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Canadian Stars on Ice Review - Halifax, NS - April 15, 2004

written by Laura

I was sitting in Section 7, which is a little off centre, towards the tunnel, and row H, which seemer closer to the ice than I thought it would be. They were really great seats, we were still close but high enough that we could see the on-ice prejections and stuff.

The arena was pretty full, the lower bowl was pretty much filled and the upper bowl partially. The crowd was very enthusiastic, partial standing O's for almost every number, and full ones for several.

We got there pretty early, and while I was anxiously waiting, I happened to notice that there was a gap in the bleachers underneath the seats behind us, and I could see backstage. Through this little slit, I watched Steven, David, Kurt, and Todd kick around a soccer ball for about 15 minutes! It was really funny, especially since Todd was trying to talk on his cell phone at the same time! And they also had the corny jokes and stuff about time over the loudspeakers that the did on the American tour.

And then it was Showtime!

Sunrise - Grand Canyon Suite - Cast Started with Jennifer Robinson, with a dress with flowing sleeves similar to Yuka's, followed by everyone else except Kurt and Shae-Lynn. This was very nice, the costumes and the music were beautiful!

Ding Dong Daddy - Kurt I love this number! Very upbeat, very Kurt. Great footwork and I love how his jumps just seem to come out of nowhere!

Timing is everything - David Love the costume! This is cute!

Look at Little Sister - Kyoko and John This one was very entertaining! They had a great skate, except that poor Kyoko did her death spiral in the puddle that had just been left from the transistion, and came up with her hair soaked. But they're just so powerful and have I mentioned that John is my SOI studmuffin?

Metronome - Todd Eldredge Funny!

I Put a Spell on You/Boomerang Baby - Jennifer Robinson Very cool! Very jazzy and sultry. Some guy on ice got Jenn sitting in his lap and a kiss! She did a great job.

Come Away with Me - Jamie and David OMG! SO SO SO amazing live! I had tears in my eyes. Man is that handstand lift awesome! Jamie landed an awesome throw right in front of me.

Hands of Time - Shae-Lynn, Kyoko, Jennifer This is cute! They did a really good job, especially for how quickly they must have learned it! Flamenco - Todd E Great skate! This was cool.

Skater Boi - Isabelle and Lloyd WOW! Awesome skate! This was full of those crazy moves that they're so great at. Great costumes too, he was dressed like a skateboarder with the baggy pants and boxers hanging up and all, and he colored his goatee green! This was jsut so powerful and upbeat, and it got a complete standing ovation.

Time for an Olympic Champion - Steven, Jennifer Cute and funny. Steven had the "fat man" costume!

Let me Fall - Elena and Anton I really liked this! It's so powerful and emotional, and they're just so graceful! I seem to remember a pretty good throw.

Jailbird - Todd, John, Kyoko Cute, if a bit corny!

Memorial - Alexei Wow! Classic Alexei - pure power! It was electric and his footwork is amazing!!

TGIF - Cast Oh my! I think this was my favorite number of the night! Steven Cousins is so funny! And all the guys look like they're having so much fun, espcially Dave and Anton! They start with Dave, Anton, Steven, Todd, and John doing the work clothes thing, and then the girls come out. I love the part in "Is she really going out with him" where the song says "gorillas" and the guys act like they're gorillas! During "fools in Love" I kept trying to watch Kyoko and John and Elena and Anton, and Mom kept telling me to watch the guys because they were being really funny. "Be my Number 2" was really cute. Steven and Jennifer did some cool moves, and Jamie wandered around right in front of us, looking so disapointed and cute. And then she and Steven did an awesome death spiral! Overall, I just loved this number, and now I can't get the songs out of my head!

Work 'n Time - Todd, Dave, Alexei, John - I really liked this! It was cool, and they can to some really amazing things with those brooms!

Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Steven Cousins - This was awesome! It's an upbeat, fast number, and Steven just looks like he's having so much fun! He did throughout the whole show, especially in the group numbers. He landed some great jumps too.

4 x 2 = 8 - Elena, Kyoko, Jamie - This was cute! I like the earmuffs! The girls lead Shae-Lynn out, and it looked so cute because she's so much taller than all of them. They looked like little girls.

Caruso - Shae-Lynn - WOW! She is amazing on her own! As my mom said "She didn't need Victor anyway!" Although it was weird to hear her name announced without his after it. I really love this number. She did a lot of hydroblading, and some great spins. She also has a great spiral! Complete standing ovation!

Out of Time - Kurt - This was cute! The crowd was very disapointed that Kurt wasn't getting to skate.

Sunscreen - Jamie, Steven, David, John - OMG! I *really* enjoyed this! Those arms! The program was really cool too! At the point where it says something about being 40, they all point at the tunnel and the spotlight goes onto Lloyd Eisler standing there! I liked all the cool pairs moves, with all three guys, and Jamie and Dave did a throw on their own. Very cute.

Show You to Your Seat - Kyoko - Cute.

Kalinka - Elena and Anton - Awesome! This is so cute! I love Elena's hair in braids and the costumes are really cute too. They do some pretty cool moves as well.

When You Come Back to Me Again - Todd WOW! This was so powerful, and classically Todd. Amazing spins and some great jumps. There was a projection of ocean waves on the ice throughout most of the program, which suited it really well. I just really really liked the emotion and power of this, I was extremly impressed! Full, well deserved standing O.

Remember Me This Way - Isabelle and Lloyd - OMG! This was amazing! Very emotional-I'm going to miss them so much! They had some great moves, and beautiful costumes. The song is really pretty too, it's performed by Ashley Alexander, who was a 13-year-old student of Marcia, Lloyd's wife when she sang it at a school concert. Marcia thought the song was perfect and brought it home for Lloyd to listen to. They had Ashley record the song at the Tragically Hip's studio, and she has an amazing voice, espcially for someone so young! The song is perfect for them, especially for their last tour, and they skate so well to it. Also, at the beginning, they had a few pictures of Lloyd and Isabelle projected on the ice, from different years of their career, and they had a couple of voice-overs of commentary from some of their best accomplishments, like them being announced as world champions and when they won their Olympic medals. I liked the one of Scott Hamilton screaming "Look at that triple twist!" This really made the number a fitting goodbye. Awesome standing ovation

Take Two- Kurt - Poor Kurt!

Rock Lesson - Cast - This was cool! It wasn't really the whole cast, I think it was Kyoko, Elena, Jenn, Shae-Lynn, Steven, Todd and John. Not a lot of people in the audience participated, I tried!

Ain't That a Shame - Alexei - Wow! Very cool, very Alexei with the footwork and electricity! He's getting to be an amazing performer.

Ballroom - Jamie and Dave -Finally I get to see this! It was awesome! You can tell that Jamie is having fun kicking Dave around! I love how they get so much into their characters. They had some great moves, and of course there was the stripping! Jamie loses the majority of her costume, and Dave gets his sleeves ripped off, and at the end his shirt ripped open! I really enjoyed this, but I think that CAWM is still my favorite

Time in a Bottle - Kurt - This was really nice. The song suited the show's theme perfectly, and Kurt did a really nice job. I like seeing him do serious programs almost as much as funny ones.

Time - Cast At this point I was getting really sad because the show was almost over, but this was really nice. They finished up and then went to shake hands, and then they announced each skater or pair separately, and they went to centre ice and did their bows. And then of course they did their little kick line, and the other skaters kind of pushed Isabelle and Lloyd forward, and they got a huge ovation. I'll miss then so much! At the end, everyone went in the tunnel except Kurt and Jamie, and Jamie did her little "put her hand to her ear to make us cheer louder" thing, and the crowd roared! Jamie was the very last one in! I started freaking out when I saw Jamie shaking hands, because she was right in front of Natalie!

Overall, the show was incredibly awesome, and I can't wait for next year!