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Chrysler Stars On Ice Review - Toronto, ON - April 18, 1999

written by Chris

WOW! I had such a great time yesterday at the second Toronto show. I was getting really anxious to go because the last few posts people have made about the shows I have not read because I didn't want to find out anything before I went.

At least now I can start reading the posts again. The biggest surprise for me was the tickets I had. My brother had tricked me and told me that out seats were around the same as last year (first few rows of the rails on the end) however when we got there our seats were in fact on the floors on the ends. Not to mention, it was right where the skaters came out. They were great seats and really made my night!

Sitting in my area included I believe one of the directors or something of the sort because on the retakes of Steven when he messed up on the first re-take I heard him say in a joking fashion, "Steven, Why do you hate me?". I am guessing he was part of the directing crew cause of the equipment he had. Also in my area, was Dougy Ladret. Hmm, he looked a bit shorter than I expected. I also saw Sandra Bezic at the beginning of the show when she was doing her intro for CBC. Lastly, maybe about 4-5 rows behind me was Debbi Wilkes. I was going to just say hi, introduce myself and tell her how much I like Ice Time but I figured maybe I shouldn't since its time away from work for her.

I wish I could have saw/met some fellow Bladers or Kurt Klubers but unfortunately I didn't see any nor could not make the meetings if there were any. Though I did have my BK Bladers shirt on.

What was pretty funny for me was that next to me were 2 little girls about 6-7 yrs maybe and when Steven came out for the first time, they kept complaining and saying "Aww, he's so boring..Let's get the show going!" But then, later on by the second half they were laughing so hard and were so happy to see him when he did come out. I think in ways it was the same for me---at the beginning, the muse segments were a bit slow but as they progressed each one got better and better.

Some favorite programs: No doubt B&K but to choose one I think I liked the Jackson medley program more, despite my liking of the music of Hotel California more. I think it was the attitude that made me like it more. I also really liked Meno/Sand's second number which was Santana's Europa. I never really was a fan but I think I'll keep my eyes open for them in the future. Watching the Kurt/Tara program made me like it even more than from watching it on tv. Lastly, it was even more energetic watching Steven's Invisible program. For the clown number, that was a good number because there was something happening everywhere so throughout that number I was all smiles. Though I did miss seeing Doug as one of the clowns.

Some moments: Well it was kinda scary to see Issy fall and I could really tell that it shook her up because even when they came out at the end she seemed a bit on the 'cautious' side and Lloyd was still consoling her at times---Just glad to she is ok. Lastly, the Kurt fall was great. The reason I say this is because that means they had to do a retake for Face-to-Face and for me, I LOVED this cast number. It was most definitely one of my favs. over the years. As well, it was just kinda funny to see Brian laughing at him.

Actually it was also neat when Kurt came out with the Gretzky and Browning jerseys and I think if you had a camera made for a great picture. Did anyone get a good shot? My brother took one but I think he caught a bad angle so it may not be a good shot.

Of course there were no real disappointments about the show but for me, the disappointments were more personal in that I wished I brought my point-and- click instead of my brother's zoom cause then I'd know I have some pics that came out for sure. As well, I was all anxious to know I was on the floor because I was hoping to finally get my chance to meet Shae personally but unfortunately it didn't happen AGAIN! Though I did get to very briefly say hi to Issy because she was the one who came to our section. Lastly, I know it sounds kinda mean but I kinda wish there were more falls because then we could have stayed longer (hehe).

Overall, another great show and already anxious for the next. For those of you who may be interested, inside the program make sure you look at the Ocean Spray ad because there is an offer for a SOI poster. Looks like quite a nice poster.