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The Great Skate Debate II review

written by Kirsten Ferguson

Although most of the women skated cleanly, I didn't enjoy most of their performances - Katarina did that lame Cher program that I can't stand and Kristi did that even lamer Elvis routine that I absolutely *hate!* Although I agree that Katia was undermarked (along with her "Smile" program from World Pros, that was probably the best I've ever seen her skate as a single) I think her music had a part in that - I'm not a big fan of screechy violin music and I think a lot of the audience felt the same way. The choreography was great, though!

I enjoyed the men's programs more - I finally got to see the intro to Brian's "Story of My Life"; it would have been nice to see the actual photos, though. I thought Brian was *way* undermarked; he skated better even than at Canadian Pros!

Jozef was typical Jozef; I thought his scores were pretty fair. I didn't think Rudy could come up with a sillier program than that Brady Bunch number, but he never ceases to amaze me. ;-) I find Rudy's "fun" programs are becoming a bit too much like Viktor Petrenko's - too much posing and standing around in one place for my taste.

I was glad Paul skated well considering it's his last competition. :-( I was able to sit through a Michael Bolton song without having the urge to gag; that's how talented Paul is. Ditto with Brian Orser and Neil Diamond, BTW!

Then *finally* it was Kurt's turn - he was absolutely incredible and I was all ready to give him a 10 (if I'd been able to vote, that is!) until that unfortunate fall on that last double axel. Okay, I'd give him a 9.99! ;-) I can't believe he did a quad at SOI a few days ago...way to go, Kurt!

Scott was last and he was awesome, too! As much as I love Kurt, I have to admit that Scott deserved to beat him this time. I was shocked to see Dick Button in the audience - I'd love to see what *his* scores were! ;-)

Although I wasn't able to vote, I still enjoyed watching this competition - it was great to see some *live* skating on TV for a change! :-)