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Chrysler Stars on Ice Review - Vancouver, BC - April 27, 1999

written by Sam

We went inside and bought all of the memorobilia we needed (I have probably spent enough money on skating memorobilia in my life to pay for an entire year of college.)and then went to our seats. Not only were they on ice, front row, but they were dead centre. I have never had such beautiful seats in my life. I've been to SOI eight times and have sat in the first or second row five of those times and I always thought being on ice was enough, but this was absolutely amazing. All the action took place there. Directly in front of me seemed to be Steven Cousins's designated spot for most of the show. Yummy. Nice view I must say. I have to warn you that my review of the show won't be as detailed as some of the others, because although I love skating and have read so much about it I still can't identify the jumps because they happen so fast, and, I am just so in awe of people who excel at what they do that I have a hard time criticizing anything.

Act I

The Muse (Steven Cousins)--What a cutie. You can really tell that this guy loves the spotlight, too.

Rock This Town (Cast)--This was great. I loved the way they made introducing the skaters part of the music. Steven Cousins' looked like he was having way too much fun. It seemed as though he was on the verge of hysterical laughter the whole time.

Jumping' Jack (KURT)--Love this number. Love this man. Nothing he could do is ever wrong. No mistakes. Love it when he wears those tight, muscle-defining shirts.

Sleepwalk(B.O., L.C., B&K, M&S)--I don't remember anything extraordinary about this piece, but it goes without saying that it was awesome.

Jump, Jive an' Wail (Tara Lipinski)--I had know idea Tara Lipinski had the kind of following she does in Canada. The place went absolutely nuts when she came out. I mean, never, has any skater ever been introduced after Kurt Browning at CSOI. It was amazing.

Muse (S.C., L.C., S.B.)--After seeing the way Steven looks at her, I sure wouldn't mind being Shae.

A Rose in the Wind (Josee Chouinard)--Very well done. Only one little bobble on a landing as far as I can remember. She is such a great performer.

You're Still the One (Brasseur and Eisler)--I think this was a great choice of music for them. It symbolizes in a lot of ways the ups and downs they've had in their career.

Rootbeer & Licorice (Brian Orser)--Very well skated. Brian seems to be in really great shape. I'm not too sure about the polka dotted shirt though.

I Could Have Danced All Night (Tara Lipinski)--Unbelievable enthusiam for her once again. This music totally summed up how I was feeling yesterday! Great program.

Ain't No Sunshine (KURT)--Great new program. I'd never heard this song before so didn't know what type of program to expect. Judging from the way Kurt talked about Sonia in the interview I'm pretty sure he feels that there ain't a lot of sunshine wihtout her. I am in absolute awe of the control this man has over his body. (I am such a clutz that I have a hard time not falling down when I walk!)

Hotel California (Shae & Vic)--Great. They always look like they're having a good time on the ice which is something I really love about them.

Nosing Around (Cast)--Fabulous! The clowns were a really fun theme. It was really cool to see Doug Ladret skating, even if it wasn't with Tuffy. Although Kurt wasn't skating, he certainly didn't let anyone draw any attention away from him. He's is very well suited to play a clown!

Act II

The Muse (T.L., B.O., L.C., B&K)--The black light on the white costumes was very cool. Anyone wearing white in the audience was glowing too. Unfortunately because it was dark it was hard to tell who the skaters were.

Invisible (Steven Cousins)--Steven is a really great entertainer. The program was fast, upbeat and, as usual, he looked like he was having a ball. What a smile!

I want to be a Prima Donna (Josee Chouinard)--I'd never seen this program and thought the music was very cute and the costume was great. I have dreams of grandeur, and this particular piece of music suited how I feel sometimes!

Malaguena (KURT and Tara)--Wow! The two of them on the ice together nearly brought down the house! I'm surprised they didn't get a standing ovation before they even started. The program was well done. There were a couple of unison problems in the beginning, but nothing major. During one of the lifts near the end, Kurt gave Tara a kiss on the cheek. It was very sweet.

Dear Father (Brian Orser)--Excellent.

Jackson Medley (B&K)--I was a little disappointed that they didn't perform their heart attack number, but this program was along the same lines. Very fast and very fun.

Le'ts Shout [Baby Work it Out] (Brasseur and Eisler)--Cute, fun number. Great tricks.

Second Element (Tara Lipinski)--love the costume. Skating was perfect.

Rad-GIDON-time (KURT)--Absolutely brilliant. Even better live than on TV. Kurt has such a great personality and the skating was flawless. At the end, where he normally jumps onto the judges table, Doug Ladret was supposed to catch him as he went to jump towards the audience, but Kurt knocked him over and shook up a couple of audience members. Kurt was practically on top of Doug and the were rolling over each other on the ground. There was popcorn all over the floor and I'm not sure, but I think it probably got there when Kurt knocked the audience member.

Face the Face (Cast)--Although I love the ensemble numbers, I'm always sad when they happen because I know the show is almost over. When this program was over, I thought it was the end of my perfect day, but then Kurt came over to me and gave me a hug!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave him the hugest hug I could before he left, thanked him profusely and told him that he'd made my life. He thinks I was exagerating. I wasn't.

Overall, as you can tell, I thought the show was fabulous. (I told you I'm not very critical.) I loved the way they have introduced the muses over the past two years. It really makes the show flow and gives it really team atmosphere while letting individuals shine. The show was just seamless from the beginning where they made the no flash warning part of the show, to the lighting, to the music, etc.