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Stars on Ice Review - St. Paul, MN - Jan. 28, 2006

written by Ali

Our seats: 7th row near where the skaters come out. I really thought our seats would be crapy, since we had 1st row seats last year, but I really had a better view of the skaters and the ice from the 7th row, and what's better is that a lot of my pics actually turned out this year! WHOO HOO!


Opening: Hysterical! the guys as farmers and the ladies as flowers. Scott was his usual funny self on the monitors. There were a few comments made around us from people wishing Scott was live, but i really liked the way he "popped" in an out.

"I would do anything for love" - great group number and I really liked the charcole grey colored costumes.

Alexi - Winter peice was magical, I love this routine of his. His footwork got a huge response from the audience.

Yuka - "Beanfields" I did not like one bit. (Just my opinion) the music was upbeat and the audience liked it, but i felt she skated too slow to it. Didn't care for it.

Elena and Anton - "You are so beautiful" Beautiful routine. these two are so elegant and perfect on the ice.... except for Elena's fall.

Jennifer - "And the beat goes on" cute program, i thought it suited her well.

Steven Cousins - "Bellfast child" - WOW. I'm really becoming a big fan of Steven's. This was a very good solid program. The jumps and spins were amazing and everyone seemed to like it.

Kurt Browning - Mr. Bojangles" - he got a *huge* response when he took the ice from the opposite end of the rink. the program said in the program he was supposed to do "Peace Frog" but i think Mr. Bojangles in the first act was better placed. It was a solid preformance and I really loved it. He's such a great skater.

Jamei & David - Elite Syncopations" - fun piece. This is a very playful peice and there was quite a bit of laughter from the audience. Davids lifts never ciese to amaze me. I still hold my breath when he holds her upside down on one arm - that would freak the heck out of me.

Todd - "Alexander's Ragtime Band" - I wasn't sure about this song, but I really like that fact that todd is branching out in his music choices. Looks like the ankle and shoulder aren't a problem anymore for him. He landed all of his jumps - All triples i belive and his spins are still amazing to watch.

'Dance Medley" - is hysterical! "Safety dance" was my favorite. everyone seemed to really enjoy this number and it was a great way to end the first half.

Act II:

Cast - "Overture/Comedy Tonight" - very fun number. I believe this is the routine that Jamie keeps loosing her hat. Very well done.

Elena and Anton - "Chaplin Melody" - I really like this routine because we're so used to seeinig them do typical pieces that this is rather refreshing. Elena didn't fall, but she did have to run infront of the on-ice seats. I think they need to readjust their timing and how far he throws her, but I really liked it.

Steven - "Supersticion" - WONDERFUL peice. very upbeat, sexy, I don't know how else to describe it. I loved that he got 2 numbers this year.

Jennifer - "if it wasn't for your love" - beautiful peice. What i really like about her is that she's quiet on the ice. I couldn't hear her blades on the ice while she skated.

Yuka and Jason - "Get here" i guess I thought this would have been the up-beat version so i was disappointed, but they skated well.

"Too-Me Tango" - I realy liked this number and I payed close attention to Todd during this number. Looks like whatever he fell on was either fixed or changed, because it was very solid and smooth. Jennifer played the Diva quite well and I loved her scraming at the end.

Kurt - "Peace Frog" - Great number. He did jump into the on-ice seats after a jump, but that was the only "mistake" he made in both of his numbers.

Kyoko & JOhn - "Vertigo" - I was VERY disappointed that Kyoko and John only got 1 routine this year. I think they could have easily fit in another number in the first act, but oh-well. This was a great piece for them. the throws and lifts were huge!

Todd - "bolero" - I happen to think this piece should only be done by Torvil and Dean, but Todd put his own mark on it. His figures at the beginning were great to see since no one does them anymore. He did have a mistake on one of his triples making it into a noticeable double, but he recovered nicely.

Jamie and David - "I want to know waht love is" - Scott appeared on the screen before they came out saying this was his favorite part of the show, since this was usualy the spot where he skated. When Jamie and David came out and did this peice, I was amazed how they really felt this piece. Their lines stretched all the way up into the audience and i felt like i was looking into their relatinship. Beautiful peice.

Cast - "Sing sing sing" - I thought they could have done a better closing piece. I didn't really like it. A lot of starts and stops, not a lot of footwork. They could have done something better.

The absolute best moment of the entre show did not happen on the ice. Scott appeared on the monitors and payed tribute to the skaters who were on the show that had since passed on. Well, the minute they showed Sergi and Katia, I lost it. the tears started flowing people. Then they showed the skaters with their children. Scott's son is a spitting image of him; Kristi's older daughter is soo cute and little Jack, he's adorable. It was a very touching moment in the show.

All in all, it was a wonderful show. Can't wait for next year!