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Stars on Ice Review - Pittsburgh, PA Review - March 10, 2002

written by Gerry

I didn't take notes; my review is from memory (and perceptions). When it comes to my favorites this review is bound to be somewhat slanted.

The Arena was two thirds to three fourth filled; I'm not good at this, but close enough. On the Applause o- meter Kurt, Todd, Kristi and then Ilia got the most response throughout the show. The crowd was enthusiastic.
Celebrity sighting-some Pittsburgh Penguins.
I like the Program at $15 especially the large black and white photo of the skaters. Different

Of all the performers Kurt has the best connection with the audience. I think Ilia is trying to connect also, but it seem it is more of him remembering to do this instead of it coming naturally.

This SOI was to be about the ladies, but to me the men that made SOI this year.

Opening was not too bad, but I have seen better.

Kurt introduced Todd and he got a great response, a partial SO. Lord of the Rings-Todd just doing what he does so well and for me seeing him live for the first time-YEAH. (Todd doubled a couple of his jumps in this number or the other one, can't remember, it didn't matter.) Todd did a triple lutz in front of me, I'm glad I had fourth row seats.

Guitar- Looks as good live as the several performances I have seen on TV. Kurt and his oneness with his music is awesome. Kurt doubled the triple salchow but he incorporated the miss jump nicely into his choreography. :-)

Color of Roses-Even without many jumps Tara does an excellent job, I like this number for her. Tara had only two jumps, she singled a salchow, but did a thiple toe. The only disappointment of this show was Tara not doing An American Tribute, not that I enjoy being manipulated with the patriotic theme, but I wanted to see Tara do that terrific foot work. If I had a choice I would have rather seen An American Tribute then the Rose program.

Vanity Tango- Just OK. I do want Christopher to move on, but I'm wondering what his next obsession will be? First hats then furniture, oh what will be next?

Ilia's Rendezvous, Pick Up the Pieces and Rubberband Man-I enjoyed all of Ilia's numbers, he did double a few jumps. I though Ilia's jumps would look better live than on TV, not so, at least to me, which is nice for the TV audience. I love when Ilia jumps. Yep, Ilia is rubbery.

Last of the Mohicans-Well the headdress is gone and there is a costume change for Anjelika, at least she doesn't look like a dancer in one of those old burlesque show. I'm just slightly less than offended. K/O got a great audience response because of the WOW factor. Audience seemed fascinated with the pole tricks.

Tom Jones Medley-Steven doing Steven again, not much growth here and certainly nothing challenging. Sandra and Co. seems content to let Steven dwell in his Steven-ness. His tentative jumps make me cringe, sorry.

Gold-Kristi is perfect; even when she flipped out of her triple loop she still comes across as perfect, well IMO. Love this number for Kristi.

It Takes Chair to Tango-Cute, fun number even if Jenni isn't skating with her feet. :-) Of course being that a chair is involved you can guess Chris Dean had a hand in it.

G-O-L-D-What a D-U-D. The only good part was the mention of Sarah and her Olympic win.

Because We Can-Biggest laugh response from the audience, it got a big laugh from me, also. On the way home my daughter ask if male skaters should do a number like that being how the general public think about male skaters (it is not her beliefs).

No One in the World and other spots-As for Lucinda Ruh, I was not pleased with trading of Yuka for Lucinda, if I had my druthers I druther have Yuka, but she does have WOW factor with her body contorting spins.

Rainy Days-Lame. If I could ask Sandra and Co. and question, I would ask, "What was that and what is the reason for that?" For Kurt, get some control over your material.

The First Time-Love this, love Jenni and Todd and this number, it is even better seeing it live.

Trust a Try-This is not going to be a favorite of mine, I would have like to seen a classical number from Kristi in this spot. Loved the costume though.

Case Continues-I'm not a huge fan of Katerina, but her skating quite good. I found I was watching her skating and not the performance. Her double axels are huge.

Your Song-Like this a bit better than Lord of the Rings, Todd did an awesome job. I'm so looking forward to seeing how versatile he can become. I think he said that is one of the reason for joining SOI. No, I don't think we will ever see Todd doing Brickhouse, but it will be interesting to see what Sandra and Co. comes up with for Todd, can't wait.

One Day I Will Fly Away-One of my highlights, Kristi and Denis are outstanding, I hated that it had to end. Mesmerizing

Elevation-Kurt was having a lot fun and audience got into it. I think he doubled a jump, not sure.

No American Tribute :-(

I did like this SOI finale, a Carpenter Finale who would have thought. With his Ina Bauer into a Spread Eagle, long back spiral into a double axel, skid spiral, long sweeping edges and the rest of this dreamy number, the best performance belong to Kurt's Solitaire.

On the whole I enjoyed this years SOI. I will close now since this when on way too long