Stars on Ice
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Ice Galaxie - a Night to Remember

By: Lisa Finn

Mile One Stadium - St. John's, NL - Sep. 20, 2003

The reaction of the crowd in St.John's Newfoundland said it all. There was a sense of electricity in the building from the beginning of the opening number to the end of the finale.

Local skaters who took to the ice must have had the thrill of a lifetime to have the a home town audience appreciate what they did on the ice. The reaction of the crowd for their own skaters was amazing but the reaction for Canada's legendary ice dance couple Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz and figure skating icon Kurt Browning, was something to behold.

Before each took to the ice there was a delay for over five minutes caused by applause and sheer noise by the audience in appreciation. Feet stomped the floor of the stadium sending vibrations throughout the building as if a freight train were passing by. But what was more amazing was the appreciation of the skaters to the reaction. Both Bourne and Kraatz and Browning kindly acknowledged the crowd for their kindness and put in amazing performances.

Bourne and Kraatz showed their signature speed, hydro-blading, deep knees and clean edges to the delight of the knowledgable crowd.

Browning was in true icon style performing his crowd pleaser "Ragidon" and "How do you keep the music playing" by Tony Bennett. Browning's grace and ease of movement on the ice was proof that almost ten years after turning professional he is still in top form. The audience seemed captivated by the performances of the four time world champion. His encore to "Are you lonesome tonight", a number he has been doing for a number of years, was first class and highlighted all his talents.

One can only imagine what a thrill it must have been for the young and up and coming skaters from Newfoundland to have the opportunity to be on the ice with these legends. The experience of rehearsing with the stars must have been a learning experience of a lifetime. Watching champions at work must have given the locals the inspiration and motivation to set their skating goals high.

Browning addressed the crowd at the end of the show and thanked them for their kindness and support of local skaters and the reaction to himself and Bourne and Kraatz. He also hinted that he would like to make Ice Galaxie an annual event.

Newfoundland skaters and skating fans would be delighted to have that happen!!!