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Stars on Ice Review - Lake Placid, NY - Nov. 27, 2010

written by Deb

I had a great time at the Opening Night of Stars On Ice! Lake Placid is such a magical little town and I really missed not going there last year. Before the show I was lucky enough to meet up with a friend who introduced me to Todd's parents and Richard Callahan! My friend had told them I had gone to Riverdance On Ice and Todd's mother, Ruth commented on what an amazing show it was and I agreed. We are both looking forward to the TV show in Feb. (Thanks to my friend..you know who you are...That was great and it was great to see you again!)

On the Show: before the opening number Evan came out to say a few words to the crowd. Welcoming everyone and saying how thrilled he was to be a part of the 25th Anniversary show...then said something like "Let's get this party started!!" and the Opening number began. The Music was "I Like it" by Enrique Iglesias. Cast members were in all black costumes.

After the opening number Kurt came out to talk to the crowd and intro Scott!! Scott came out and instantly received a standing ovation before he even spoke a word! Gave me goose bumps! Scott and Kurt had some good banter back and forth and talked about some of Scott's most famous numbers in SOI.

Mike Weiss was first up skating to "Somebody to Love" by Queen. He wore black leather pants and a deep purple shirt. He had to come back out during retakes to fix a backflip..he didn't fall or anything...maybe just didn't land it quite perfectly the first time.

Joannie Rochette skated to Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" she also had to come back for a retake....she almost fell out of a spin.

Todd Eldredge Skated to Frank Sinatra's "That's Life" fun program from Todd!! I really liked it.

Belbin & Agosto skated to Flamenco they also came back to do retakes and it ook a couple of tries. Ben joked with the audience when he first came back out that it was Tanith who had screwed up....then during the retake Tanith kinda slipped and fell and they had to try again.

Kurt skated next to "Steppin' Out of my Mind" by Geoffrey Tyler...you hear Kurt's thoughts through-out this program....he voiced his thoughts over the music. It's so great to see him still out there skating. So happy he's doing the whole tour! He has a couple of props in this routine a jacket drops down from the ceiling...he puts that on then someone throws him a top hat and cane...which he dropped near the end of the program and had to do a retake!!

up to this point in the show I noticed there were no little intro's in between skating numbers...they were just using the big TV screens to intro the skaters...Well finally after Kurt's number I got my wish.

Mike, Tanith and Ben arrive on the ice in full Cheerleader outfits complete with pom-poms and do a little number to "Bust a Move" it was unexpected and funny!!

Sale & Pelletier were up next they used their CSOI numbers from last year, (I was happy about that, since I hadn't seen CSOI and was very much looking forward to their Michael Jackson number!!) "Try" from Blue Rodeo was first. They seemed to be skating great together and happy to be there.

TV screens at this point were showing past female skaters of SOI and it ended with Sasha who was next to skate she skated to Pink's "Nobody Knows"

Todd and Mike come back to the ice and Give away a duffel bag signed by Evan. They make a funny routine out of it..saying they stole Evan's bag and he doesn't know it.

Katia has a small intro to Evan's program and Mike skates off the ice with her. Katia doesn't have a solo in the first half of the show! Maybe due to the fact that she was busy winning Battle of the Blades!! (side note Katia is almost as blonde as Joannie Rochette...or that's the way the lights made here look??)

Evan skates next to "El Tango De Roxanne" in his typical black outfit...lol I have to say..Evan must of been very happy with the color scheme this year he was always in black...or black and white..except for the finale which was all red costumes!

Group number to close the first half of the show is called "Knock Knock" Kurt pushes out a piano and says something like "nothing like a huge prop and a group number" then he talks about all the friendships the skaters have made on tour. The tunnel curtain has now been replaced by what looks to be a stage door and you hear a knock..Kurt answers the door and it's Todd..they go back to the piano and chat...then another knock...it's Mike & Ben...finally David joins them and the guys do a number...then girls join them Katia, Sasha, Jamie, Joannie....then Tanith enters looking like Marilyn Monroe?? The song was "Fever" and it ended with the guys picking her up and placing her on top the piano! At the end of this group number you hear another knock at the door..and only see a shadow..as the number ends.

Opening act 2 is called "Who's There"...skaters appear on ice in same outfits..and pick up where they left off...knock on the door is Evan in full 50's gear...black pants, white t-shirt, black leather coat...cast skates to two songs one is "Keep Knocking, but You Can't Come In"!

Katia's only solo is next "Cinema Italiano" So happy she's doing the whole tour and not just a guest skater. Loved her blue dress.

Screens show past group numbers of SOI and "Magical Mystery Tour" is playing.

Party in The Park is a small group number with Todd, Kurt, and Sasha...Todd and Kurt...look like clowns..they push a box out and do a little clowning around...Sasha pops out of the box with a balloon...skates around with it...until Kurt comes by and pops it...she acts heartbroken and Todd tries to console her...Todd goes and gets a kite and makes it fly around while he skated...it was very cool...then Kurt goes and gets a whole bunch of balloons...at the end Joannie comes out to skate next and she steals a balloon from Kurt and lets it float away!

Joannie skates to "Objection (Tango)" by Shakira she also had to come back for retakes to fix something in this number. I can't remember what it was...I don't think she ever fell...Sasha was the only fall of the night as I recall.

Jamie comes out to intro Mike and acts like she is getting annoyed by someone playing the harmonica in the crowd..Mike comes out and says he likes it and can work with that..Jamie says.."Good Luck with that"..and leaves the ice. Mike skates to "Beatbox Harmonica" by Yuri Lane...I liked it thought it was unique and creative, but I can see how this music could get annoying after a while..lol

Past pairs are on the big screens...music is something about Sticking together like glue?? I honestly forgot what the song was.

Belbin & Agosto "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon this one gave me goose bumps too!! They use a scarf as a prop..pulling back and forth.

Screen show past Men of SOI music is "Boys are Back In Town" ends with Todd..who skate next to Niel Diamond's "I've been This Way Before" another great program from Todd.

Katia and Tanith come out in red...roaring 20's dresses? do a little number to "Let the Sunshine In"

Sasha is next. Skating to "Mein Herr" by Liza Minnelli. I had seen this program on one of the TV specials and was looking forward to seeing it live. She took a fall and had to come back during retakes, but i really like this number.

Scott come back out and does a great intro for Kurt!! Kurt skates to "Downstream" by Supertramp I could just watch Kurt skate all day and never get tired of it!!

TV screens now show family photos...like Kristi and her family, Katia and her family and it ends with Scott and his family.

Sale & Pelletier "Scream" is next...so happy to see this live!! They were great!!

Evan closes the show with "The Climb" by David Hernandez (yes in black again..lol) Very nice program!!

Finale is skated to Tina Turner & Jimmy Barnes "The Best" cast is all in red...before the song ends they go into the on ice crowd and shake hands...then all go back to the ice.

The song "Dynomite" is playing while cast takes their bows and red roses were given to female skaters.

Kurt talked to the crowd before retakes. Show started a few minutes after 8:00pm and we didn't leave there until just about 11:00pm. Great night of skating!!