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Stars on Ice Review - Dallas, TX - Jan. 27, 2001

written by Dianne

Wow! What a great show! I really don't understand some people that are saying that the show is kind of mellow...I thought the show rocked! :-) I am always so sorry when it's over, knowing it will be another year until it comes back again. There are a lot of programs I would love to see again! Of course it didn't hurt one bit that we had VIP On Ice Seats off a tiny bit from center!

Everyone seemed pretty on tonight. The only fall was by Kurt. :-( I believe it was in the New Moon program. I'm not sure of which jump, I think probably a triple toe. That program really is wonderful, though! I really like how they play off of each other. This is the first year that I have taken my son (24 yrs old) to see live skating. He is not a big fan, but he said he wanted to go. His favorite parts were the group numbers.

The little boy that they used here was really a beginner. He did fine though, especially considering how nervous he must have been! It seemed as though Scott really had to hold him up when Tara came out though!

No problems with Scott's golf bag for Double Bogey Blues. The club shot out like it's supposed to, and the bag fell over on cue. I didn't have a problem with Kristi's hand movements during Desert Rose. That is really a very nice program. Steven is such a charmer, that you have to love watching him skate!

Nyah is more than I would have even expected. I am always sorry that the audiences don't seem to have much appreciation for footwork. Not just Kurt, but anyone's great footwork, including Scott and Yuka. Ah, how I enjoyed finally seeing her skate live! She is so lovely, and she really doesn't make any noise with her skates!

Tara is really getting to be quite the professional skater. I liked both of her programs, but I like Dance With Me better than Tiny Dancer. She was landing triples out there like she didn't just have hip surgery a few months ago.

I wish I could have heard better what they were saying during Tunnel Vision. I don't know if it was my bad hearing, or if they needed to turn the mics up, but I know I missed a lot of the lines. :-(

Loved Chairmen! What a fun program! This is something that really is best seen live.

Kurt's don't fence me in....a very nice triple axel....right in front of us! WooHoo! He seemed really pleased with that. What was funny here was during his double axels towards the end, his hat flew off and spun through the air! He had to go retrieve that, so it messed up the ending where he is supposed to rope someone. A lady down a little ways from me did get a hug though, it just wasn't done with the slow rope in thing. And it wasn't me. ;-)

Scott got a standing ovation for My Way of course. And the whole cast got a long standing 'o' at the very end. It really is a great show! I would love to go see it again!

At the end, because we were on the ice, we did get to shake Kristi's hand. And right down from us was Kurt shaking hands. So my daughter and I are hollering for Kurt to come down to us. Please understand that my daughter is 22, and I'm *ahem* a bit older than that....but, we took Smoochy with us to the show. Smoochy is a Ty Buddy of a frog. And he is kind of real to us. And he loves skating. For those of you that have a program of the show, on Tara's page there is actually a picture of Smoochy. ;-) Oh, this reminds me that when Tara was skating Dance With Me, there was one part where she was skating right towards us. Sarah (my daughter) had Smoochy in her hands and he began waving at her. (Yes, Smoochy waves at people all the time. ) Tara did see Smoochy and gave him a grin. But, back to the end with Kurt. He did finally work his way to us, and of course Smoochy was right there waving again, and Kurt TOOK Smoochy and said to Sarah, "Oh, is this for Scott?" and he skated off!!! He took Smoochy back to the other skaters that were at the end of the rink for more bows, and tossed him up in the air, and put him on Stevens head! Sarah and I are standing there SHOCKED that he took off with Smoochy!! And we didn't want him to take him! So we were hollering at him again, and waving him back! He finally saw us and came back. Phew! Sarah told him that Smoochy was her best friend, and she didn't mean for him to have him. He laughed and gave her a hug (and Smoochy)! I was RIGHT there hoping that he would give me a hug, too...but then he saw someone and yelled "Jesse!" and went to hug SOMEONE ELSE!! I am so amazed! He was right there! I touched his arm, my daughter got a hug, my frog got to SKATE with him, and I got NOTHING!!! Well, at least someone in the family got the hug. Sigh....

An Awesome show nevertheless. I loved it! I'd go see it again and again! Another rambling review! If you can go to the show, go! I do hope that A&E shows Kurt's Nyah. It is amazing.