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SOI Review - Minneapolis, MN - Jan. 27, 2000

written by Mandy

I just got back from the Minneapolis show. And wouldn't you know, there WERE two show in Minneapolis after all! I didn't find out about it until I read it on FSW yesterday afternoon so I missed the first show that was supposedly for Target employees...

Anyways, I'd have to say that this year's tour is great as usual, but not one of my favorites. It seemed to be lacking an overall theme and especially for the usual closing number at the end of the first act which is usually my fav part of the show.

I really liked the programs for this year, but I didn't really care for the cast photo so I didn't get one.

Let's see....the opening number to the Kodo drums was very modern, which was what I decided they must have been going for with their theme for this year. Must be like a Millenium/modern theme. I didn't really care for the opening costumes, though...

Kurt's Rag-GIDON-time was fun since it was the first time I'd seen it in person and his jumping was ON. He even landed his 3toe/3toe but his nose flew off during that combination! A little improvisation and yelping and he got back into the rest of the program. I have to say that I appreciate his humor, but the whole deal with him being a clown the ENTIRE show didn't really fit...I thought it was a little awkward..

Okay. I've never really said that I've liked one discipline in skating over another but this year I've really decided that I LOVE ICE DANCING! I was very impressed wtih Roca/Sur's "Ghost". It was lovely and breathtaking. I think with so much emphasis being placed on jumps in the amateur world I'm just so excited to see choreography and dance is a great place to find it! :)

Katia's ribbon routine was lovely...I think it's most effective when she does her spins..

Looking at the program, I don't really remember Ilia's "Blues for Narada" so it must have been short or something....

Meno & Sand did a great job on Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing...they have some very effective, crowd-pleasing moves. :) I was just impressed cause it's such a change in style for them. It was nice.

Then there was the whole Genie in a Bottle program...again...Kurt comes out as a clown and then Denis and Gorsha in the Harem outfits...It was cute but just really out of place to me! ah well... Now, I am enjoying Tara's programs more and more as a pro but the two she does on tour don't really impress me. I loooved the Secret Garden routine she did at Ice Wars. Her jumping was on -- still doing the 3lutz! She has one of the cleanest takeoffs for the 3salchow -- I love it!

The Old Friends ensemble was nice and I love Kristi's "Bridge Over Troubled Water", but again, I am a sucker for the previous theme ensemble routines that close out the first act....like the Olympic Spoof and last year's Clowns...

Okay. I really liked LuLu in her amateur days but the poor thing just can't jump anymore and I am really tired of seeing her do these vampy routines, as I think a lot of people have stated before...therefore, I didn't really care for the "Luv Me Luv Me" routine.. and of course it started with Kurt as a clown on the couch and being scared or embarassed or something about watching Kristi and Lu flirt with all the guys...i dunno! I do have say that Steven Cousins has some MOVES...that guy can dance on his skates.

Keeping with the awkward clown theme -- next was the duet with Kurt and Tara. I have been talking with my friend about professional skating and how we think it would be cool to have a woman start doing the comedic style like Kurt and Scott, and I think that Tara has potential. I thought she worked well with Kurt for their duet (as weird as the concept was)...so this was fun

Next was Katia and Ilia's pair routine...okay -- scary moment. he kind of hesitated on the lift where he holds her by the stomach over his head and she's pretty much stretched out like an airplane (this is the best way I could think to describe it! sorry!). well he hesitated and they sort of wobbled but eventually got it up. I think their timing was a little off, but on the whole it was really nice to see Katia doing those pairs moves..

Next was Kurt's Play that Funky Music. It was very good. It was lacking a little bit of the speed, and that kind of affects the footwork but he landed all of his jumps cleanly...that's always nice! :) I enjoyed the pants, I think it's the first time I've seen them in person.

Then was Kristi's Smooth, and I think we've had discussions about this number so I won't go into it. But her dress is now hot pink. I thought it used to be red...

Next was Ilia's Baseball Cap number. WOW. It was really complicated, and you could recognize some of the ways he handled the hat in comparison with Torvill/Dean's Red Hat number...but that's not to say it wasn't excellent -- because it was. If anyone can pick up the footwork where Kurt and Scott are concerned, I think Ilia has the potential. I'd also like to see that kind of footwork in professional ladies routines...I think that would be nice....

Then was Tara's American Woman...umm...I like the song! The program just really didn't do anything for me. And I think she doubled a 3flip..

And the scene stealer was Scott with his Don Quixote. The crowd was one easily impressed by backflips, so with two of them back to back he got the first standing ovation of the evening.

I loved the closing number song and costumes....much more effective than the opening..but it started with Clown Kurt on top of the tunnel being silly again...just a little too much of Kurt the Clown for my taste...

THEN. Scott got on the microphone and told us to stay put because they had a special treat for us. Since Target is the new sponsor and Target stores are Minneapolis-based Scott dubbed Minneapolis as their new "home town" and they gave us a special performance. They were all dressed in red with the white Target bulls-eye on their chests and they skated a variation of the opening number to "It's the Sign of the Times" which is the song they use on the Target commercials. It was very cheesey/funny and the audience really enjoyed it cause Scott kept plugging Minneapolis! :)

So, next year I'll have to remember to go up a day early and see if I can catch the so called "private show" they put on for the Target employees.