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Stars on Ice Review - Salt Lake City, UT - Jan. 8, 2003

written by Katrina

I went to the Salt Lake SOI show last night and it was wonderful. I had great seats, 3rd row center, just down the row from Jozef Sobovcik. It wasn't great like the 1997-98 tour (my favorite), but it was very good. I only wish there was some way I could get to Canada this spring. Oh well, here's my (long) review; I didn't take notes, so I can't share any details about jumps, etc.

Act I

The Great and Powerful Oz: This was good, much better than the mostly non-skating opening numbers of the past few years. Kurt, Alexei, S&P, and B&S got the loudest applause.

Born to be Wild: Yes, this was Kurt, not Alexei, which was just fine with me. It looked like Kurt had either just learned the choreography or it was total improv; my bet's on the improv. He had lots of great footwork and a couple of definite "Kurt" moves, like the back somersault he did at the end of Summertime. Very enjoyable, and if he keeps doing this it should just get better and better.

Bed of Roses (I&Z): This is a good program for them with lots of energy and some amazing lifts.

Come Fly with Me (S&P): Great program for them. I love their death spiral, and they always seem to be having a great time whenever they are skating.

Channel 1 Suite (Todd Eldredge): I've never been a big fan of Todd, but this was a good program that really showed off his strengths, especially his spins.

Hotter than Blue (Katarina, Gorsha, John): Okay, I have to admit that I watched the men, especially John, throughout the whole program, so I have no idea what Katarina did. I don't think I missed much. There are some fine looking men in this year's cast. :)

Overcome (Alexei): This is the other reason to have Kurt skate BTBW, this program is amazing! The choreography, the footwork, the emotion, everything is great. He's right up there with Kurt in the way he makes an entire program feel like an event. Definitely one of the highlights of the night.

I'm Your Man (M&S): I'm not usually a fan of M&S, but this program was very cute. I liked seeing their personalities come out.

How do you Keep the Music Playing (Kurt): I loved this program! It wasn't perfect (a few step-outs on jumps), but he has the ability to just completely pull me into his skating. I especially loved his outside edge camel spin and the ending footwork sequence. Great program!

Power Play (B&S, S&P, Todd): Whenever you have to pair teams of these teams' caliber on the ice at one time, the energy is amazing. I would have cut the lame narration, but it was a good number despite that.

Act II

Studz: THE highlight of the night! TV does not do this program justice. I think I got whiplash from trying to see everything. All of the guys look like they are having way too much fun, and everyone in the audience is too. This is the main reason I wish I had tickets to another show.

The Rest of Your Life (Katarina): For me, this is the one blah program of the night. I think this is only here for the men who have been dragged to the show. Oh well.

Miserere (Todd Eldredge): Even though Todd is not my favorite and never will be, I really liked this program but I don't know exactly why. I do have to give kudos to Todd for trying (and landing) the only triple axel of the night, although that might have been in a different program.

Prayer (R&S): I loved this program at the Olympic Closing Ceremony and I loved it here. It was a great choice on SOI's part to bring them back.

Slippery Side Up (Kurt, of course): For all the people who say there is no skating in this program (probably no one on this list), watch that man's feet! What he does on skates is completely amazing! This was absolutely wonderful; Kurt has the comedy down, and his facial expressions are hilarious. He got the loudest applause of the night.

Love on the Rocks (I&Z, M&S, R&S): This was cute, not great, but I liked seeing the interaction between the skaters.

Mme. T After Hours (B&S): Kurt at the beginning was my favorite part of the program, but B&S did a good job. I wish they had done something other than Elvis and Marilyn because it really doesn't show off their strengths, but it was still a good program.

Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' (S&P): This was a high-energy program and I really liked it. They did a huge throw triple salchow (I think?) and the lift where Jamie does a handstand on David's arm is incredible. Great number.

Racing (Alexei): I like Alexei a lot; he has quickly become one of my favorites, and while I would prefer a less watered-down version of this program, I still enjoyed it. The footwork was great as always, but it seemed like he was grimacing at the end. I hope he's not doing too much and ruining his hip forever.

Can't Stop (finale): Great energy, and the cast got a long standing ovation at the end. Overall it was a great show, no falls and only a few little mistakes. I definitely enjoyed myself.