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Canadian Stars on Ice Review - London, ON - May 6, 2012

Written by Dawn

I wish I could be a little more eloquent when it comes to writing a show review, but unfortunately my usual reaction is akin to sounding something like "Wow - that was fantastic!" I'm not too helpful when it comes to identifying jumps in a show either, since I'm generally all agog at the choreography.

So...I can tell you that Kurt Browning is a genius. Pure and simple. The man can choreograph SOI forever as far as I am concerned. Even if it does mean that we only get one complete routine from him. His jumps in "Feeling Good" were high, clean and beautiful. Kurt had a smile on his face and was pumping his fist at the landing of every one. The routine itself was gorgeous. You could have heard a pin drop, so nice to see that he can command an audience like that.

Tessa and Scott got a good reaction from the crowd - being their home town, that was to be expected. I didn't see any full standing ovations, Tessa and Scott got a partial one before they skated the first time, and Meryl/Charlie, Katlyn/Andrew, Kurt, Jeremy, Shawn and Joannie all got partial standing ovations after they skated. There wasn't any routines I really disliked, I would say the girls solo routines were probably my least favorite and Joannie's second routine reminded me of something Jennifer Robinson would have done back in the day. Jeremy Abbott was a revelation for me. I love his skating on TV, but I had no idea he was so light and quick on his feet. And his blades are sooooo quiet! All the ice dance teams were fantastic, about the only thing I could have asked for was that Meryl and Charlie were part of the group routines. Shawn Sawyer seems to have committed himself to being a pure entertainer and his his routines did not disappoint. I could see the Kurt-isms in "Americano" though ;-)

The group numbers....my goodness. The guys number was absolute genius. I couldn't take my eyes off of them (I swear it had nothing to do with the tight tank tops!). Jeffrey's spread eagle around the group as they turned to capture him in the light...exquisite.

Did the girls routine have a story behind it? I kept waiting for someone else to come out...LOL..

"Rolling in the Deep" was beyond, beyond, beyond....it was so good. The start with the miked skates and footwork, the focus on individuals while keeping the group moving as a whole, the massive amount of "stuff" to watch that there is no way you could catch it all...brilliant. Kudos Mr. Browning.

So...I liked the show. A whole lot. It was the best show in years. I couldn't ask for more. Wait, I could. Please let me use my good camera London ushers!!! LOL Other than that, brilliant show!