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Interview on KISS-FM in Dallas, TX

Tara Lipinski and Kurt Browning, Jan. 21, 2000

transcript written by Kirsten

Here's my transcript of Tara Lipinski and Kurt Browning's January 21, 2000 appearance on KISS-FM, a Dallas radio station. There were 3 separate male hosts (Kidd Kraddock, Flake Boy and Big Al) and one female host (Kellie Raspberry)--Kidd Kraddock conducted the actual interview (assisted by Kellie Raspberry) while the other 2 male hosts mostly made occasional comments in the background.

KK--Kidd Kraddock
FB--Flake Boy
BA--Big Al
KR--Kellie Raspberry
TL--Tara Lipinski
KB--Kurt Browning

KK: It's KISS-FM waiting on the arrival of Tara Lipinski and Kurt Browning. They're on their way in the studio now.

KR: She's here...there they are!

KK: Here they come!

FB: You know what? I bet they're just waiting for their music. (Olympic theme starts playing)

KK: Hey, good morning! Hi! Hi Kurt, how are you doing?

KB: Nice to meet you.

KK: Hi Tara! Could you put those on?

KR: She's not here?

KK: Can you hear anything in there? Do you need some smaller headphones?

KR: She's so dainty and petite!

KK: Pull that mike out about 3 feet also--there we go. I love the hair, Tara!

TL: Me?

KK: Yeah, it's so cute, it's really cute.

TL: Oh, thank you.

KR: Yeah...you're like a little Charlie's Angel.

KK: And Kurt, I like your hair, too! (everyone laughs)

KB: Oh thanks, guys--I just keep growing it and losing it, growing it and losing it.

KK: How are you guys?

TL: Good.

KR: Are you all even used to being up this early? This stinks, doesn't it?

KK: You do radio interviews when you go around, don't you?

TL: Yeah, we do sometimes.

KK: Kurt, you're used to this, right?

KB: Oh, the early morning stuff? I had, you know when I was a kid, like, when I was 17, I used to...

KK--Growing up in Canada on the farm?

KR: 17!

KB: Milking the cows, absolutely!

KK: Oh yeah. And training for the Olympics--you guys get up at, like, 5 AM, for a morning session, right?

TL: Oh, not anymore!

KK: Not anymore, no, years ago!

FB: "We're past all that now."

KK: Now you guys are with Stars on Ice, of course, which is in Dallas Saturday night at the Reunion Arena...some tickets are still avaliable for this. It's a great show...

KR: It is.

KK: My wife and daughter and I never miss it and I know I take a lot of flack for being a big figure skating fan.

KR: Tell you what...

TL: Oh, come on!

KR: I think that's the people that haven't seen it.

KK: So how are you? What's going on?

TL: Nothing. I'm happy, I'm home, I'm in Texas.

FB: That's right.

KK: You're close to home. Sugarland's home, right?

TL: Yeah. Close enough, though.

KK: You're not doing Houston this year, are you?

TL: No.

KK: I see here that you get, like, a grand total of 3 days off over the next 4 months.

FB: Yeah.

TL: No.

KK: Honestly.

TL: We don't have that bad of a schedule. It's kind of nice.

KK: You think?

KR: I'm going to have to find it to prove to you that he actually read that.

KK: Tara, listen to this--Dallas on Saturday, Oklahoma City Sunday, Kansas City Tuesday, Minnesota Thursday, Denver on Saturday...

TL: Yeah, but Monday was a day off.

KB: Hey, look at that--there's days off everywhere. (everyone laughs)

KK: You guys have your own plane?

TL: Yeah.

KK: Okay.

BA: That's cool.

KK: What kind of plane is it?

TL: A big one.

KK: A big plane? Like a chartered jet? Like a big 737 or something?

TL (giggling): I don't fly little planes.

KK: 727?

KB: Tara don't fly no little planes. (everyone laughs)

KK: You guys ever run into Nancy or Tonya?

KB: Not for money!

KR: Well, Nancy's given up...no, they like you.

KK (laughing): Kurt's funny.

BA: So if you all run into them, what happens? Is there a little tension in the air?

KK: Oh, not between these guys, no.

KR: They didn't have anything to do with that.

BA: No, I'm just saying...you know, when you run into someone...

KB: Tara wasn't born when that happened!

TL: I was too! (everyone laughs)

KB: It's so far in the back...we make jokes of it a little bit but it, you know, it's come and gone.

KK: Tara, how interested were you in that whole rivalry thing when it was coming down? Because it was 4 years before you.

TL: No, I was...that was my first Nationals that I went to, so I was pretty freaked out and I thought, "What! Is this what it's all about?"

FB: That's the way it is...skaters getting mugged at rinkside!

KK: It's a little more competitive up here!

TL: But, you know what, it kind of passed over and everyone tried to forget about it and we went on and then...

KB: Isn't that when you started doing Tae-Bo? (everyone laughs)

KK: Because I noticed at the Nationals you were wearing those shin guards...I didn't really... (everyone laughs)

KR: Leave it to the DJs to not let it die!

KK: That's our job, Kellie! Kurt, do you miss the Olympics?

KB: Boy, there's some good parts to the Olympics--the walking in, the opening ceremonies is just crazy great. But, you know, like the bonding--that's fantastic, too. You know, you make friends--actually, it's the one time where figure skaters and hockey players get along!

TL: Yeah.

KK: Figure skaters and hockey players do get along?

KB: Actually, every single sport...it's just like you've just got this...as soon as you're on the same team and you're at the Olympics, you can just go up to any bobsledder and everyone's like--family!

KK: It's all about Americans.

KR: We're all American!

KB: Well, for you--I was in Canada! But, yeah, it's the same thing. It was amazing!

KK: Did you get to meet the American NBA team when you were there? The American basketball team?

TL: No.

KK: Because that's who the real superstars were.

FB: They were in the Winter Olympics, Kidd. That's the Summer Olympics!

KK: I thought maybe they came by to support you guys.

TL: In Nagano?

KR: You always embarass yourself in front of Olympic athletes!

FB: Oh my gosh...stupid question!

KR: Tell them about the Michael Johnson story!

BA: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, don't!

KK: Okay, I asked Michael Johnson if he went to the Olympics.

KR: In Atlanta. He was like, "Were you there?"

BA: This was right after the Olympics! Michael Johnson is standing right where you're standing, he goes...

KK: You guys are totally embellishing this!

BA: "Hey, you guys, uh, did you guys go to the Olympics?"

KR: No, he said, "Were you in Atlanta?" because that's where the Olympics were and Michael's like "Yeah!"

BA: "I have a gold medal hanging around my neck!"

KK: It wasn't that bad! You guys are totally changing the story!

KR: It was that bad! Whatever. No, I did see Tara, I did see you on Young and the Restless.

TL: Oh, really?

KR: Yeah, when I get home in time to watch it. I love watching all CBS soaps.

BA: Did you have to audition or just kind of walk in, "I'm Tara Lipinski, you know, hook me up!"

KR: "Give me a part, man!"

TL: I did, actually, about a year ago, I did a walk-on just one time for fun and then I was asked back that summer.

KK: Major! Wow!

KR: That's pretty cool!

FB: Yeah!

KK: Is acting something that's always interested you because, you know, ice skating is so theatrical. Especially professionally.

TL: It wasn't like this big dream I had when I was younger, you know, it was always skating and even after the Olympics I never, like, said, "Okay, I'm going to be an actress." I did a couple of cameos and it got more interesting the more I did it and the more I liked it and...

FB: So cool!

BA: I love Cameo! Oww!

KK: Now Tara holds a gold medal and Kurt, when I look over your sheet, you're first in everything. First in everything except the Olympics.

KB: Oh, totally.

KR: Did you medal in the Olympics? Did you place?

KB: Not even! I went into 2 Olympic Games as World Champion and...

KK: 5th was your best showing.

KB: ...threw them both out.

KR: Was it just the tension was just too much? Nerves?

KB: No, I was, I had a back injury in one, in Albertville and that one felt (blows raspberry) you know, forget it!

BA: I hear you, dog!

KB: And then I did just screw up the next one! (laughing)

KK: Did you get outskated or...

KB: No, I gave it away. Gave it away like the true Canadian I am. (everyone laughs)

KR: You didn't want to offend anyone...

KK: But out there doing a quadruple, I mean!

KB: "You know, you poor little Frenchman, you look like you need an Olympic medal. Here, why don't you take mine! I know this other Canadian who's doing really well; he's going to get one for our country, so hey, you know, we don't need 2!" I kind of handed that one away, but it's...I'm really, really fortunate. Some careers are made and last at the Olympics while...

KK: While yours...you dominated everywhere else, though!

KB: I went home!

KK: And Tara, I still remember seeing your scores go up...and, you know, 5.8s and 5.9s across the board and watching you and you just had to think...because you were not favored, you were not even expected to medal.

TL: A lot of people thought that I wasn't going to have a chance at the gold, but...

FB: "She's too young, you know, she hasn't matured." That kind of stuff.

TL: Right. So you know, I went there and I experienced the entire Olympics. I went early, did the opening ceremonies. I had a blast in the Village. I think that really helped me keep calm and I went out there and I said, "You know what? I'm gonna do it!" and I just had one of the best nights of my life so...

KK: And has there been a better night since then in your life?

TL: No.

KK: Will there ever be?

TL: I don't think so.

KK: Is that a letdown?

TL: No, because I'll always remember it. It's great. I mean, I remember not only that night but I have 3 weeks of memories there, so...

KB: Strong answer.

KK: Very, very successful.

KR--Hey, are you millionaires now?

KB: She is! I've got Canadian money! (everyone laughs) In Canada, I'm profusely rich--I can buy cows...

KK: You come here, you've got 680 bucks! Crystal, you're on with Kurt and Tara!

Crystal: I was just wondering. Kurt, I've just loved you ever since I ever saw the Brickhouse routine. Would you ever consider bringing it back in?

KB: I'm actually doing something just for people like you. I'm doing Play That Funky Music and that's in the show and it's kind of like Brickhouse 2, so...

BA: Oh, cool!

KR: Oh, Brickhouse 2!

Crystal: Oh, I'm so excited I get to be there! It's the first time I've ever got to go to a professional thing.

BA: Cool!

KK: Awesome!

KB: I hope you like it!

KK: Have a great time, Crystal!

KB: Thanks for coming out!

Crystal: Bye!

KB: That question was for me! That question was for me! (in a sing-song voice)

KR: Is that unusual?

KK: Kurt, you've always struck me...well, I wanted to get that one out of the way...

FB: Nice buildup--let's go for the big finish here!

KK: You've always struck me as a guy who takes this whole thing less seriously than some of your compadres.

KB: I do have a different way of going about things.

KK: How many lessons before they went, "Whoa! She's gonna be good!"

TL: I don't know. Well, I started rollerskating first so then it was my friends were like, "You should try ice skating for the Olympics and that, you know, and see if you like it." I'm like, "No, I'm not gonna be good at this, I'm not gonna be good at this." and I went out there... (Kurt laughs)

KK: Wait, wait, why is that funny, Kurt?

KB: "Why don't you try...go to the Olympics and stuff."

KK: You make it sound like Little League! "Try ice skating...they've got that Olympics thing!"

TL: So I tried it and, um, the first time I was 4, well, I hated it. My parents said I was just going to rollerskate. And then I went back and, um, I started to like it.

KK: Are there things you don't do because it might jeopardize your career on the ice?

TL: Yeah, like skiing.

KK: Bungee jumping.

KR: Walking on hot coals.

BA: Broken glass

TL: There's some things...

KK: You don't ski, then?

TL: No, I did once.

KK: Is it in your contract?

TL: No.

KK: Okay. Kurt, is it in yours?

KB: Yeah.

KR: Who's your agent?

KB: There's a whole list of things I'm not supposed to do!

BA: Really?

KK: Tara Lipinski and Kurt Browning. Melissa, go ahead.

Melissa: Hi Tara. Hi Kurt. My mom loves you, Kurt--I had to get that out.

KB: Thank you.

Melissa: My question's for Tara--if you could go to the Olympics again, would you?

TL: Right now I'm really happy with my decision on turning pro and I have no regrets and I'm pretty happy touring with, you know, Target Stars on Ice and getting a chance to really expand on my professional career because I feel like I accomplished everything I wanted to in my amateur.

KR: So once you win a gold medal, does it mean you can't ever compete again? You could have gone back?

TL: I could have gone back.

KK: It's not one per customer!

KR: I thought once you've won the gold, that was pretty much it.

KK: Well, I think mentally it probably is.

TL: Yeah.

KK: Why bother?

TL: You've already done it and you've experienced everything you wanted to.

KR: Look at Bonnie Blair.

BA: So once you go pro, you can't go back?

TL: Right. If you go pro, you can't go back.

BA: Well, that's just in ice skating because basketball players have been to the Olympics.

TL: Yeah, it's pretty confusing.

KB: They make concessions in other sports.

KR: Yeah, because it was stinky. Nobody wanted to watch stinky basketball!

KK: That's right. Thanks, Melissa!

Melissa: Thank you!

KK: We appreciate the call.

Melissa: Okay.

KK: Oh, good call from Kelly on KISS-FM. Go ahead.

Kelly: Hi, Tara, this is...

KK: And Kurt.

Kelly: Huh...and Kurt.

KK: Yeah.

KR: "Kurt, my mom loves you. Okay, Tara..."

Kelly: Yeah, I just wanted to see what your biggest fear is.

TL: My biggest...you know what? I hate flying!

Kelly: Oh, really?

TL: But I'm getting better.

KK: Boy, are you in the wrong business!

FB: That's why you only fly in...

TL: Yeah, I know, but I only fly in big planes.

KK: Big planes, that's right.

TL: Like, a little plane, I would die!

KK: Yeah.

TL: That would be it!

KB: I think that's the point.

KK: Yeah.

Kelly: Okay.

KK: Thanks, Kelly!

Kelly: Bye!

KK: What regrets do you have, Kurt? Because you've been doing this a long time.

KB: You don't get to see your family anymore, that's what goes on. I think last year was a lot harder for Tara than this year--she's a little more used to it, but, um, professional skating at this level, you say goodbye to your family for 5 or 6, sometimes 7 months a year.

KK: Ouch!

FB: Oh wow!

KB: It's not like a professional hockey team or a basketball team where you actually have home games. We have one home game a year.

KK: Yeah, one home game a year, yeah!

FB: And this is Tara's!

TL: Yay!

KK: But at least you do have the resources to, you know, the personal resources to bring them in if you want to for a show or something. Does that ever happen? Once in a while?

KB: Very rarely. They all have their own lives and just flutter off.

KK: I think that's true with anybody, though...not just skaters. You know, I think people get going with their own lives in another city and...

BA: Yeah.

KK: It's really hard, so

BA: Hook me up with a ticket...I'll flutter off anytime you say! Flutter my little butt home!

KK: Last call for Tara Lipinski and Kurt Browning. Hello, Angela! Angela: Thanks for fitting me in! My daughter's 11 and she's very tall and...

KK: And peppy!

Angela: She just started with ice skating in June and she's already in Freestyle 3 and she wants to know if her height is going to, uh...

KK: Be a detriment?

Angela: ...put her at a disadvantage or...

KK: We'll answer that on the air. Thanks!

KR: Do you have any tall women figure skaters?

TL: Yeah, there actually are a few, and really, I mean there are a lot of small skaters, but I think that you can make your height to your own advantage, you know, to be strong and powerful, so, I don't know. I think if you work hard and you practice and things like that...

KK: There are things you just can't do if you're really tall, right?

TL: Well, it's not...

BA: You know what she could do? She could have the guy, and hold the guy up in the air...

KK: Would she wave him like she just don't care?

BA: Wave the guy up in the air...

KR: I imagine partner skating would be a little difficult unless he's extremely tall, too.

KK: Yeah, you'd have to be a big guy, yeah.

TL: You don't have to do partner skating. You could do singles.

KK: And be powerful? A powerful woman like that?

KR: Yeah! Is it too late for me to get started?

KK: Yeah! Have you guys bought anything really expensive and stupid? Like a Porsche? C'mon, Tara...

KB: I finally bought a car...I bought a fast car.

KK: Yeah, what did you get?

KB: A Mercedes SL3.

BA: Oh man, those are the coolest!

KB: So 11 years after I won Worlds, I finally went out and bought something extravagant and stupid.

KK: Good for you. You deserve it! Why not? And Tara, what did you deserve?

TL: I didn't buy anything.

KK: Oh, come on...

KR: You didn't buy a car? You're only 17, but still, you're old enough to drive.

TL: You know, I have a car.

KK: Got a house?

TL: In Houston, yeah. I'm actually building a home in Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

KR: South Carolina, baby! That's where I'm from. Kiawah's beautiful.

TL: So I guess that would be my little splurge.

KK: You putting a rink in there?

TL: No!

KK: No rink? That's your getaway spot.

TL: No, no rink, no ice!

KK: Stars on Ice is Saturday night, Reunion Arena. Ticketmaster's got the tickets and you guys are so nice to come in so early. Thanks a lot!

KR: Yeah, thank you!

TL: Thank you!

KK: Tara Lipinski and Kurt Browning! (applause)

KB: I had a great time!

KK: Pull her up, Kurt! Just grab and hold her!

KK: You want to see the duo, come to the show!

KR: Pal, you need to go to the show!

BA: Let me do it.

KB: That's going to leave a mark!

Thanks to Dianne for providing me with the "real" names of the radio hosts and to Lisa for the correct spelling of "Kiawah!" :-)