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Canadian Stars on Ice Review - Hamilton, ON - April 26, 2003

written by Andrea

My first SOI show was way way back in 1994, in Toronto at the Maple Leaf Gardens. It of course probably was the most memorable SOI show I've ever attended. I was just soooooo amazed by everything. The lighting, the choreography, the costumes , the music etc... And of course enjoyed every single minute of the show. It was then that I was hooked, and made it an annual event each and ever year. Up until 1999 - when I attended both the Toronto & Hamilton show that year. Surprising as it may sound, that was actually my last SOI show I attended up until this past weekend. Life I guess just got into the way, either work or other prior committments that actually held me back to attend. I was a lucky gal, and was lucky that Skate The Nation came to my town years after that but nothing beats attending Stars On Ice !!!!

I was extremely extremely excited about this years show. Of course watching the US SOI show on TV just got me really really pumped for the Canadian leg of SOI !! After months of anticipation, the time had finally arrived, and April 26th was finally here !!!

I had fantastic seats for this years show, sitting right across from where the skaters come out. I couldn't have asked for better seats. And I had many great photo opportunities (which I can't wait to get developed and share with all of you)

Just a little comment about the souvenirs - I have to admit I went a little bit overboard with the souvenirs this year !! I loved the mugs they were selling along with the little black mittins that said Stars On Ice. I was pleased with all the colour photos that were being sold as well. A nice variety. The cast photo was a nice one as well !!

The show was set to start at 7:30 however they were a bit behind schedule actually. And the crowd was getting extremely extremely anxious. So anxious we all started to clap repeatedly. For some reason I just got chills, I actually just sat in my seat so happy to finally be at yet another SOI show ! It had been too too long !!! It was nearly 8:00 I think and the lights finally went low and it was finally SHOW TIME !!!!! There of course was a HUGE HUGE ROOOOAAARRR !!!!! We were certainly ready to be entertained !!!!


The Great And Powerfull Oz: CAST

Loved the music !!!! The crowd really responded and cheered quite loudly while each skater did their own thing !!! The costumes are awesome - loved the idea of the guys wearing jeans and the girls wearing the jean skirts. I felt it really fit in with the music !!!

Born To Be Wild (Steven Cousins)

I'm so happy to see him back on the ice and skating again. Of course I would have liked to have seen Yags skate this number however Steven did a fabulous job. Of course had all the ladies screaming!!

Bed Of Roses (Ina & Zimmerman)

After Steven's skate I actually really enjoyed how they started this number. Having Kyoko coming out and Steven skating with her for a short time as we heard the tune of the song being played on the piano, then John coming out, and smoothly go into the start of their program. I absolutely LOVE this team. I have ALWAYS loved this team from the day I saw them, and I was soooo thrilled when I heard that they were going to join the CSOI tour !! They skated this program so beautifully. And I was kinda disappointed that they didn't do a 2nd solo number. Their unique lifts they do are amazing and just so wonderful to watch. I just got goosebumps during the number. And well that John Zimmerman ... mmmm mmmm mmmm I can never get bored looking at him *sigh*

My Favorite Things (Kurt Browning)

I had seen this program skated on TV during the Holiday Festival On Ice and it was great to have the chance to see it live. Very creative as always, skating with a prop. Costume was very fitting as well. Kurt can deliver mail to my house anyday *teehee*

Come Fly With Me ( Sale & Pelletier)

Loved this number. Have seen it on TV and was great to see it live. They both skated it very well, and I've heard from other reviews that Jamie has fallen on her throw, but she had no problems in Hamilton !! Nice clean landing !!

Channel 1 Suite (Todd Eldredge)

Also a Todd fan, just personally this music didn't do anything for me. And unfortunately Todd wasn't really "on" with the jumps during this number. However it's skated really well by Todd. I never get bored watching Todd ! He has great speed, and when he jumps he gets great height as well.

Hotter Than Blue (Jennifer, Steven & John)

What a cute number and I've got to say Jennifer Robinson was one lucky gal that night. Steven & John - MAN OH MAN !! Such a lovely green costume for Jennifer as well. But I've got to be honest, I wasn't really watching Jennifer skate all that much during this number, my eyes were on the guys for the most part - lol. I'm sorry but I had to be honest.

The Middle (Izzy & Lloyd)

They never seem to amaze me. Of course had the crowd screaming and clapping along. Some really really great and new tricks also added to the number. Its sad that this is their last time touring with SOI. They will be missed !!!! Of course it was the first standing Ovation of the night !!

How Do You Keep The Music Playing (Kurt Browning)

I preferred this program more so than "My Favorite Things" Of course Kurt had a wonderful skate - and I managed to get alot of great pictures during this number !!! Also love the blue - Kurt always looks blue when he wears blue !!

Power Play (Sale & Pelletier - Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze - Todd Eldredge)

My Mom who was with me at the show didn't really "get" the whole number. But I personally think its a wonderful number. One must really listen to the lyrics as to what Todd is saying throughout the program. Just with everything that S&P and B&S have been through it does bring alot of great meaning to the program.I think its a great and refreshing program and I especially like the ending where they meet at the center of the ice and shake hands.



OF COURSE this is probably the number I was so much looking forward to see (this and Kurt's Slippery Side Up) This number just totally ROCKED !!! Of course this number is geared more so for the ladies in the audience and I guarantee there was not one lady who walked out of there that wasn't satisfied with this number !! I honestly didn't know who to look at because so much was going on !!!! Poor Todd his hat fell off during one part of the number !!! But man can those guys SHAKE THEIR BOOTIES - *snickers* Its too bad that they didn't have to "retake" this number. My gosh I think I would have been in heaven !!!!! All these guys are HOT !!! The show really heated up after this number was done !! A crowd pleaser for sure !!

Amado Mio (Jennifer Robinson)

Lovely lovely red dress worn by Jennifer and I have to say I really loved the music choice as well. However I have to be honest to say I didn't "get" the program. When I say that I mean more so of the props that were used in the program. First she puts on the black jacket (which looked great with the red dress) but then I just had a bunch of ????? in my head when the jean jacket came on. And then ended the program with the hat and bag? That's the only problem I have with the program - but the actual skating was lovely !! Unfortunately Jennifer had a rough night with the jumps but I felt it didn't effect her program.

Disco Science (Steven Cousins)

I had the privilege to see this number for the first time at Kurts' Gotta Skate back in Nov. and was happy to see it again. When Steven skates to music that has a "techno" feel to it, I just really get into his program. Reminded me of that program he skated back in 1999 when he was sorta "glowing" on the ice !! Of course Steven is always smiling from ear to ear, looking really "COOL" in his shades and just had the crowd clapping throughout his performance.

A Friend To Me ( Izzy & Lloyd)

Such a really sweet program skated by both Izzy & Lloyd and the lyrics to the song probably have a special meaning for both - having skated together for so many years, being such great friends. Probably one of my favorite numbers from them.

Miserere (Todd Eldredge)

First right off the top I absolutely LOVE Andrea Bocelli and when I heard that Todd was skating to yet another song by Andrea Bocelli I was thrilled. And this being one of my favorite songs off his Romanza CD. I love it when a skater such as Todd wears black pants and a white shirt (with a little bit of glitter in the case of Todd) He really brought me into his program, skating with much speed and alot of power in his jumps. A favorite number for me definitly !!! And of course a standing ovation for Todd - well deserved !!

Mme. T After Hours ( Elena & Anton)

OK I was laughing hysterically when Kurt came out wheeling in Elena (who was covered with a sheet) Soooooo soooooo hilarious. A little warm up for what we were in for during his Slippery Side Up number. And the SCREAM Kurt gave when Anton was revealed from the white sheet. I actually SNAPPED my camera and am so anxious to see the look on Kurt's face during that moment - LOL !!! I had the privilege to see this program skated during Kurt's Gotta Dance in Nov. and I have to say the program has gotten better - and well Anton has really improved with his Elvis' moves and really gets into character throughout the program. Had the crowd clapping throughout the program and of course a well deserved standing ovation !!

Racing (Alexie Yagudin)

From the moment the music started to the moment the music ended the Copps just ROARED with screams from the crowd. And clapping throughout his performance. It was like the audience was THRILLED to have finally see him skate his first and only solo number in the show. I like Yags skating and you know I applaud him for going out there and skating his 100% when he may not feel his 100% I do wish him the best.

Lovin'Touchin'Squeezin' (Sale & Pelletier)

One word to describe this number - SEXY !!!!! Loved this number !!!

Slippery Side Up (Kurt Browning)

Of course had EVERYONE laughing throughout the program. Man oh man, what great difficulty for anyone to walk on the ice with SKATE GUARDS. Of course Kurt didn't disappoint me or anyone else watching. Was delightful !! And had everyone laughing throughout. At the end of the number when they throw the rope out to Kurt they didn't throw it all that far, not sure if it was meant to be like that but it was just comical how he tried reaching for the end of the rope, as he slid across to it.

Can't Stop (CAST)

I was really sad at this point just knowing the show would be over. Again an ENJOYABLE number to watch - especially the guys flashing the leather jackets. Looking might YUMMY!!!!! I thought this number was really greatly choreographed.

After the number was finished I knew we would be seeing some retakes but to my surprised we of course had the cast do the entire finale over again. I'm guessing that because its such a busy busy finale the cameras wanted to make sure they got different angles/shots throughout the program. I was sad that I ran out of film at this point, but enjoyed watching the retakes and enjoyed the finale for the 2nd time in a row. They had as much energy they had when we first saw it. I was surprised that many of the people did stay for the retakes.

Kurt of course had the mic and was talking to everyone while we waited for the skaters to get changed. After they did the finale, Kurt was talking and I guess John Zimmerman had skated by as he was leaving the ice, and Kurt made a comment about how he's a "hot studd" and how some people in this world need hair. Like "Kurt's World" Was just hilarious. Of course Kurt never disappoints me. And when he's got the mic in hand, he always is making someone laugh or smile. During the whole retakes, Jamie had the mic as well, and just took the opportunity to say how happy she was to be back in Canada performing. Also at one point Jamie said that she tried to get David to come out however he was sorta busy and was taking a show. But he did make an appearance for a brief moment.

Retakes done: Jennifer Robinson, Todd Eldrege (both programs - however during Miserere he did have a clean skate, they wanted him to redo one jump, just for a different angle apparently) Elena & Anton, Izzy & Lloyd & Steven Cousins.

Overall I really really enjoyed the show but sad it was over. I did manage to get some really great pictures and I'm anxious to get them developed so I can share with you all !! After the show we headed back to the hotel, and went to a near by restaurant to have a bit to eat. Lloyd Eisler and from what I had seen looked like his family/friends having a bit to eat. And well it was LLoyds birthday as well because they brought out a little piece of dessert with a candle and sang Happy Birthday to him. Just a little tidbit for ya !!