

CHARLIE: There it is (as he hands it to Kurt)

KURT: : Wow! That is wicked!

CHARLIE: It's 1988 from Hungary where you accomplished this feat that got you in to the Gusiness Book of World Records.

LORIANNE: Isn't that thoughtful? So they remembered and they wanted to congratulate you once again on being the first.

KURT: Aaah ... I have .... (looks at the LKK card on the bottle) ... Aaah. That's who its from. I have a webpage ....


KURT: .... which is something alien to me and occasionally I write in to it. It's called the Kurt Klub ... and so ... you guys are great. You guys are really fun. Super!

CHARLIE: (sorta interrupts him) So, you're off tonight to Ft. Wayne. Continued success with the tour.

KURT: Actually ... Well ... Um ... usually I bring a gift for TV things ... but ... I forgot ... so ... ummm ... I got this out of my suitcase and I've only got one, so guess who gets it (hands it towards LORIANNE: )

CHARLIE: What is it?

KURT: It's my turtleneck for media days ... so its been worn, its been sweated in, its been skated in ... and its ... Um .. I could clean it for you if you want ... (he says as he brushes it under his arm pits then hands it towards her) ... There it is.

LORIANNE: (eagerly reaches for it) ... You wore this??? (she says holding it to her heart and screams).