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20 Years of Stars on Ice: Introduction

The Stars on Ice tour was founded in 1986 by Scott Hamilton, starting with an initial five cities in the US, but soon expanding across the country. In 1991, the tour had grown enough to establish a Canadian branch. In that year, a young 3-time World and Canadian champion named Kurt Browning joined the newly established Canadian tour as a special guest star. When he turned pro in 1994, he joined the US cast full-time, doing both tours for the next 9 years (except for 1999, when he took the year off the US tour to be with his family). Even after he stopped touring full-time with the US tour, he continued to guest-star in over a dozen shows for the next four years. He's toured with the show in Europe and Asia, as well, over the years. Throughout all this time, Kurt continued to anchor the Canadian tour, reliably headlining the show year after year, to the point where people started assuming the tour was *his* tour. Kurt Browning and Stars on Ice have become virtually synonymous to many in Canada.

In 2010, the Canadian Stars on Ice tour celebrates its 20th anniversary, and with it, Kurt embarks into his 20th year with the show. To celebrate this milestone, the Kurt Files has put together a special project, dedicated to looking back on Kurt's 20 years with Stars on Ice. Over the course of the Canadian tour, which begins April 22 in Halifax, and ends May 14 in Vancouver, the Kurt Files will be putting up something new each day from Kurt's twenty years on both the US and Canadian tours. Look for photos, video downloads, memories, and stories from both fans and those who have worked with Kurt on Stars on Ice over the years.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project, including all the photographers who gave me their photos for the Kurt Files' scrapbook for Kurt in 2006 (many of which are used here), fans, skaters, and behind-the-scenes folks who took the time to write up their favorite Kurt memories and contact others on my behalf, Jennifer for her amazing patience and perserverance in helping me fill the gaps in my video collection (most of which originally came from FSVids), and Debi, Ally, and Sharilyn for their support and sanity.

I will be updating this page as I add more pages each day. For day 1 of the Canadian tour, let's visit your favorite Kurt Browning programs and group numbers from Stars on Ice, as a dip into what is to come. Each day after that, we will visit another year or set of memories, so keep checking back.

* I got permission to use many of the photos in this retrospective 4 years ago when creating the scrapbook celebrating Kurt's induction into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame, 40th birthday, and 10th wedding anniversary. However, I've since lost track of many of the photo credits. I'd like to give proper credit - if any of these are your photos, please email me and let me know.