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Kristi Yamaguchi's Salute to American Music 2004

Giant Center - Hershey, PA - Nov. 5, 2004
Written by Sue

Kurt was his usual entertaining self as always. It was great to see Time In A Bottle, that was a surprise! Really nice program, he smiles at the audience and holds his arms out to them within the choreography..cool. Don't Fence Me In was another surprise..interesting that he brought that back...of course he had the ladies whistling etc..at his hip wiggling. He did a little clown number too, cute..the young boy next to me said is that Scott Hamilton? ;) He had everyone in stitches at the retakes trying to get his jump down for Time In A Bottle, I think he missed it two or maybe three times and then finally got it and of course everyone had big cheers..in the meantime he had all of his usual funny faces like he was mad, or just being goofy..had a tantrum of sorts on the ice at one point..very funny. He also did a retake of part of the clown number and there was a music problem so he had to start over and of course he made more funny faces etc..to make everyone laugh about that.

Kristi did Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Kimberly Locke singing..and Bridge Over Troubled Water with Art Garfunkel singing..huge applause and standing O for BOTW.

Paul was awesome bringing back JFK..he got a nice standing O for that number..when he did a bit of a retake..everyone went aww..they wanted the whole program over..he had a huge smile..seemed pleased. He did a wonderful program to Healing Rain with Michael W. Smith singing..title song from Michael's latest CD..check it out. :)

Brian did the Josh Groban number, and a Neil Diamond program.

Ilia did Green Tomatoes and All I Know with Art singing. Lots of clapping along to Green Tomatoes..too bad he was so good he didn't need retakes. ;)

Caryn skated to Alicia Keys I believe, and then to Amazing Grace..very lovely.

Roz did a number with Ilia and Brian, can't remember a lot of it..and then she skated to 8th World Wonder with Kimberly singing.

Can't remember a lot about the opening, seemed like it was older songs ..and then can't remember much about the finale either because of the distraction with Gorsha's lace coming undone and then they stopped and did it again.

Caryn, Roz and Kristi did a nice number to MIchael W. Smith's Friends..for any of his fans it's a classic..great song.

Kurt, Brian and Kristi talked a bit during retakes..I think it was Kurt that mentioned the McCormick people there, and talked about how he liked the old arena but this one was nice too. ;) Brian did a backflip with microphone in hand.

Quite a variety of music, something for most everyone..I enjoyed the show and was glad I got to see Kurt and Ilia since they aren't at my SOI shows.