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Stars on Ice Review - Baltimore, MD - Dec. 30, 2000

written by Nancy

I was center ice, about 8th or 9th row. Good vantage point to see the show, with one exception. During Kurt's Nyah (I'll discuss later), he focused much of his attention to the other side of the rink. :( Some other general impressions? There are still "rough edges" that need work and someone needs to get the cast "pumped." At times, they just seemed to be going through the motions. The strongest performances? Tara's "Dance With Me" She was hitting her triples just fine...lots of personality and really worked the audience. Ilia was excellent in "Rockit," hit all his jumps and they were huge! Kurt's "Nyah" was GREAT! Some "glitches"? Kristi took a couple of falls...once during "Desert Rose," then again during "If It's Magic." Kurt had a bit of a stumble with "Nyah," and opted for a double rather than a triple axle in "KB47," also fell out of his 1st triple toe loop & opted not to do the combo toward the end of that program. The entire night was kinda weird. Don't know how the explain it. The energy just wasn't what I'm used to seeing and the usual interplay with the audience, at least for Kurt, just wasn't there.

But, let's get started:

Let's Get It On: This was lovely! I love the way they "mixed" up the couples and had them doing the various moves. They managed to cover the ice quite nicely from one end to the other with great lifts and straight line movement/footwork.

Scott - "I Feel Good" - Scott was also "ON" last night. He landed at least one triple toe. Vintage Scott.

"2000 AD "Reaching For The Stars" -- can't remember much about this other than some nice lifts, nice edging and good use of the ice. Didn't care for the costumes. They looked like the ones they wore last year. (camel pants/white shirts, ladies in white).

Steven - "Higher" -- just keeps getting better and better. The jumps were there and he really played up the emotions.

Ilia - "Drive/Driven" - I didn't care for this number. He did a great job, hit all his jumps and nice edging...but, just didn't do anything for me. (BTW...he did get a haircut, not as short as I was expecting to see...it looked good)

Scott - Double Bogey Blues - Great number! Loved this. I know I read this is an older number, reinvented, but it was still fun and Scott was great!

Renee & Gorsha - "Everything Must Change" - How do they keep coming up with these new, inventive moves! Just beautiful! Got one of the biggest applause of the evening.

KURT - "NYAH" - Wow!!! Awesome lighting. You've all read about this program so I want go any further! Our boy looked just "FINE" in his black muscle shirt and pants. If only I had been closer and on the other side! The program begins in the dark. All of a sudden you hear clapping. (Kurt's - and not loud enough...they need to do something about that), suddenly the music begins and a small white spot comes on and you see only Kurt's arm making movements to the music, next he jumps into the spotlight and continues with the arm movements. Several lunges and the ice lights up with bright red! The unbelievable foot work fit perfectly to the music. Then the music slows and stops. Kurt poses and begins clapping hands overhead. The audience claps along and started shouting, including me (LOL), "GO, KURT." Then fast, furious footwork keeping up to the increased clapping up and down center ice. When he reached where he started he threw his arms up and yells, "AHHH" and the ice darkens. Very dramatic! I have got to get this on tape!!! I don't think half the audience understood what he was doing. Not a very big response which really surprised me.

Tara - "Dance with Me" (Kurt claps for her prior to her beginning). Nicely done. She was all personality and as best as I could tell, had no glitches at all. This is a great program for her. She's got the "moves" down and has really grown up!

Tunnel Vision - TOO MUCH FUN! Not saying a word about this. You'll all enjoy this. Not sure why the refer to Kurt as "Boxcar"?? Anyone who can clue me in on that?

Kristi, Jenni & Denis - "Both Sides Now" -- this was also beautiful! Great lifts and no screw ups that I could tell. It must have really been interesting putting this together. I had some doubts...but it really works.

Yuka - "Take My Hand" -- skated perfectly!! Too bad they are not using her more. Her smile just lit up the place.

KURT - "Don't Fence Me In" - You've all seen this program several times so I won't go into detail. He did miss his triple A, and did a double. Stepped out of a triple toe and missed the combo. Not the usual interplay with the audience I'm used to seeing. I guess part of the problem is that I just don't care for this program.

Renee, Gorsha, Ilia, Steven & Kurt - "Terminator" -- this is awesome! The crowd really loved this as did I. You've all seen it. In person it's that much better!

Tara & Ilia - "Moanin'" - Sorry, didn't care for this at all. They weren't skating "together." Tara was trying to get Ilia into it, it just didn't work...he barely looked at her the entire performance. They were off on their foot work and moves and it was basically "flat" for lack of a better word.

Ilia - "Rockit" - Absolutely wonderful!! One of the best programs I have ever seen Ilia do. Don't care much for the "face" on the ice move, but the rest of the program was awesome. Also got the huge applause.

Tara - "Tiny Dancer" - This was really cute. Didn't care for the costume, but she certainly played to the audience, jumps were perfect. The audience loved it.

Scott - "My Way" - Wonderful. No falls, coupled a couple of triple attempts and singled a couple of couple attempts. Great back flip over the golf bag.

And last but not least, "Always" - Scott, Kristi, & cast. Sad. Kristi fell once but recovered nicely before the rest of the cast joined in. Very sad is all I can say. Scott skated around touching the hands and cheeks of most of the skaters, but did not acknowledge Kurt at all. That was a surprise. The high five hand shake went to Steven last night. The End.