Stars on Ice
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Kurt Browning on Good Morning Texas, Jan. 24, 2001

Footage of Stars on Ice shown:
Scott Hamilton (My Way)
Tara Lipinski (Dance With Me)
Kristi Yamaguchi (Let 'er Rip)
Ilia Kulik (Rockit)

Gina (Anchor): The Stars will be shining this weekend at Reunion Arena and we're not talking about hockey. The Target Stars on Ice tour takes to the ice Saturday night and what makes this one-night only performance even more special is that it's part of Olympic Champion Scott Hamilton's farewell tour. We recently caught up with four-time World Champion Kurt Browning to get his thoughts about the event and his own career.

Footage of Kurt doing the final double axels in Don't Fence Me In.

Kurt (in skates in rink wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and a fleece vest): I do a cowboy number in the show this year, very campy, very flirtatious, Hollywood. This is how I start my uh, my flirtatious cowboy solo. It starts with this difficult move called the uh, the bum wiggle. (turns around and presents his back to the camera, and demonstrates the bum wiggle) Now..that's, that's about it.

More footage of Don't Fence Me In (Kurt roping in the audience member).

Gina (in voice-over): There's no doubt about it. Kurt Browning has a lot of fun doing what he does best: skate. His showmanship and charisma has won over skating fans around the world. And oh yeah, he really is a nice guy.

Kurt: and this is Steven Cousins (pointing to Steven, who skates over in essentially the same outfit as Kurt, with his hands out in a sort of cupped, appreciative gesture towards Kurt's butt before skating away). and we take our job very seriously (laughing at the camera).

Gina (in voice-over): Actually he does. By the time Kurt turned professional in 1994 (as Kurt does a double axel), he had earned four World figure skating titles and four Canadian championships (as Kurt does a Besti squat(?)).

Kurt: I've had a very lucky career. Um...I'm just lucky that I didn't have to compete against Scott Hamilton.

Gina (in voice-over): All kidding aside, Kurt says this year's tour won't be the same without Scott. (over footage of one of the group numbers - closing or opening).

Kurt: He's the only figure skating hero that I really ever kind of worshipped and honored to be on the same tour with him. And I just can't believe he's not going to be on the tour anymore.

Gina (in voice-over): This year's Target Stars on Ice tour is showcasing Scott Hamilton's medal winning career. It's also giving him a chance to say goodbye to the tour in his own unique way, backflips included. (footage of Scott in My Way, including back flip)

Kurt: Actually there is a scene in the show where Scott Hamilton gets picked up by another skater, put over his head, and spun like this (demonstrates, then cut to footage of Denis and Scott in the Detroiter). And then almost, almost loses it.

Gina (in voice-over): And talk about losing it. If you ever wondered whether skaters get dizzy when they do those you know, those incredible spins (over footage of Kurt doing change-foot sit spin into a scratch spin (?)) Kurt says the answer is yes. Kurt also knows what it's like to attempt the toughest jump in skating, the quad. He's the first skater ever to land it in competition, winning him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. (over footage of Kurt's footwork - closeup on his feet)

Kurt: The quad has become a staple in competition. Uh, a necessity for sure, but this is 12 years ago that I landed it. Hai..Hai...(with a mock panicky/shocked look on his face) did I just say that? Did I just give away my age? (big grin and laugh)

Gina (faintly in background): time to lie

Kurt: (holding his back, with an "old man" grimace on his face, and in an old man voice) No really, come to the show, we're not that old. (laughs, in his regular voice) Ok, Scott is.

Gina (in voice-over): And for those of you who will see Stars on Ice this weekend and wonder why Kurt is wearing the number 47 on his cowboy number costume... (over footage of the double axels in Don't Fence Me In again)

Kurt: Everyone asks what the 47 is. Well, that's what it is, my dad's brand, for the cattle.

Gina (in voice-over): So now you know. (Kurt slides on his side across the ice in front of the camera)

Kurt: Come to the show! Fun! (gets up)

Gina (in studio, laughing): He is too funny. By the way, there are still tickets left for Saturday's performance at the Reunion Arena. A portion of the proceeds from the Target Stars on Ice tour will benefit Target House. This facility houses families of patients undergoing care at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.