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Stars on Ice Review - Anaheim, CA - Jan. 18, 2003

written by Jennifer

First off, I must say that the show was AWESOME!

A few minute before the show, though, an announcement came over the pa system that Scott was sick and wouldn't be performing. The audience wasn't packed, thought the lower bowl was mostly full at showtime. Only the sides on the upper bowl had people. I'd say that a little over half the arena was filled. My seat was near the corner where the tunnel is, which made some of the things that went on on my side on the other end hard to see.

The Great and Powerful Oz--Cast
Todd was first out and did a beautiful 3 axel. Then came Kyoko and John & Jenni and Todd, who each did some lifts. I think that Jamie and David were next followed by Elena and Anton who also did some lifts. Then came the rest of the singles along with Renee and Gorsha. Everyone had a section where they were highlighted. Then they were introduced. Kyoko and John left the ice (to get ready for their solo) and everyone else continued with the opening number.

Born to be Wild--Alexei Yagudin
Kurt got the leather jacket while Alexei put the black gloves on. I liked this number, though it's clearly not in Alexei's comfort zone musically. He seemed to have fun with it. I think he did a 3 toe, but I'm not positive about this.

Bed of Roses--Ina & Zimmerman
This is my favorite guy-sung power ballad, so I really enjoyed this. Elements were several lifts, including their candle lift, and side-by-side single axels. Kyoko also did a very low death spiral. It was a very good performance.

Come Fly with Me--Sale & Pelletier
This started with David center ice, hamming thing up. This program is full of lifts, particularly on the line "When you get up there." They did a great throw 3 salchow.

Channel 1 Suite--Todd Eldredge
Another perfect 3 axel, lots of 3 toes, amazing spins, and the barrel roles were on my end . I liked this one a lot, though I'm not Todds biggest fan. Great footwork.

Hotter than Blue--Katarina, John, & Gorsha
This was the one number that I didn't like so much. It seemed like filler, even more than BTBW. I also don't care for the dress Kat wears in this number. Anyway, Kat does a lot of flirting, the guys carry her around quite a bit. She did a nice layback spin.

Overcome--Alexei Yagudin
Amazing describes this number very well. 2 (I think) flip, 3toe/3toe/2loop combo, 3 toe. Great footwork. Incredible presence. I loved this program. He wore a long sleeved black sweater and the black gloves. He looks to either not be in that much pain, or he is extremly determined, because it was hard to tell he was injured.

I'm Your Man--Meno & Sand
Jenni skated onto the ice while Alexei was still there. He was looking everywhere but at her. Once she finally got his attention and she tried to give him the rose, he motioned to her to go to center ice. She tried to give it to a man in the front row, but she was having a hard time finding one (mostly women on that side). Several people yelled "Over here" but they all sounded like women. Todd came out, and Jenni was rather skeptical looking that HE was her man. Unfortunately, this was the only program with a major technical mistake as Jenni took a hard (and very painful looking) fall on the throw 2 axel. She landed pretty far foward on her toe picks and went down face first. Otherwise a very cute number.

How do You Keep the Music Playing--Kurt Browning
Gorgeous 2 axel, several 3 toes,2 salchow that Kurt didn't look too happy about. Lot's of edge work, some nice footwork, but the whole program seemed just a little off.

Power Play--B&S, S&P, Todd E.
I've decided that I rather like the poem Todd lip-syncs, though he would be moving his lips at times and I didn't hear his voice, so I think that he is still trying to figure out where his voice is in the number. This was my second favorite group number of the night. Both pairs were ON with there elements and they looked like they really enjoyed doing the number. I don't remember what jumps Todd did, because it was very difficult to watch everyone at once and take it all in.

Act II

Studz--Everyone but Todd E, Anton and Kat
First, the girls came out wearing the opening number tops, jeans and cowboy boots. Jamie was closest to where I was. She was standing near the bottom of the aisle, when a man who was late getting back to his on-ice seat came down the aisle, and Jamie decided to dance with him a bit. He just tried to get to his seat, but did oblige her a little. Then the girls went to the opposite end from where I was and put their cowboy hats on the heads of some male audience members, and danced. The guys came out, carried them off, and returned. This number caused a lot of screaming and yelling. Alexei had a blow out on one of his besti squats and then missed a move with 2 of the other guys. It was very hard to know which guy to look at, but I watched mostly Alexei and Kurt. At the end, no one's hat fell off.

The Rest of Your Life--Katarina Witt
This was a pretty program with a nice 2 axel and a 2 flip. It's actually hard to watch after Studz, because the music and choreography are so different.

Miserere--Todd Eldredge
Very powerful program. 3 axel, 3 lutz, 3 salchow, a few 3 toes. Todd's spins make me dizzy just watching them. It was probably Todd's worst 3 axel of the night, but he still landed it.

Prayer--Roca & Sur
This got one of the loudest ovations of the night. It is a gorgeous program.

Slippery Side Up--Kurt Browning
Hilarious. I worship Kurt's feet. This probably got the second loudest ovation. Kurt, at the end, was yelling for the rope that pulls him off the ice, and once it was thrown out, yelled "Could you make it a little longer?" He actually reached it on one dive, though.

Love on the Rock--I&Z, M&S, R&S
Cute number. My third favorite group number. Though there were 2 pairs and a dance team, they made good use of the types of lifts that they do. I loved how they showed 3 different reactions to the line "Then I go and do something stupid, like saying I love you."

Mme. T After Hours--Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze
I really liked this number. Their throw 3 salchow got the biggest amounts of "Wows" out of the audience. It was huge. Anton is very funny as Elvis and really got into his role. Elena seems to be getting more comfortable as Marilyn. Good lifts. A lot of fun.

Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'--Sale & Pelletier
Sexy, hot, fun. Great throw 3 salchow, split 3 twist. Jamie seems more comfortable with the handstand lift and they held it for several seconds. The detroiter at the end seems longer that when I've seen it on tv.

Racing--Alexei Yagudin
3 toes, 3 flip/3 toe combo. Alexei seemed to have so much energy for this number. he performed it really well. The footwork was amazing.

Can't Stop--Cast
The part of the show everyone has a love/hate relationship with. I like it better in person than on tv. Seeing the whole cast do Alexei's Winter footwork was great. Everyone got a little time in the spotlight, but not as much as in past years. The guys did rip their shirts open at the very end, after handshakes, and the kick line bow. I can't be sure who all did it besides Kurt and David who were the most visible to me. Hopefully someone with a better view can say exactly who did it.