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Canadian Stars on Ice Review - Montreal, QC - April 22, 2003

written by Tpangner

I had so much fun ! Here's my review of the 1st act. it's the first time I do one, so don't be hard on me OK ?

The Bell center was almost full,there were people even in the 200s and 300s.And the crowd was on from the start !

Everyone was on today, except a fall by John Zimmerman in Studz.I had on-ice seats, and may I say that it's the best seats in the house !We were so close to the skater, I just can't believe it yet !!!!!

Now, on with the show !

The Great a powerful oz: I liked it. Not the kind of music I usually listen to but it was well skated, and with a lot of energy. They've announced the skaters in French,which was funny and strange in the same time ! Of all the skaters,Kurt, Alexei, Jamie & David and Isabelle & Lloyd had the loudest cheers.And I really liked the costumes ......

Born to be wild-Steven Cousins: A cute number, not the best I've seen but It was still a nice number. I really like to see Steven skate, he's so sexy ! I just can't believe that he had a knee operation last December !

Bed Of Roses-Ina/Zimmerman: I really love that number and the music.The number was much better live that on TV. And John.....he is so handsome, and much more than on TV. Well Skated except for a side by side jump that was almost miss by John.

My Favorite things-Kurt Browning: Kurt was on tonight ! Not a little unplanned fall ! I've seen this number on Tv before but I was really happy to see it live. Kurt was wearing a postman Costume for this number. He was so handsome in it. No mistakes that I could see.I really like the way he uses the box in this number. I don't know how he could do what he does with the box in his hands. With the postman costume, the number did not look christmasy at all !!

Come fly with me-Sale/Pelletier: Not my favorite number from them but still a great number. The crowd was so loud when David entered the ice !!!No mistakes there either.

Channel 1 suite-Todd Eldredge: Well, strange as it could be, I really enjoyed Todd tonight.I'm not a big fan of Todd (which might change in a near future !) but he always find a way to suprise me live ! He did almost all his jumps on my side, which was really nice. This man can jump ! No mistakes for Todd either !

Hotter than Blue: Jennifer, Steven, John: I was on the good side to see everything that was going on in this number, which was great. I didn't know where to watch ! John and Steven on the ice at the same time !!!!Jen was great in that number. She fits really well in those kind of Characters.

The Middle-Brasseur / Eisler: 1st Standing O. of the night !They started the number just in front of us, which was nice. The things those two could do is incredible.They did,you know the move where he turn her aroud his neck, just in front of us. And they use all the ice !

How do you keep the music playing ?-Kurt Browning: W-O-W ! I had tears in my eyes all the program long ! He really gets into that program ! The jumps was so smooth and effortless ! And the footwork ! I just can't describe the feeling I had during that number !

PowerPlay: I was not a big fan of that number before the show but it's different live ! The program is so well choregraphed. Todd Eldredge Smiled at me !!! No Joke !During the number, he was skating in front of me and when he saw I was smiling at him , he smiles back, and one of the biggest smile i've seen from him ! Let me say that that make my day !

Studz: W-O-W !!!!! A crowd pleaser, including myself ! Elena walked just in front of us ! And Jennifer danced just in front of us. Now, the guys !!! re:w-o-w !!!!!!!So much things happen during that number that you don't know where to look ! The men looks so great in tight jeans !! I hope they'll do another number like this next year ! Oh, and i forgot ! In the begining of the number, John slip or something and ended up in front of the seats on-ice. He was laughing when he got up and was like:" Hey guys, wait for me" as he was skating to rejoin them ! He was soooooo funny !Standing O.

Amado mio-Jennifer Robinson: I'm not a big fan of " prop numbers" but it was a cute number.

Disco Science-Steven Cousins: I've seen this number in Hamilton last November and I really liked it ! It was, in my opinion, much better than in Hamilton. He looks so good in those leather pants !And again, he doesn't like like a man who had a knee operation last Dec. !!!!

A friend to me-Brasseur/Eisler: Standing O. Well skated. A different kind of number for them but they did look like they were enjoying themself out there.And as I said before, they uses all the ice surface (which was nice for those at the end). Did I say I'm going to miss them ?????

Miserere-Todd Eldredge: Another number that I as not fond of but live, Wow ! He did most of his jumps in front of us ! His jumps are so great ! Standing O.

Mme T after hours-Berezhnaya / Sikarulidze-Before the number, Anton was waiting to get on ice ,left of where I was sitting ! He almost collided with Todd as he got on the ice !And Kurt....Too funny ! The way he dusted of Elena was so funny ! Another number I've live before but was better skated here. It's incredible how those two have grown on me sinde the Oly. I was more of a S/P fan before but now, I prefer Elena & Anton.No mistakes. They finished the number in front of me. Anton is so cute..... Standing O.

Racing-Alexei Yagudin: The reaction of the crowd was so loud when the music started ! You couldn't believe it !He did two jumps combinaison (I think). One was a 3-3-2(he had troubles with the last jump).He was on and he skated with a lot of energy, and was smiling all the way !!!Standing O.

Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'-Salé/Pelletier: I prefered this number than CFWM.Than again the crowd was so loud. The hand stand was so long. I think he skated half of the ice surface with her in that position!!!! Standing O.

Slippery side up-Kurt Browning: Kurt started on our side. He is so cute. I don't know how he could skate with his skate guard on !!!!! Durring the number, a lady got up and started to "play" with him !!! She even got on the ice !!! No kidding ! Oh, and those falls ! I don't know how he could do it night after night ! Standing O.

Can't stop: I was so sad because it was finish ! But I really liked the number. It was skated with a lot of energy. And the footwork was incredible (Kurt in particular ). My only complain was that it was not long enough.

After the number I shook hands with Todd Eldredge.He is as tall as I thought. After he shook hands with us, I little girl, 5-6 years old, jump on him and didn't want to let go ! It was so funny ! He didn't know what to do !!!!!

My only complains: Not long enough ! I would've taken an hour more !!!! Overall, it was better that last year (in my opinion)