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Stars on Ice FAQ

How do you get backstage passes?

Backstage passes are generally reserved for friends and family of the skaters, as well as corporate sponsors. Occasionally, backstage passes are included in contest prizes, but not often. There is no way to purchase a backstage pass. The same goes for post-show reception passes. There is not always a reception after each show, and when there are, those receptions are reserved for sponsors and the skaters' guests. Reception passes are also not available to the general public.

How do advance sales tickets work?

The actual way that advance sales tickets works varies by arena. In general, advance sales ticket orders are filled before general sales. Whether these tickets are in a block set aside, or if they just fill them as they come in is unclear. You do not get to choose seats with advance sales form, and instead must trust that you have gotten them in early enough to get good seats (they're assigned on a first come, first serve basis). One thing to keep in mind is that in general, arenas will rank center ice seats higher than end or corners, and therefore you may end up with 8th row center ice seats rather than first row end seats. While the arena may charge your credit card soon after you put in your order, you will not receive your tickets until a few months before the actual show. In general, if you have questions about your advance sales ticket order, you should contact the arena. The forms themselves often have a phone number on them.

When I send in my advance order form, can I find out the date and time the show will be in my town or what skaters will be in the tour?

No, at the time that the advance order forms are accepted, the dates and times for the following year are not yet set. The tour has to negotiate dates with the individual arena. The actual tour schedule is generally released in the fall. Same goes for the cast - Stars on Ice does not generally release the cast list until late summer or early fall. Cast list is also always subject to change due to injury (though Stars on Ice is quite good about keeping a consistent cast).

How early should I show up to the show? Can I see warmups?

Doors generally open about an hour to an hour and a half before the show starts. The general public is not allowed in to see warmups before the show - by the time the doors open, the skaters are off the ice. The merchandise booths are open before the show, during intermission, and after the show ends, so if you show up early, you can take advantage of the opportunity to purchase some merchandise.

Can I purchase past years' shows on video?

Stars on Ice has not produced any commercial videos of its full shows. The closest you can get are the three "Best of Stars on Ice" videos available for sale at the Stars on Ice website. For more information on those, read the descriptions on the Merchandise page. Stars on Ice is typically aired twice on American TV - one shorter broadcast on either NBC or CBS in December, and one longer full broadcast on A&E (it used to be on TBS). The Canadian tour is aired on CBC and TVA, generally quite a while (the next season) after the actual tour.

Can I take pictures at the show?

The camera policy varies arena by arena, though the stated Stars on Ice policy is no flash and lenses under 70mm. Some people have had luck arguing with the arena ushers when arena policy differs from SOI policy, but this will not always work. The one policy that is always true is NO FLASH. This is a courtesy to the skaters, as flashes can blind them as they go into jumps or other moves. In general, flashes will not help illuminate anything in the arena anyway, so they're not necessary for taking pictures. Some arenas have rules against professional grade cameras or large lenses, and will not allow you to bring these cameras into the arena. Ordinary cameras where you can shut off the flash are generally allowed. If you can't turn off your flash, leave the camera at home, or try to tape over the flash so that it won't show. A side note - if your camera doesn't have much in the way of zoom, there may be no point to taking pictures during the show, because you will just get a tiny little skater in the middle of a big dark photo. Also, it is easier to take a picture when the skater is standing still - most cameras will only get a blur for moving skaters. If you do want to take pictures, higher ISO films (400, 800, 1600) tend to have better results, as do lower shutter speeds. Keep in mind that higher ISOs can lead to grainier photos - make sure you get good quality film, such as Fuji or Kodak Max.

Can I throw flowers or presents on the ice after a skater has finished performing?

They will state this rule before the show starts. Stars on Ice does not have flower girls or anyone to pick up items from the ice, so it is NOT permissible to throw things onto the ice at any point during or after the show.

How long is the show?

It varies by year, but in general, the show is a little over 2 hours long and includes a 20-25 minute intermission. Trying to get out of the parking lot afterwards can also add quite a bit of time to your overall experience.

What happened to Scott Hamilton/Kristi Yamaguchi?

Scott Hamilton decided to stop touring after his 15th year of touring with Stars on Ice. The 2000-2001 tour was dubbed the "Scott Hamilton Farewell Tour." Scott is still a producer of the tour and is guest starring for about 15 shows in the 2002-2003 season. He is starting a mini-tour with Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, which will visit fewer, smaller venues than Stars on Ice.

Kristi Yamaguchi decided to stop touring after her 10th year with Stars on Ice. While she says that there is a possibility that she will come back, for the most part she seems pretty sure that the 2001-2002 tour was her last. She is focusing on becoming a hockey wife for her husband, hockey player Bret Hedican.

If you have more questions, you can visit the Stars on Ice website, which has a more complete FAQ, as well as other details about the show, or email them at starsonice@imgworld.com. Or you can try your luck and ask me at webmaster@kurtfiles.com.