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Canadian Stars on Ice Review - Toronto, ON - Apr. 30, 2010

written by Andrea

I just returned home from our trip to Toronto. I went to the show in Toronto last night and thought I'd just do a quick report for you all. I attended the show with my husband who had never been to a LIVE figure skating show ever before. He did enjoy himself, and I will honestly say when I had asked him on the car ride home today, who he enjoyed the most, he did say that Kurt was awesome - that he is very 'steady on his feet' when he skates (I quote because that is exactly what my husband said) and he really does entertain you when he performs. He also really enjoyed the pairs (S&P and D&L) and overall he wished there was more group #'s since he liked those the best.

Having said that .....

I have always gone to CSOI in Hamilton over recent years. I only had attended 1 CSOI show at the ACC and that was back in 1999. Ever since then I had always gone to Hamilton to see the show. This year I decided to see the show in Toronto. We had excellent seats - sitting in Section 101 - Row 8 which ended up to be 4th row instead. Our seats were right near the far end, near one of the side enterances and I do want to say that during the show, many of the skaters were standing there to watch performances throughout the night. Kurt was there, watching Jeff skate during the 1st act.

The crowd in Toronto is a bit different than in Hamilton. At least that is the vibe I got being there. I found not as many people like to give standing O's in Toronto. Those who wanted to stand which was random and skatered throughout the arena, did, but not the entire arena at once. In fact, I don't recall a FULL standing ovation for any of the skaters, only at the end of the show. Not sure if its like this during all stops in Toronto each year, I just got that vibe from the crowd.

The last time I had gone to see CSOI was in 2008 during the LIVE & IN COLOR tour. I didn't go to last year's show but had read many reviews about the lighting and how there was very little of it. I wasn't really sure if this was going to be the same case this year, and before this year's tour started, many questioned the same thing. Having seen this years show, overall I had thought the show very good. They didn't hold back on the lighting etc.... which added a lot to many of the skaters performances throughout. Of course the cast was a bit 'smaller' than what I am used to, but being it an Olympic year, and a LONG season for many of the skaters, it was really refreshing to be able to see our best Canadian figure skaters perform all in 1 show.

Opening Number - I really liked how they introduced each skater and I liked how things flowed throughout the opening number. Loved the music chosen and the costumes that they had on.

After the opening number Kurt came out and did his duties as MC. Of course while out of breath, Kurt managed to joke to the audience about just that. He then introduced Joannie at this point and the show continued.

I'd love to really go into detail on each skater, but since this is a Kurt List, I will keep most of the focus on Kurt of course .....

We didn't see Kurt next on the ice, until it was his time to skate, which was "That's Entertainment..." I've got to say I LOVE that he brought back this performance - one of my all time favorites from Kurt. I will say that in some sections his energy isn't as quick as it use to be back when he first skated this number.Footwork to me was on, I did or don't think I saw any stumbled from Kurt during his footwork. But overall its just as entertaining as ever to watch. How could you not smile when he does the little skate down the ice to Wizard Of Oz (one of my favorite moments in the program)

During the group number before intermission I LOVED the concept of the group number they did, and the music that was chosen were all excellent choices. Loved the costumes as well. The skaters were definitly out to "Rock The Runway ..." and it showed. Boys VS. Girls. Was great. Kurt was his funny self. One point he was in the middle and Joannie & Cythia (I think) were at his side, as they were skating together on the ice strutting their stuff.

The beginning of Act 2 is where Jeff & Kurt came out on the ice, mics hooked up - and began to start the 2nd half of the show. Kurt was 1st to come out, to say to the audience that we are a really good looking crowd with the house lights on - and joked saying he really doesn't say that in ever city - pauses and says ' well not ever city ....' Then Jeff came out, and then talked a bit. They both did a little plug about Sears etc... and then they started to explain the concept of what they are about to do. But they said they were killing some time, just talking because they were waiting for another skater. But Jeff decided they should start without him, and just as they were about to, out comes Shawn. I'm not sure if that was part of the act or not, but got the crowd going anyways laughing because Shawn joked that he was just trying to decide what washer he was going to buy from Sears or something .... The concept of "War" was interesting and it was a great little fun piece that was done at first with Kurt, Jeff & Shawn. A little bit of follow the leader - then Joannie came out and joined in on the fun (she did not have a mic) It was a great way to start the 2nd half of the show.

Kurt's 2nd solo performance was to "Luck be a Lady" It was great seeing this LIVE - to actually see close up how difficult it is to figure skating with hockey skates. Kurt brought a lot of his charm and pizaz to the performance.

The finale for the show was to "I've Got The Music In Me" and it was another great number, highlighting all the skaters etc.... Of course I was sad that this was the end of the show - and really wanted the group number to be a bit longer but it had to come to an end.

I have to say that I really did enjoy the CSOI show this year. I didn't walk out of there disapointed. I was happy to finally see LIVE skating again, since it had been a while.