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Canadian Stars on Ice Review - Toronto & Hamilton, ON - Apr. 22-23, 2005

written by Suzie (in multiple parts)

I practically decided to attend Toronto on a whim and it ended up being my favorite show of the tour! Each show I have been to was special and I enjoyed sitting closer and exchanging eye contact and smiles with the skaters, but in terms of the actual skating, I found myself loving Toronto!

With the change in the cast (Sarah, Elena & Anton and Katia & Yuka out; Jennifer, Shae, Kurt and Jeff in), there was a completely different dynamic that was quite evident to me. I think it was partly the addition of 4 Canadians (totaling six plus Steven a Canadian resident). Then the fact that the skaters seemed to know one another at a deeper level (some train/trained together) added a lot of energy. The Canadian crowd definitely helps that, too!

I started out in the 9th row in Toronto, then moved to the third row during intermission. The tunnel was to my R and I was off center to the L. In Hamilton, I was on the end next to the middle section in the first row on the right hand side, tunnel to my left. Didn't like the view as much from there. I like watching the show from the other side to begin with. In addition, the row of seats we were sitting in sagged and tilted forward when we sat in them. The amount of leg room I had made me feel like I should be a row further up (the only time you'll catch me complaining about excess leg room!) and the on ice seats weren't that much lower than us so everyone's heads were in the way. Of course, once the show started it was merely an annoyance, but not the end of the world. One of the cameras was in my way to my left, but most of the time the skaters weren't really in that corner.

Todd - Let Me Entertain You & Forevermore
Todd received great ovations from the crowd and seems to be popular amongst the skating fans in Canada. I think some people stood for him. He tried a 3axel in hmmm...I was thinking Forevermore, but it actually might be Let Me Entertain You...well, in any case, he had a funky landing and it wasn't part of the retakes so I'm guessing that one won't be shown.

Kyoko & John - Harder to Breathe
These two to me are like the American Isabelle and Lloyd. They skate similarly and have the same "WOW" factor. They were very well received and the crowd really appreciates the high flying and daring moves. I took a picture of the Fly High and Say Bye, but it definitely didn't come out (in Toronto). It was RIGHT in front of me in Hamilton which was really cool, but being that close isn't the best perspective to appreciate the move. More people gasp when John swings her down head first than in the FH&SB!

Jennifer Robinson - I Want You To Love Me & Gabriel's Oboe
Jen had a lot of fun with IWYTLM and looked like she really was tiring when she makes the motion with her hand on her forehead to the lyrics, "...didn't [you?] feel like dyin'..." Gabriel's Oboe was beautifully skated and the dress is gorgeous and the skirt flows so nicely. I, personally, would not choose that piece of music to skate to (it's a cello piece) as I don't feel the music as a program, but more as background music. I didn't feel a definite climax or that one part spoke to me more than another for spirals, spins, jumps, etc., but regardless of that, Jen does it justice because her skating really moved gracefully.

Jeffrey Buttle - Sunglasses at Night & Ave Maria
How much do I love this guy? He's lots of fun! I loved S@N. He looked super comfortable in his clothes and definitely at ease in the spotlight. He moves so fluidly. Gorgeous skater. His combination spin is absolutely amazing with the grace and preciseness, not to mention the incredible speed he carries it out with. Ave Maria was beautiful and the version he skated to really highlighted his style. It had upbeat parts in it that kept the skating exciting, while the slow parts brought out the beauty of the piece of music and Jeff's skating. Some people stood for him. I really look forward to watching him in the future and REALLY hope he'll be in SOI in the US one day! He'll definitely be a good headliner!

Steven Cousins - Come Back to Bed
That look at the end of his program was scary! A definite death stare turned to a million-watt smile! It was great in Toronto, but he really busted out the moves in Hamilton. It's going to be a great televised program! They had BETTER show it! I don't know if I've ever even seen him use that much attack in his skating the times I've seen him skate live. I stood (as well as some others) in both cities, but he saw me in Hamilton. It's cool that he recognizes me from the seminar and I'm 99% sure he could actually see me over the spotlights.

Alexei Yagudin - Passion & Shout
The lady I was sitting next to in Toronto for the first half was very stressed about the more daring skating moves and I'm not sure she breathed through Passion! She covered her face at the end of Radar Love. Alexei performed well. I notice sometimes, lately, that his jumps almost wiggle in the air. Not sure why. They didn't really wiggle in Hamilton. I think Shout is a great number for the crowd and both audiences clapped along. He loves the crowd and everyond knows it during his bows!

Shae-Lynn Bourne - All That Jazz
I was disappointed that Shae didn't get 2 solos this year. She DID get to do Mr. Blue Sky, though. There is not a skater out there whose dancing, and not many whose skating, can compare to Shae. She moves like no other and every move is so complete and flows so well to the next. Each skater has his or her own awesome ability to move, but when they're all together, I'm either watching Shae or Jamie! What I love about Shae is that she's really one of a kind. I just wish there were more opportunities for solo dancers! Everone got a kick out of her squirting the audience members at both shows.

Jamie Salé & David Pelletier - Radar Love & Who Wants to Live Forever
Awesome as always. They're just so great I'm at a loss for words! RL is so much fun, both audiences clapped along. WWTLF is so amazingly powerful. I'm going to miss seeing it! I love that spin at the end!Both cities gave a partial standing ovation for it. Wish I had more to say but I feel like I've said it already (US SOI).

Kurt Browning - Gabe's Toybox & Mr. Bojangles
I am absolutely amazed at how much entertainment Kurt can pack into a program (GT). I know there's not as much skating in this #, but the creativity and choreography are so fun, I didn't even notice! He sold it to me! I think it's a lot better for Kurt to be doing 1 toybox # rather than two because we get to see both sides of Kurt. He used so many props, I'm not sure I can name them all! I'll try. Toybox, wrench, math for skaters - 6 + 0 = 6.0, fireman's hat, snake, something else he pulled out, bow & hat (and imaginary arrow), whistle & puck(?), football, jumprope, cape, jitterbug hat/cap/wig thing...did I name them all?? Talk about using your *IMAGINATION*! He skated GREAT in Toronto. Only scare was that he hit the top of the box in his 2axel as he was coming down. when he landed, he did that "Oh My Gosh! That scared me! Phew!" face with the hand swiping the forehead. The only other thing I noticed (and wasn't sure about it til I saw it close in Hamilton) was that he couldn't get the toybox closed at the end, but he still "sat" on it. In Hamilton, it seemed like everything that could go wrong with a prop did. You could tell he was getting a little irritated, but it was the props more than him, so he wasnt' as much frustrated. He bumped into the hat, lost the puck, got tangled in the jumprope, couldn't get that yellow hat/cap/wig on, then he barely finished the program as he grabbed all the props without whistling for them and didn't put the fireman's hat with water on. Big signal that there'd be a retake. Little did I know how MUCH of one! I love when he holds his hand out for the drips, kicks the pipe, then does both, bumps it from behind, then gets a drip in the eye. With retakes, we got to see it a few(?) times.

Mr. Bojangles is such a classy program. I don't even know how to explain it with words! Everything about it was perfect. It definitely hit the spot for me. His costume tied in perfectly. Charcoal grey hat, grey/purple-blue striped shirt, grey pants, boot coverst to look like grey socks, charcoal shoes, charcoal grey to black suspenders and then grey-silver things on his hands--gloves but without finger holes--actually even more like mittens without the end. Not sure what to call them. Like a sleeve with a thumb hole, but not really a sleeve. Everything had a hint of sparkle to it. I LOVED it! The few rhinestones' sparkle really accentuated the costume's job in the program. I loved how he moved--it was like I was watching Kurt's imagination at work. It completely fit into the theme; I think more so than any other solo. The part at the end that goes, "...[beat]Mr. Bojangles...[beat]Mr. Bojangles...", etc., he froze in 2 spotlights as snapshots, then in the 3rd spot, he wasn't frozen and reached toward the spotlight (up) then skated to the blue spot--his finishing spot. He did a flippy thing with his heat that fit perfectly to the music and ended with another snapshot-like pose. Not sure exactly why this number is one I love so much, but I just absolutely do! Maybe it was because I didn't know what to expect and how much I'd like it (though I know I'll love everything Kurt does). It surpassed my expectations. Robbie William's version, IMO, is a gem--at least when you put Kurt's skating to it! I liked it better than the original version of the song. I miss Kurt SO MUCH in the US tour!!!

Mr. Blue Sky
Kurt was in and Shae was in. Kurt looks like he's really trying hard to be perfect since the others have done it so many times and it's new to him. I also notice in all the group numbers how aware they are of one another. I really appreciate it because that's what makes them so excellent. Shae brought in a completely different dynatmic to this than Sarah did. Almost seemed like a completely different number. Shae did some hydroblading, I believe she did her amazing besti squat as well. It was good seeing it from a couple different perspectives, though I missed the very beginning as we were rushing in from intermission and people were moving so S L O W L Y. I really enjoy it and love the music!

Ride of Life
I think I had more fun watching this than anything else! And really, I was watching the rollercoaster mostly. Shae and Kurt were together in the beginning and in the end and they were having so much fun laughing and being goofy. I think they had more fun than was even intended! Then in the middle of the number, when David and Shae are hooked up--the part where they run on the mats between the spotlights--was quite entertaining. Shae looked like a little kid with her little steps hopping on and off the mats and ice. She got to the corner and tripped, then almost went down. If David weren't so strong, he probably would have gone down with her, but he pulled her back up. They start cracking up and all of the sudden they were just a couple feet from Todd and had to stop REALLY fast, which made them laugh even harder. Meanwhile, I was cracking up because I saw the whole thing and I knew what was going on (whereas the average person probably wouldn't picked up on that quite so much). The entire cast has a ball with that #!! I love when the girls are upside down in the circle. Looks really cool and it's not too easy on the middle guys! (Todd and Alexei) Hamilton
Jamie's an excellent dancer for My Generation. I saw Behind Blue Eyes and actually WATCHED and REMEMBERED it, but I missed being by the coaster in that part because it's much fun to watch. When the girls (all girls, right??) ran on the mats, it was RIGHT in front of us and it happened so fast (didn't see it coming even though I know it's there). I wished I had been able to see more than a blur of Shae whiz by! By the time my brain registered that that was the part they were at, they were almost gone!

I love Shae's dress! Sometimes I forget to watch the other skaters because her skating is so graceful to watch. I catch myself watching her, Jamie, Kurt, Steven and David a lot. I really like the music. It's an interesting version and I want to know where it's from! I like the part where they pass through each other, stop and turn on their toe picks (one line does it twice, the other line (Jamie's line) once). I also love the lift parts I think it's at the part where it's just music, no lyrics at the "Come with me, and you're be..." I wish I had a copy of it to listen to. For now it's in my head, though! Always so much going on I never know where to look! Todd used the flare.

There's SO much going on in this one too. It's so fun that everyone in the arena has something going on by them. The productive team did a good job with the coverage of the ice in the group numbers. Kyoko and John got Elena and Anton's lift spot with Jamie and David. I love that part with the music. Very strong.

Keep the guy numbers!!! It's cool to see how this number has developed throughout the tour. I think the audience is so transfixed that they hardly respond, except for an occasional laugh, until there's a break in the music or movement. Everyone always seems to love to part where Todd is knocked out and is laid across Steven and David I think it is.

Keep the girls' number too!!! (Can't hurt to add a guy in again either). Steven just gets funnier and funnier throughout the tour. I love how funny the girls are at the beginning. When they break out into their rebellious phase, I just love how Steven reacts. It's magnified compared to how it was when I first saw the show. His fall backwards just cracks everyone up. It's really cool to have a girls' number too. When the girls do the 2toes together, Shae does a lunge. Nots ure if it's in this too, but in Mr. Blue Sky, I believe it was, I love how she points her toe down (back leg of lunge) instead of gliding on the inside of the boot. Cool to see it different than the everday lunge.

I think it's great to hear the skaters' voices in the group numbers and the transitions, and even, for Kurt, in their numbers! It connects the audience to the skaters. I hope that they continue to do that!


Quick changes
The first quick change always gets a gasp from the crowd. They enjoy the second one, but they know what's going to happen. Funny how this time was the first time I consciously realized that Kyoko changes from silver to red then red to silver.

The crowd loved this, as usual. The flea always gets a nice ovation. It's so funny to hear Todd at the end "crying" ohhh! ohh! Alexei comes out, looks at Todd and his hand with a sad expression and pats him on the back and skates him to the tunnel. It's cool to see how the different skaters interpret that part. I still think the funniest was when Sarah shrieked, lol.

Flea Funeral
Oh my GOSH they are hilarious!! I think they were even more vocal in CSOI than SOI. David cracks me up all the time, but the others were almost equally as funny. I know Todd, Steven, Shae, David and Jeff were in it. I think I remember Kyoko in it but I'm not positive and I believe Jen was in it?? In Toronto, David's hanky had a little trouble spurting the water (the thing inside didn't break--water balloon or something--the first time I could actually tell). I love their use of water in this year's show!

FINALLY could see who the other two were in Hamilton--Kyoko and John. I wonder if they did it in the US, too. I know one was short and one was tall, but that doesn't explain too much with pairs. Jamie and David change SO fast and WOW the crowd. You can hardly see them racing to get the robes off and if you didn't know it was coming, you probably wouldn't see it. Great job with the effects!!

Steven's Shirt
David, Kurt (tie-dye piece) and Jamie (producer of the shirt) did the transition. I took a picture in Hamilton, but it's a little blurry. I don't even think I realized Jamie was in it in Toronto! Matter of fact, I think the only one I knew was in it was David. Four of my favorite skaters all out there at the same time.

Jamie, Shae and Kyoko. Never know Shae hadn't been doing it all along! You know how Alexei just sort of shoved them off when he came out? Well, this time the next skater was Jeff and he looked at them like they were something living in the clouds and was mesmerized by them (as am I of him!).

Jen, Shae, Steven and I think it was John, right? Jen was very good with the pendulum beat! I took a couple of pictures that turned out from Hamilton as they were RIGHT in front of me. Somehow, I managed to miss that they did a slachow as they say salchow (or just after). The first time I realized this was in Toronto. I was right down on the ice in the same area in Rochester as I was in Toronto, but I guess it never registered!

Forgot to do this one in the US tour, but same skaters. Everyone gets a kick out of the umbrella. It definitely is cool how the strands disappear when the umbrella is put back in the paper and a full umbrella emerges. I even had a dream about it.

As in all the shows I've been to, it was a hit. I found it impossible to get a clear picture of Jamie cause she's always moving! Not much to say other than I love the lines in it!

Jeff emerges from the boxes this time. The crowd loves it because they don't expect it! It's definitely a cool transition.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Todd and Shae--so cute! They had more chemistry than Todd and Sarah. Shae loved hamming up her part and it's funny to see Todd jump up and down. He definitely seems to jump more than he did when I first saw it.

Final Bow
Though this isn't a transition, I definitely had to mention it. Jamie was next to Kurt and he was on the L end as you look at the line from the front. In Toronto, she was bumping his hip with hers a bunch of times at the end. It was really cute and funny to see how much she was enjoying herself. As usual, she egged the crowd on to cheer before the skaters disappeared into the tunnel.

Did I get all the transitions? Next up, retakes!

Jamie came bursting through the curtain with the mic right after the cast left and the lights went down. [paraphrasing?] "Hold it! Everyone freeze! Sit back down in your seats! We're not done yet!." Almost everyone froze and obeyed the Great Jamie's requests. She then said, "Wow, you'd all make great students!" She mentioned how great it was to be back in Canada (Do I cheer? ;)) and then said that they do a lot/60 cities in the States and have a lot of followers - some cheers were heard and she said, there they are! They love that tour, but always love coming back to Canada.

She didn't know what to do with the mic. If there's one thing Jamie knows how to do, it's talk...she just hasn't done what she did too often I suppose! She poked her head into the tunnel a few times asking what she should do. She said it right into the microphone the first time, lol. One of the first things she said when she popped her head back out was that they took the first tape to be rewound in the bus (like what's all that about!). It was funny. She then told everyone that she just had a birthday (people were calling out bday wishes) and she's 28, but she still feels like she's 18! (Jamie, you're not the only one!)

Jamie decided to kill time by pointing out the family members of the tour. Oh! Over here is Kristina Cousins, Steven's wife, and his parents...and his uncle. (Kristina stands up). Then she said another summer wedding is coming up. Over there is Todd's fiancée, Megan (She stands up). And then Jamie says and there's Sylvia, John's wife. At one point Jen came out and Jamie got ready to duck, but Jen said she was the second retake and they were still waiting for the first one to come out. Then she teased Jamie about pointing everyone out and wondering if she's going to point out so and so in the top row somewhere. (Upon reading J&D's board, I was reminded it was aunt so and so--made it funnier). Somewhere along the line she poked her head back into the tunnel. Still no luck. She also said that she and David were engaged and they set the date for 12/30. She then said that this time next year, she and David will officially be a married couple. About the ring--she said she couldn't wear it...it's too heavy. She kinda shakes her head and drops her left arm and side. Everyone laughed. She then continued that she couldn't wear it--can't wear jewelry, sorry!

She asked if anyone had any questions and people in the arena on the spot were like uhhhhh (could kinda sense that). She says, so you have the chance and NO ONE has a question? (Also reading J&D's board, I was reminded that she said, so you're not shy when Alexei comes out and dances on your lap but you can't even ask me a question!?).

Someone shouts out, where are you getting married!? I'm not going to tell you...In Alberta...she was as vague as she could be but she couldn't resist partially answering it.

How's Scott? Thank you for asking--really appreciate that He's doing really well. We don't know when or if he'll ever be able to skate again, but he's doing better. Thank you for asking. I'll/We'll tell him you all asked about him. He'll appreciate that. (Keep in mind I'm paraphrasing here, all from memory so go with it ).

Tell us about your engagement! Jamie TOTALLY goes into the zone and said something about that taking a while to tell. We were all at attention. She sai dthat she and David talked about being married someday but totally didn't expect the proposal, especially since David had always said proposing on Christmas was too predictable and kind of tacky. Boy must he have had fun with that! They were all in the kitchen of their house, her Mom and David's parents were in the living room (not really sure which they were in...something like that). Jamie had a small box under the tree from David. She picked it up and shook it. David said, Don't shake it!! (as if it were fragile). She said she opened it up and it just had some books and stuff it it but wasn't really a (the?) present. She opened up a card (assuming it was in the box?) and it had her go on a scavenger hunt.

This part is a little foggy because Kurt came in behind her and made his hand gab like Jamie. She had no clue until we all laughed. She turned around to see him there like haha funny and then tried to duck but she hadn't finished her story and everyone went Nooooo! and Kurt gave her a 'come on, finish your story' look and she said--ok, I'll just have to make it quick. (Too bad!) Anyway, there were 4 cards I think she said. The last one's clue was 'a famous Russian ballet [at Christmas?]'. She said she knew immediately where to look--the Nutcracker. She said when she got to the counter where the nutcracker was and saw the ring on it, she started to cry. (Awww)

I think that's about all she said before Kurt took the ice for his retake-extravaganza as it turned out to be. If I remember more, I'll certainly add it later. Sorry about the "She did this, she said that, she, she, she...kinda hard to use anything besides Jamie and she!

I think I forgot to say Jamie came out and thanked HSBC, Smuckers and all the other sponsors that support the tour.

Kurt was the first retake. He came out explaining to us that it better work because his legs were SHOT and he didn't know how much more he could do! Little did Kurt know what was in store for him. That definitely made me feel really badly for him as things progressed. He began the program. Everyone was cheering loudly for him after his clean jumps and it was going well until he lost the puck thing (I can't remember if he lost it once or twice in retakes but I'm thinking twice?). He gets that "grrr" face and goes back to where he has to start--somewhere around the bow & [pretend] arrow. Of course everyone cheered extra when he got it to go to the tunnel. I believe the next thing that happened was Kurt doing a 2axel over the toybox, I believe for the second time because something was messed up right after it (I can't remember if this or the puck came first...). Either that or the one in the program was ok and this one wasn't. Regardless, he landed the axel and slammed right into the hat and sloshed all the water right out of it. He puts his hands in fists and extends his arms down and shoulders up with this face that said *stupid hat you're not supposed to get in my way!* and heads to the tunnel. He shouts to us, "Can you all hear me?!" Audience responds, "Yes!" He continues, "I feel like I'm telling a joke I already told you!" We all giggled. Then a hand emerges from the tunnel with a bottle of water to fill the hat back up. He put it back down on the ice that was now glazed over with fresh water. The next 2axel he did over the toybox--and he may have done 2 more...not sure--came mighty close to that hat, but he was sure to toepick in and bounce back to the toybox to avoid any other happenings with that hat! Next problem area was the jumproping sequence. Boy oh boy was it not his jumproping night. I know how it goes with things like that. Sometimes you just have a lot of trouble doing it right! Well, lucky...or unlucky for Kurt, he had lots of retakes to get it right! He's a perfectionist, but if it weren't televised, I'm not even sure HE would go at it for that long! The first run he got tangled on just the second swing of the jumprope. The second he got tangled on the fourth swing. He does two forward and 2 backward when he starts. He got tangled up at least 2 or 3 more times. I lost track after a while. Every time he managed to crack us up and even though he was getting frustrated, he managed to maintain that humor of his and I think that helped him get through it. He'd stop, take a deep breath, put the jumprope back in the box, pretend he just made a touchdown and go at it again. He'd start talking to us saying he could do it! And another time he said, I did it last night! (And various audience members would respond to him). At one point he was getting so impatient with the jumprope that he wrapped it around his neck to make a little noose and hung himself. Of course that cracked us up even more and helped him get that needed crowd energy to get through the sequence...AGAIN. One of the times he was trying it, he was all ready to start but apparently it was in the wrong part of the music so he kinda danced around like the Jitterbug motioning them to stop it, they must not have gotten it and he gives this swipe across his throat to the time of the music, which was really funny, and THEN they stopped it. There were tons of people yelling, "We love you, Kurt!" and "You can do it!" The last time he went through the sequence, the jumprope was knotted. The knot, thank goodness, was on the side of the jumprope toward the ice and not right where his feet were. I could see him looking at it debating whether or not to stop and untie it or keep going and hope he made it through. It looked like he figured he tried it so many times that he'd just keep going and if it stopped him, it stopped him, if not, he'd bow down to the jumprope gods! He made it through that sequence and the crowd roared! The next retake of that program, though he had to skate everything in between because it couldn't be cut into the last one because everything was too off, was the cape and 'cap'. It worked on the first retry, yay! He is too funny the way he moves to the jitterbug with his hands and bending his knees and trying to look like a bug. He hammed it up really well. In the parts when he was waiting for his retakes, he'd be making fun of what he does in the program which was double funny for us watching because it's funny in the first place, but even funnier when he's making fun of himself doing the funny stuff! He finished out the program well and I wasn't sure if he was really rushing or trying to make it look that way, but he just finished on time after he threw the 'cap' into the audience. (Does he get that back?) It was on my side on the other end, toward the tunnel. He took his bow to a standing ovation--probably the most animated one of the evening, dumped his fireman's hat with water on his head, the crowd laughed, he whistled for the box and left the ice. Whew! (How's that for a one week, three day old memory? )

When Jen's turn finally came, she had to do a quick warmup. She did a lap and waited and waited for them to start the music. They might have been waiting for her to start? Couldn't tell what they said to her. She started to sing it because it was taking so long, which got a little laugh from the people near her. I think it might have been when she had the mic when Jamie was out while they were waiting for Kurt, she asked them to move the boom camera (I think she said move it up and they put it all the way down). She said it gets kinda scary when you look to go into your 3lutz and there's a camera practically staring you in the face! [paraphrased] When they started the music, she was like, there we go! and proceeded to get into the program with the music. She started with a flying camel and then proceeded to skate down the ice toward her 3lutz. The first attempt she two footed. It was close so she was saying, yeah! and bowed for everyone, headed to the tunnel and they wouldn't let her in! They made her do it again--she tried to get away with not doing it and even stuck her head through the curtain begging to be let in. They started her music again, she went into the flying camel, came out of it and stopped, motioning for them to stop it--wrong part of the music. She was also further over in that camel. The last time, she did a great flying camel, better placed compared to the first, and a good 3lutz. She just reached for the ice a little bit, but didn't touch it. She was really happy and crossed her fingers on the first bow to the audience. When she went to the tunnel and they let her in, she was really happy. She skated about as well as I've seen her skate.

And then there was Kurt...again. This retake was much shorter. as he skated out, he started moving just his hands as if he's jumproping again. LOL. He shakes his head, slaps it, and succeeds in cracking up the audience. Always the ham. They were just retaking the last section of the program with the snapshots. I loved watching it again! He froze in the first and second spots and was a little far in the 3rd. I think he did it again and was in it better (the 3rd light. Then he did the ending a couple times. They told him to stand in the spot and wait, but he didn't hear them (busy being goofy, I think ). He asked us what they said and they told him again at that point where to go. So he's standing in the spot, waiting for the music, doing tricks with his hat--throwing it/flipping it up onto his head--he got it on the 2nd try I think it was. Then he was flipping it to his hand that was stretched above his head. They did a fade-out ending and an ending that appeared as though it could blend into the finale - possible if they skip Quick change #2. Who knows. It was pretty lighting! Did Lori Nichol choreograph this, anyone know?

Kurt took the mic after that and thanked us for being such a wonderful audience and profusely thanked us for sticking by him and wondered how long we'd last with the jumproping. Kurt! We'd last ALL night! Seriously, I wouldn't leave before he was done. He needs the audience! He continued by saying that sticking by like that is how friendships are formed and he really appreciated the support. He was so genuine and sweet about it--basically thanking us for being friends to him and he loved us for it. He so underestimates himself and how much people love him, as much, if not more, for who his is, not solely based on how he skates. I certainly would have loved to say thanks to him after that! He got lots o' lovin' from the crowd. Though we were glad he made it through, we were sad to leave!

Todd fell out of his 3axel in Forevermore and they didn't retake it, so that won't likely be shown in the broadcast. I'm surprised he tried it if his ankle has been bothering him badly enough to be doing doubles at the end of the CSOI tour! I hope the operation helps a lot and it's better soon!

In Behind Blue Eyes--I think I have this right, Todd didn't make it through David's legs. They all laughed about it. It was kinda funny because it's one of those things that so rarely happens, but gives you a peek into their personalities and makes it really funny to be there watching. They didn't retake it, so I hope it's still shown. Maybe they'll show the rollercoaster in that part? Please?

Quick tidbit on Jen right before intermission. She said slightly different things in Toronto and Hamilton, but I'll put it into one. Jen spoke about (I can't remember the name of the organization right at this moment, but it's for children orphaned b/c of AIDS in Africa, Latin America and...forgot the other place. Jen only spoke about Africa). The organization seeks support for the orphaned children as a result of AIDS. She asked the people there to take 15 mins during intermission to check it out because it's a huge problem and taking a look around, we could see that the amount of people there helping out could really make a difference. She mentioned how great Canadians were supporting and donating to the Tsunami relief fund(s), but to realize that more kids will be orphaned by AIDS in (just?) Africa than in the Tsunami...forgot the number (don't want to say the wrong number, but was it 30,000??). There is a picture of her with a boy named Chipo in the CSOI program. She met him through sport and told us that he loves soccer. He and his friends made a soccer ball out of tape and plastic bags. His sponsor sent him a real soccer ball and they received his in return. She's such a great speaker, perfect for this type of thing. I hope that the people going to SOI that are able to, can help make a difference!

On the way home, I saw 2 tractor trailors pulling "Rain for Rent." It was kinda funny.