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Stars on Ice Review - Denver, CO - Jan. 19, 2006

written by Holly

Act I

Loverly Spring- Very cute to see the ladies dressed as bugs and flowers and the guys as gardeners.

I'd Do Anything For Love- I am on the bandwagon that says this song fits the show. I like the costumes. Very subtle and pretty.

Winter- It is always a joy to watch this program. I love the footwork and the power of the program.

Beanfields- I appreciate this number more now that I saw it live since I was left with question marks when I saw it on t.v. I agree that Yuka should go back to her original costume. The new top looks like it was cut up some how to look sloppy. Yuka is a good skater and always a joy to watch.

You Are So Beautiful- Classic Elena and Anton. Very beautiful. I loved their elements especially the Leap of Faith move.

And The Beat Goes On- This was the first time that I have seen Jennifer skate live. I enjoyed her skating. This number was fun and happy.

Belfast Child- I love to see Steven skate since he has such a presence on the ice. This was the first time I have seen this program live.

Mr. Bojangles- Hooray for Kurt Browning! I love to watch him. This program is enjoyable and Kurt really can get an audience into his music and skating.

Elite Syncopations- This program works. I love the expressions on Jamie and David's faces the whole time they skated. When I saw the costumes on t.v. I thought they were just red and black. Last when I had a closer look I aw that Jamie's had some hot pink in there as well.

Alexander's Ragtime Band- Todd is over his injury. When he came out on the ice Jamie and David expressed surprise. He skated well and clean.

Dance Medley- I liked this number since the castmade what it is about believable. During The Safety Dance the skaters had the I-can't-believe-I-am-skating-this-choreography smiles on their faces.

Intermission- I noticed a goof when I was watching the video presentation. They had Bechke and Petrov on the footage of Hough and Ladret and vice versa when it was footage of Bechke and Petrov.

Act II

Overture/Comedy Tonight- The opening to the second act brought back memories of The Red Hat which closed the first act on the '96-'97 tour. They played keep away with Alexie's hat. Jamie was priceless when she kept trying to retrieve her hat. Another priceless moment was the "split" in David's pants. His pants were fixed with a big "X". Throughout the course of the number the other cast members were having "problems" of their own such as skating the wrong way and missing some steps.

Chaplin Medley- I enjoyed this take on Charlie Chaplin. Anton was in character which made the program work. I liked how Elena's costume became pants for the dance sequence.

Superstition- Yea! Steven finally gets two numbers. This was a joy to watch. Steven connects really well with audiences. H ereally sold this program.

If It Wasn't For Your Love- While I enjoy pumped-up-full-of-tricks skating I also enjoy simple skating. This program was simple yet elegant. The same goes for the costume. Jennifer was on for her elements. I am now a fan.

Get Here- I enjoyed this program. Yuka and Jason work so well as a pairs team. They were smiling throughout and looking at each other lovingly.

Too-Me Tango- "This program is based on actual events". This was funny. The "Diva" telling the men where to carry the luggage. Jen played the role well using her feminine charms to get what she wanted from the guys. Though at the end they got the best of her leaving her with the luggage. She became so "miffed" when the guys left her to carry the luggage that she was kicking the one piece back to the tunnel making humph sounds.

Peace Frog- Yea! More Kurt Browning. Kurt sold this program with his usual charm. Nice rock'n'roll piece. He was on with all his elements.

Sway- I enjoyed this number. Throughout Alexei would keep making eye contact and blowing kisses to the lady whose lap he sat on.

The Suite- Due to technical difficulties this number was not shown. There was sound but no visuals on the screens. Darn it.

Vertigo- Time for Kyoko and John. They do well skating to upbeat numbers. This was loaded with tricks and lots of them. The audience let out a collective gasp when they did the Head Banger.

Bolero- While I didn't mind the shirt Todd originally had for this number the pants just did not go with it. However, Todd now wears purple pants with a purple shirt. Much better. This program was simple yet effective.

I Want To Know What Love Is- I loved this program. One could tell how in love they are with each other throughout with looks they kept giving each other. They were smiling the whole time and at one point I saw Jamie wink at David. How sweet. They were wearing the new costumes. Jamie's dress is red with sequins on the bodice and David has a red and black shirt with black pants.

Sing,Sing,Sing- Lots of fun and upbeat. Kurt came out at the end to join in the bows.

Some side notes:

I liked how Kyoko was wearing her Time dress to represent the not time yet concept. I also enjoyed hearing music from the past opening and closing numbers before the show started. That was a nice trip down memory lane.