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Chrysler Stars On Ice Review - Vancouver, BC - May 1, 2001

written by Wendy

Let's Get it On: I agree that the more I see this intro the more I like it. And I do notice things everytime still (maybe this is because everything is so spread out that it's impossible to see everything). The imbalance of men and women does make that line where they pass the women kind of funny, but it seems to have worked okay. I noticed that after the cast unfreezes one by one, they form these circles where they are doing side lunges, but what I didn't notice earlier was that they change from going forward to backwards to forwards repeatedly. Also, I think it is funny that even with the shortage of women, Kurt gets two in the middle when they travel down the ice.

A Song For You: The little boy was the best I have seen. He came out and did a double toe loop, a spiral, and a sit spin where he face is right by his knee but then he straightens his other leg while still pressing his face to his knee.

2000: Maria tried really hard, but i don't think she was as graceful as Tara in this program. She was out of sync with the other skaters too. She does have a nice camel spin though. Alexei was terrific. He did a huge 3-toe and 3-sal.

Higher: Steven went all out tonight. He hit his 3-lutz, 2-axel, some other triple I missed, and 2 russian splits. He seemed completely relaxed and was smiling the whole time. (He really has a smile that can light up the whole arena.)

Josee: I liked this program (it's the first time I have seen it). It's different than what I have seen from her before. She did a huge 2-axel, stepped out on the 3-lutz, but did a beautiful 3-toe, and of course a spread eagle.

Scott: DBB: Scott was completely on tonight. He hit his 3-lutz, and a 3-toe or sal...don't remember. All the gadgets worked and the crowd totally ate it up.

Renee and Gorsha: Everything seemed the same to me. (get the joke? ;) )

Brian: I have to admit, I was somewhat influenced by the music--didn't terribly like it, but otherwise the program was fine. He did a backflip into a 2-toe, and a couple of 2-axels.

Big Spender: I thought they did a good job with this. It was really upbeat. I don't have the faintest idea on how to judge dance, so to me it seemed to have pretty complex footwork and a lot of twizzles. I don't like how Victor gels his hair though (I know, minor complaint).

Bring Him Home: This was incredible! Kurt does a lot of beautiful edges and spins at the beginning. I agree with someone (Hoo?) that the long spiral is very effective as well as the spiral towards the end. He did a gorgeous 3-toe, and 3 2-axels (though these got a little wild at the end). I think I would be happy watching this program even if it didn't have any jumps.

Tunnel Vision: This has been described a lot, so I will just say I thought Brian's pants were hilarious especially the way he was showing them off. He did a great bit. The karma goes to Edmonton. When Alexei comes out, Scott said he was a Leonardo Dicaprio look alike?? Has he been saying that all during the tour? they make the joke about the hair and Kurt and Scott, slowly rub their hand through their hair. When Scott takes the mike to say how he likes Vancouver the best and will miss it the most, he actually says that the thing he will miss the most is Stars on Ice (again, is this normal on CSOI?) and then says how he has liked Vancouver the most. I never noticed how far Steven flings out Todd when being chased around the chairs either.. I liked the bit where Shae-Lynn dances and chases Scott, but that whole old and boring/dysfunctional joke falls kind of flat. At the end when all sorts of stuff is happening and things are wrapping up, Kurt lifts the flaps on Denis' coat and wrinkles up his nose and holds it like it smelled.

Chairmen: Everything worked right. The only new things I noticed were Steven bopping his head to the music when he sits in his chair smiling at the audience. This time, it looked like he would have fallen if they hadn't pushed a chair under him just in time.

Dance With Me: It was okay. I think I liked Tara's better too, but I wasn't actually paying that close attention. She did land a 3-lutz (I think?) and a really nice 3-loop among other jumps.

Alexei: This program was terrific! Alexei really knows how to bring out the emotion in a program. I think it was also special because worlds was held here and so many people remember him skating his heart out then. He did a big triple axel, and three toe loops--I'm still trying to figure out if any were quads, but I am thinking, probably not, though I wouldn't be able to recognize one if I did see one. The part i really liked about his program is the footwork. It's fast, furious and actually fits the music! He got a standing ovation.. the first of the night if you don't include the intro where scott skates onto the ice (before his first program).

Kurt: DFMI: This was pretty cool to see again, however short. He didn't try the 3-axel, but did a 3-toe (hand down) and the 3-sal, but I recall it wasn't a perfect landing. I was sitting on the side really close to where he does the handstand and it was really impressive. I mean, what would happen if his hand slipped on the ice? At one point he had stopped in my corner again, and was about to skate off when he saw someone trying to take a pic of him, so he swung back and posed with this rather goofy-dorky (in a good way. :) ) looking grin until they took the picture. When he went to rope someone in, it looked like he was going to rope in this one woman, but then she put up her camera to take a picture, and he changed his diection slightly and got the woman next to her. When Kurt was taking his bows, he turned to the opposite side first, then to ours. I guess our side was a little louder, so he turned to the other side again and pointed to our side, so they cheered louder again.

Let 'Er Rip: I enjoyed this duet a lot. i think more than Kristi's piece (though that might just be because Kurt is in it). I was especially impressed by them jumping rope down the ice and with Josee's spread eagles with the rope around her waist.

Sin Wagon: Essentially the same as before. This time I heard Kurt yelling while on the ice.

Jenni and Todd: Same as before too. Landed the throw jump.

Brian: This was pretty good though I honestly can't remember that much about it now. i didn't like it as much as some of his other programs.

Shae and Vic: I liked this song and they did a pretty good job of interpreting it. Is it just me, or did a lot of the moves seem to come from their March With Me program? (As I said before, I don't know too much about ice dance.)

Kurt: Nyah: Terrific as always. He seemed to get a little messed up between he did those spins that are not spins and those jumps that are not jumps. The audience maintained the clapping throughout the footwork. It started off a little bit slow and it looked like Kurt was really holding back on swinging his leg so he wouldn't get ahead of the audience. Kurt got a standing ovation for this.

Scott: My Way: Um...funny as usual, but I am drawing a blank on any more. I think he doubled his lutz, but hit everything else. He got a really long standing ovation at the end of this..literally people refused to sit down. Finally they started the music while everyone was still standing and Renee and Shae-Lynn came out.

Finale: I really like how they have incorporated more skaters into this part of the finale. When Kurt comes out he does some stuff and then gets a lot of speed for...a triple axel!! But he was way crooked in the air and couldn't land it (he didn't fall all way though). After that, he does an inside spread eagle around scott while swinging his arms in a "gosh darn it!" (and I really do mean in a goshdarnit way rather than anything more emphatic) way over and over again. When he went around the skaters to say goodbye, he went to shake Kurt's hand first, then Steven, Denis, Jenni, and Todd.

After they went to shake hands with people in the audience, Scott and others spoke a little bit. i think i might have mixed up who said what about whom here, but it hopefully is mostly right.

After the bows, Kurt grabbed a couple of mikes and began talking. He first mentioned how the night was possible thanks to the sponsors on the billboards you see around the rink like Chrysler and AOL. Someone in the cast says something, and kurt says "oh and Telus too, see that's why I am not the king yet" Then he started saying how everyone in the cast (something about blue suits) and everyone in the audience who has skated has been inspired by Scott. How Scott is a great role model because of the honesty and integrity he has brought to the sport. He also said that Canadians have a selective memory and if he wants to retire again here, it's no problem! Then he hands over the mike to Steven while saying how it was a great night for him, he hit all his jumps, his mom was there, he's a chick magnet..adn then when steven starts to speak, Kurt says he has a great voice too! Steven then talks about how (i forgot) much scott means to him? He started to tear up. Then gives the mike back to Kurt who hands it over to Brian. Brain talks about how he is the only one in the cast who has competed with Scott (Olympics in 84). And how Scott is lucky that he (Brian) sucked at figures. Then Brian went on to say that it really goes to show how great of a person and skater Scott is to have such a good relationship with his competitors (how they were friends throughout). Then the mike is given to Scott. He talks about how much he was looking forward to this night and how much he has dreaded it and now that it has come, he doesn't know what to feel. He talks about how he originally just wanted to try to stretch out his pro career to 6-8 years, who would have thought that it would last 17 years?! Now he has been a pro one year longer than he was an amateur! He says how great it has been touring with the rest of the cast and goes on to say something about each one. (order is not quite right probably)

Brian: "Papa" How he has been a pro for nearly as long as Scott and yes, he (Scott) was really very lucky that Brian sucked at figures. (he said this a few times). How Brian really won 70% of the competition.

Jenni and Todd: How they are together 24-7 and are still so in love. "How many people could do that? After the big argument, lift your wife?" They are an inspiration to the cast with the love they feel for each other.

Alexei: Talks about how amazing Alexei is and how much heart he puts into his programs.

Renee and Gorsha: Renee-we do know what you are up to. Gorsha- so entertaining off the ice--oh and on the ice too!

Denis: Talks about how Denis has only dropped him once the whole tour. About how Denis wasn't sure about returning without Elena, but that everyone is so glad he did and how he has carried the whole cast. His heart is as big as his body (called him a giant somewhere in there too).

Josee: "Isn't she cute?" (repeated multiple times). How she is a joy to be around and how she has made him smile and laugh each day.

Shae-Lynn and Victor: Says how she can't go into a room without being noticed. Said how he hopes they win all three medals in Salt Lake City.

Maria: Asks "Are you crying?" (As Maria wipes her eyes). He talks about how she has performed her heart out that night and how much she has put into her amateur career. How she has to promise to retire after the Olympics because there is a place for her in the pro circuit (he said pointing to the ice, and implying SOI).

Kurt: Says how he is a genius and has inspired him to keep going and trying different things. Just look at Nyah, he can bring an audience to its feet without even lifting his skates off the ice.

Steven: What can he say? Steven is his best friend. Steven knows all his problems, including his girl problems, which he doesn't have right now he thinks (points to where his gf is standing). how they have been through so much together. Steven is always there for him when he has an off night. If he (Scott) actually lands on a foot instead of a butt cheek, Steven is there to congratulate him. And he he falls, he knows 17,000 ppl have seen it, but Steven is always there backstage to say at least he went for it.

At some point during the thing, Scott talks about how he is keeping us from rushing from the arena so we can get whatever edge we can in traffic. He also says he's not _retiring_. Somewhere Scott also talks about how before the audience was about 1200 ppl and now he hears how there are about 17000 ppl watching tonight.

They end in another bow and then a group hug. The lights dim and the cast goes back through the tunnel.

I had a great time and am sad that the skating season is over. Hope you guys had a good time reading this!