Stars on Ice
Kurt List

Holiday Festival on Ice - St. John's, NL - Nov. 30, 2011

written by Lesley

Act 1

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - cast minus Shawn who was the first solo.
The Canadian tenors sang from entrances in the stands, each at a different one while the skaters all took turns coming out and doing small solos and then group sections. Girls were in silver, boys I cannot recall but want to say dark colour? Jeff and Joannie did sbs 2 axels. Kimmie and Ryan attempted sbs 3 toes but she fell out of hers. Kurt was going for a 3 loop but doubled it. Choreography had some very nice moments to it with lots of arm movements in sync with the music and some subtle nuances as well. Really enjoyed this number.

Everything is Cool at Christmas Time - Shawn
Great highlight moves. He's brought the biellman back and kept his signature spin as well. He has a 1/2 mohawk now which was cool. Great backflip and nice jazzy feel to the program. Black and red outfit. Jumps if I'm recalling correctly included a 3 flip and I think loop.

Rolling in the Deep - Kimmie
Others may feel differently but this was my least favourite number. She had a lovely dark purple/blue dress and it seemed well choreographed but she was quite slow and there was a disconnect with her and the audience. My great-aunt felt it too especially coming after Shawn who had the place rocking. Her jumps were a struggle. She 2-footed her 3 toe and her 2 axels were quite laboured and telegraphed.

White Christmas (Michael Buble version) - Sinead and John
Love this number! She was in a white sparkly dress and he was in a Bogey type outfit. It reminded me of a SD without the golden waltz part. It had a NTSLST and some lovely highlight lifts as well as tons of waltz hold. It was a very light feeling number that was very well received.

New York, New York - Ryan Bradley
One smile and the audience was his. Backflip landed on one foot with extension and a couple of triples, toe was one, blanking on the other. Lutz maybe. He was made for events like this and the crowd ate it up.

Show Me How you Burlesque - Joannie
Great jumps. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back to the competitive world!!!!! She was fantastic and the crowd loved it. This program doesn't stop and she puts everything into it.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Jeff
Botched the lutz and the 2 axel was eeked out but this is a great Jeff number and the crowd loved it. I saw this at SOI in April and it didn't do anything for me then but I loved it last night. I feel completely different about this program now.

Christmas Time is Here - Kurt
instrumental piano piece with tons of footwork and a shout out to old school figures. Fell on a 2-axel but didn't do re-take as he acted out of it and liked it that way. Simple outfit. I really enjoyed this as it was old school Kurt in some ways. Easily the fan favourite of the night.

The Prayer - Sale and Pelletier with Canadian Tenors
This was a great number and classic Jamie and David. Their outfits were very similar to Roca and Sur's when they did this number.

This Christmas - Sean Jones
Sang, no skating


Act 2

Awake my Soul - Sinead and John, Jamie and David
I loved this number. They were dressed in deep purple and had some wonderful choreography timed perfectly to the music. I hope this one is shown as it was almost trance-like. They would separate and do their own lifts but then would come together and do sbs steps that just flowed from one end to the other. It was great!

Rockin' and Rollin' on Christmas Day - Ryan
Typical Ryan Bradley. Flashy smile, backflip, loud shirt

What Child is This - Kimmie
White dress with gold trim and wing accents. Much better than the first for audience connection but jumps are just not there.

Exogenesis - Sinead and John
Love this number!!! So happy they kept it. Take out the step sequences and add some highlight moves. It was fantastic!

The Mad Hatter - Shawn
repeat comment from above...backflip replaces the 3 axel. Audience got to its feet.

Let's Go Crazy - Jamie and David
Complete opposite of the Prayer. This had all the highlight moves and standing O was given.

Ave Maria - Jeff with Canadian Tenors
Here is where I cried. Wore his Nimrod outfit. The subtleties in his movement with the music is unmatched. I was speechless. Another standing O.

the Perfect Gift - Joannie with Canadian Tenors
I cried again. Wore her pale pink dress from Summertime. The lyrics were very emotional and at the end she didn't take a bow and mom said the look on her face said she was emotional too. Had to re-do a salchow in the re-takes. She is just amazing and everything she does is so strong.

Your Moment is Here- Kurt with Canadian Tenors
This was my favourite solo of the night. Kurt was just so free on the ice and until a botched 2 axel at the end was like he couldn't put a foot wrong. 3 salchow and a couple of 3 toes. He just put everything into it and at the end got on the stage and sang the end of the song.

O Holy night - cast
Stunning...it just built to the end with everyone getting a solo and then coming together. a must see!