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TELUS Skins Game Celebrity Interview with Kurt Browning

July 22, 2001 - Interviewer: Mike Carriere of myTO.com

This interview was taken on the golf course at the TELUS Skins Celebrity-AM game in July of 2001. Kurt's got a golf club in hand, red baseball cap and white polo shirt on, and they periodically show footage of him golfing during the interview.

Mike Carriere: We're with world champion figure skater Kurt Browning. Kurt, how's your day been so far?

Kurt Browning: (Kurt stretches) Well, it beats working for a living, doesn't it? Um any day in the golf course is a great day and I'm with a great group of guys, we're having a great time, got a great attitude. (Over footage of Kurt hitting the golf ball, and then raising his hands over his head as he watches the ball and then yelling and waving his hands) We're getting excited about the skins game tomorrow and we have a few birdies, and I didn't hurt those people over there! That's the best thing that's happened today so far!

MC: Barely missed them.

KB: (points at his golf club and mutters something)

MC: We know that hockey players get to play a lot of golf over the summer...

KB: They do

MC: some sooner than others (Kurt laughs). What about figure skaters, is there a lot of downtime to hit the links?

KB: Ah a lot of skaters golf and we take the clubs with us on tour and try and get out as much as we can. I only golf about 10 or 15 rounds a year. Um, love the game. Scott Hamilton, Todd Eldredge, world champions, they have like 5 and 6 handicaps, and my handicap is that I can't concentrate. I have way too much fun when I golf and I don't take it very seriously, and golf certainly doesn't take me seriously, and I'm having a good time.

MC: And that's all that matters. Are you going to be watching the game tomorrow?

KB: I'm going to watch the game but I'm going to have to watch it on TV, I've got to work tomorrow, so go Mike! (does a thumbs up at the camera) go hard, go big...make some money.

MC: (shakes Kurt's hand) thanks Kurt. (Kurt walks away)