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Ice Galaxie 2003 Review

Mile One Stadium - St. John's, NL - Sep. 20, 2003

It was a tremendous night for Newfoundland skating fans, a fantastic atmosphere in a near sold out mile One Stadium. The format was fairly simple - an opening number, and then a mix of performances from local skaters and the "stars" brought in. Each of the headliners did a number each in each half of the show, most of the local did a single number, with a couple doing two.

Some impressions of the local skaters - they by no means looked out of place in the more illustrious company, showing a few nerves and a high degree of showmanship. We got to see three pairs, Whitney Young and Shawn Verasammy, novice level, a fine entertaining skate, Kaitlin Greening and Neil Young, and Ryan Sutherland and Alison Noseworthy. The latter two are competing Junior this year, both new pairings. The changes seem to suit everybody, with both Neil and Kaitlin, and Ryan and Alison looking well matched on the ice. Ryan and Alison landed side by side double axels in their number, and Neil and Kaitlin skated with much musicality in their first number. It will be interesting to see how they fare nationally this year.

Corey Sutherland got a great reception with his homage to Kurt - skating to Brickhouse, with some choreography and costumimg looking very familiar to those who remember Kurt's piece to the same music. Joey Russell (last year's pre-novice silver medalist at Jr Nationals) skated a beautifully interpreted programme to Mr Cellophane from Chicago, Alyssa Crosbie did two sparkling numbers, and 10 year old Natasha Osmond was a crowd favourite with her Barbie Girl number. The Mount Pearl Starlites showcased their new programme with their usual flair, and the Provincial team members did some nice group work..

Now for the headliners.. Joannie Rochette did two flawless programmes featuring some outstanding jumping - lovely big clean triples. She looks in great form - she was working on the triple axel for 20 minutes before the doors opened, and apparently landed one in practice in Corner Brook. Fedor Andreev had some problems in his second programme, but his first number was superb, his spins being exceptional in both. Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto performed to West Side Story medley in the first half - lots of energy, lovely skating but the programme seemed a bit choppy - perhaps this is this year's free? Their second number went better, lots of fast footwork... Annabel and Patrice skated two contrasting programes, one slow and romantic, the second more rock and roll - nice clean programmes, great showmanship, gasps from the crowd on their execution of the "leap of faith"...

Of course the crowd had come to see Shae-Lynn and Victor, and Kurt. They received long standing ovations before and after each number, and were simply fantastic. Shae and Vic did their original dance from last year for their first number, the superb waltz, and they looked ready to put into competition right now - lovely deep edges, lots of speed and flow, superb footwork. Their second programme was fun - a middle eastern theme, and nice choreography, well recieved by the crowd. Kurt was well, Kurt. His first half piece was his brilliant clown number, and he closed the show with two numbers - not sure of the music for the first one but the encore was to Presley's "Are you lonesome tonight". Simply magical - peerless showmanship, effortless footwork, double axels coming from nowhere, perfect interpretation of the music... What a treat..

So if you weren't there you missed a wonderful night - and most of the proceeds go towards skating development in Newfoundland and Labrador. All the headliners have left a great impression behind them by their accessability to the young skaters performing with them, their down to earth attitude and their wonderful skating. They all spent time at the local children's hospital on Friday, and the nurses there could not praise them more highly for the time they spent there...