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Stars on Ice Review - Houston, TX - Jan. 22, 2006

written by Amy

Okay, here's a rundown of the show. I don't take notes so this will be from memory and general impressions. Please excuse lack of proper punctuation/ grammar as it's faster to type quick phrases.


Loverly Spring - opening that's based on ice capades w/ flower costumes and basic skating...you could see many who were kind of confused/ surprised-lol -then Scott interrupts and says this was not what he had in mind!

I'd Do Anything for Love Real opening - starts w/ Alexei and then each skater/ pair comes out and does 15-20 seconds spots before joining all together - lots going on/ great costumes. I thought the cut of the music made it very clear how it fit in to the theme- esp. after Scott's intro. I liked it.

Winter - Alexei - so glad I got to see this live - GREAT program - excellent jumps and footwork sequence got the crowd going

Beanfields - Yuka - I love Yuka, but this one kind of feel flat tonight. She fell on first jump, but did well with the rest. I didn't care for the new costume at all and thought it took away from the performance. I liked it better on TV.

You are So Beautiful -Elena & Anton - Beautiful program! She did fall on the throw (or maybe that was J&D later -can't remember), but it was beautiful! They look so good together and he really looks at her like he's in love. They should get back together -lol! Audience liked them.

And the Beat Goes On - Jennifer - Cute costume and program. She's a great addition! One or 2 triples, several double jumps, and great spins.

Belfast Child -Steven - WOW - I really liked this program and he skated it very well. I've always wanted to see this live! Audience appreciated the great skating!

Mr. Bojangles -Kurt - Cute, fun program...so Kurt! Every time I see him, I realize how much I want him back on full tour. (I understand why though and don't blame him). Lots of great jumps.. several triples and a series of 3 doubles in a row w/ little footwork between. He had a small mistake (don't remember what though) and he played it off in typical Kurt fashion. He got the loudest reception both before amd after he skated!

Elite Syncopations -Jamie and David - Cute number.. very dance like with several great lifts including handstand lift which got huge reception. I can't remember if the fall from the throw was here or in B&S number mentioned above. I know there was one somewhere in 1st act, but no big deal as they are all amazing!

Alexander's Ragtime Band -Todd - Great piece for him. He still jumps so well and his spins...well, you know. This program was fun and audience got into it. No mistakes that I remember. Great job!

Dance Medley -cast - Very fun! I thought Scott did a great job setting it up so you knew it was a behind the scenes of practice. I don't know if this has been changed/ cleared up from previous shows, but I thought concept was clear. The comments by Scott between each part were funny and I loved all the parts...esp. the guys and "I Can't Dance" and then all together on last 2 songs!

I thought the first half was great and had many wonderful skates! Although I enjoyed the 1st half, I knew the 2nd half would be amazing after looking at the program list. Intermission was filled with clips from over the years and my friend and I watched the whole thing. Nice trip down memory lane.


Overture/ Comedy Tonight - cast - This is supposed to be dress rehearsal with many things going wrong. So much to watch that it's hard to catch it all, but it's very funny. Rituals, costume problems, messed up moves, falls, split pants, etc... Then it moves into red hat like program w/ Jamie loosing her hat over and over. It's cute and she sells it well!

Chaplin Medley - Elena and Anton - Wonderful program and the audience loved it! A new twist on old Chaplin program with different music and sound effects. Great throws and lifts -nice leap of faith in heavy costume.

Superstition - Steven - I love Steven and so does the audience! He really sold this and got everyone into it. A few small mistakes, but everyone loved it! He sat in someone's lap at the end and they had a polaroid taken together. That lucky woman got to keep it! I was right behind her 2 rows up - I missed my on-ice seats!

If It Wasn't for You're Love -Jennifer - Started in audience -couldn't see from my angle. Her skate was elegant and I love her dress! She's a great addition!

Get Here -Yuka and Jason - WOW - what an amazing color dress on Yuka -heard several people comment! Great skate -it's amazing how well Yuka skates pairs considering how late she took it up. Some great lifts and a throw.

Too Me Tango - Steven/ Todd/ David/ John/ Jennifer - Okay, who is this about? I'd love to know! I was thinking Katarina? Dorothy (heard she was a diva)? Just curious! Anyway, cute program - esp. parts w/ Jennifer. The guys skating w/ suitcases was okay, but have definitely liked other prop skating better (ie... Chairman). A few small mistakes and you could see them get cracked up a little -esp. Steven -lol.

Peace Frog -Kurt - Another Kurt gem!! He was on and really sold this to everyone! Upbeat and fun! Nice leather pants...lol. Great reception again! Everyone loves Kurt!

Sway - Alexei - Once again, couldn't see beginning in audience b/c of angle. Nice program and lots of fun. He got lots of reaction for his "sexy" dance moves and incredible jumps / footwork.

The Suite -Yuka - Intro from Scott and videos were very touching. Sergei was the only one who got a reaction...some applause. (I miss G&G so much and that gorgeous smile of his!) Then Yuka skated - nice, elegant moves. Then they show pics/ video of the future generation...the kids of Scott, Kurt, Jenni and Todd, Katia and Sergei, Katia and Ilia, Kristi, etc... with their parents/family. The last pic was Aidan (Scott's son) and Keara (Kristi's daughter) kissing - got alot of oohs and aahs. Very nice!

Vertigo -Kyoko and John - WOW, WOW, WOW!! We missed their indiv. program last year b/c of injury after Denver fall so I was so excited to see them skate. This program pulls out all the stops and is amazing! Very well executed!! HUGE audience response! SOI... please give them 2 spots next year!!!!

Bolero - Todd - Traditional, clean skating. It was nice and Todd always executes so well.

I Want to Know What Love Is - Jamie and David - Beautiful program!!! You can see the love in their eyes! Well executed with some amazing lifts and great throw!

Sing, Sing, Sing - cast-finale - Scott announces welcome to 2006 tour and skaters are introduced as this is beginning of the show in the storyline. I think most got it...a few confused though, I think. Can't remember particulars, but it was alot of fun with great tricks and was a nice length. (Sometimes they feel too short.) Steven did fall on one easier part and was cracking up about it - great smile!! There's a "false" ending and everyone had already stood up for standing ovation. We finished watching with the arena on their feet. Kurt joined for bows. Lots of energy... great show!!

Overall, I really liked this show. As I said before, I'd rank it in the middle of the ones I've seen live. As others said, a little more umph would have been nice for the anniversary, but I thought it was great overall! The crowd in Houston really got into it and seemed to appreciate what they were seeing. I hope you all enjoy it!

Oh, a quick funny... A lady (in her 50-60s) a few seats down kept yelling stuff at skaters... esp. Steven. I remember once she yelled out something like "Hey sweetness... come up here next to me!" LOL She made several similar comments...it was so cute!