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Ice Chips - Boston, MA - Apr. 4, 2008

written by Eddie

Joanne and I were at Sunday's 2:00 show.

The show was quite diverse. There were skaters of all ages and all skill levels. There were groups, singles, pairs, dance, and Synchros and the skill levels ranged from beginners to National and World team members, and somehow the show flowed quite well. There was even a married couple that had been skating this show for 60 years without missing a show. The music, choreography, theme(s), costumes etc. were much better than I had expected.

It seemed like it was 2+ hours into the show before Kurt skated (try to imagine what the surface of the ice was like while Kurt skated… Far from ideal). We both assumed the show was about to end, however: After Ain't No Sunshine, the announcer said Kurt will be back and they resurfaced the ice. The entire show had to go well past 3 (maybe 3 and a half) hours.

After the nightmare of finding the place, Joanne and I entered the rink approximately 1:10 PM and Kurt was on the ice warming up. It was nice seeing Kurt in a smaller setting, it reminded us of "Emotion": which he did in Simsbury several years back. Kurt saw us and came by for a few minutes to chat. In that time a woman asked him if he'd pose for a picture. Of course Kurt not only obliged her but he asked her if she wanted to get in the shot, and then Joanne was handed the camera and she took 2 shots of Kurt and the woman. Kurt Is The Best!!!

Both of Kurt's numbers (Ain't no sunshine and Papa was a Rolling Stone) took the house down. The entire show had a Las Vegas theme and at bows Kurt came out in his Papa was a Rolling Stone outfit and a Vegas Showgirl feathery headdress. Both numbers were well skated, his footwork was great and he landed everything. It's hard to believe he's 40+!

There was a cast party (I believe the cast was 200+) after the show but before heading there and I'm assuming signing autographs for everyone, Kurt posed for pictures and signed autographs for people that weren't going to the party. He signed for quite a while and after getting to everyone, he said his good-byes to us and went to the party.

Once again, it was great seeing him in a rink setting again (However it was a bit cold). It was intimate and MANY fans got the opportunity to meet, and get an autograph, take a photo etc. with him.

Kurt's Skating/Showmanship Was Great--..He Took Down the House Twice--He Stayed and Signed For Everyone -- Kurt Is Simply The Best-- Love Him!!!!