Stars on Ice
Kurt List

Ice Wars 2002

Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, NH, Nov. 14, 2002

written by Sue

Hi guys. I'm back from N.H., long trip but lots of fun and great to see Kurt, Ilia, Brian and Scott in person once again! Well worth the 7 hour trip! I'll just give you some thoughts.

Kurt- I didn't go to Gotta Skate so I had no idea what the song was he skated to. He wore his Guitar shirt..during the warmups he was really concentrating..and watching Brian, Scott and Ilia very closely I might add! You could tell he was in his competition mindset, although as always he did play to the audience somewhat, including a girl that got a hug and kiss that stood at the boards despite an arena security person watching her every move, LOL. I saw a nice Kurt sign in the audience from two ladies wearing Canada jackets, and Kurt noticed that. He also noticed my Canadian flag and I got a smile and nod during warmups. :-) Kurt had some nice footwork as always. I need to see this one again to get the full effect. For Crash, I was so happy to see him come out in that colorful outfit, since I knew we'd see Crash again. I love that program. He seemed to enjoy himself in this number much more than the first one, and I thought he should have had better marks in both the first and second numbers..but I knew with Scott skating last that Scott would probably get the judges vote..and he did. I would have had Kurt with the win. Kurt was absolutely wonderful to his friend Scott as always. He raised his hands over his heads in the kiss and cry and gave Scott a standing O. I also saw Kurt bow to Ilia after his technical number, LOL. The crowd in Mancester was very supportive of the skaters, and many got partial standing O's, including Kurt of course. :-) Kurt was a riot with a screen behind him, which was taped with him doing all kinds of funny moves, expressions..etc..typical Kurt..he would mimic the same moves that were on the screen behind him, and then he would turn around and look at himself, and talk to himself, being his goofy charming self. So fun!

Scott did Figaro, and the Golf number..as usual he had the audience and the judges. Great to see Scott in competition again, standing O before he even started, which you could tell meant alot to him. He had a few problems but he's so entertaining. Scott also a screen up, with golf scenes in the background while he was doing his golf number.

Ilia- huge,awesome jumps, he was really on...the ladies I went with and I are trying to figure out what the classical music was that he skated too! I wish they at least would have given us a music list. There were alot of numbers we didn't know what the music was. This was a great number for Ilia, he wore a gray flowing shirt, and he's still reaching out to the audience with those huge smiles of his when he lands the jumps, what a treat. He did Rubberband Man for his second number, so unbelievably flexible..quite a hit..esp. the cantilever moves. That was a tough call, I would have called it a tie for Ilia and Brian. Ilia was marked too low.

Brian- We're going nuts trying to think of the music for his first number, he wore a shirt and tie, nice program..kind of reminded me of his Frank Sinatra medley, but that wasn't it..tano lutz done well in both numbers, triple double, double I believe in second number..he was pleased. Second number to Hernando's Hideaway, pin striped suit and he wore a hat..he looked really good in this..got lots of I love you's from a girl near me, LOL..really good number for him, judges loved him.

Surya-I think it may have been something from the Lion King for the technical..not sure though..and I Will Survive for the second number, crowd enjoyed her.

Maria-much more loose as a pro in these numbers.. for her technical number..don't know the music again, but she's improving her artistry,and don't know the music for her second number either but it reminded me of Oksana's Arabian number.

Nicole-relates to the crowd well, had some problems, but enjoyable to watch.

Tara- Painted Black for first number, and To Where You Are? by Josh Groban for second number..holding her hip after she skated and in the kiss and cry.

The announcer had everyone that brought signs hold them up for the cameras, so I hope Kurt's signs and flags, etc..are included.

The last thing we saw was Scott coming back out, doing a backflip for us, and going over to the judges and thanking them..giving Jo Jo Starbuck a huge hug.